Friday, September 9, 2011

Some recent Forum Highlights

I'm still busy adding some of my best articles to my forum, but there is plenty of great stuff going on there already:

Illuminatus wrote an excellent introduction on meditation:
The Purpose of Meditation (For people who don't meditate)

To my great surprise, Krauser PUA himself joined the discussion. Unfortunately, he didn't stand much of a chance against my critical readers, and my questioning response whether it wasn't uneconomical to court a girl for half a year only to fuck her once seemingly drove him off for good.

Furthermore, the classic question how important money is for getting girls got settled once and for all (hopefully). But there is much more, so read on!

Major drama ensued when one of my readers wanted to be reassured that his girlfriend won't cheat on him when she goes out with a group of single female friends, and that her texting him that she was "so horny" (but can't come to his place) won't mean a thing. Unfortunately for him, and to the delight of some other guy, the opposite is true.

Some days ago, my forum also got invaded by a troll who asked, "Whats so bad about RSD?", and made use of the lamest rhetorics I have come across in a long time. Deservedly, he ended up getting the beating of the century. In the process, a handful of forum members, and me, too, demolish RSD's teaching ideology, demonstrate that the company sells little more than snake oil, and that their teaching concepts are not only vague but harmful. Illuminatus his the nail on its head, when he demolished the concept of "state":

"State", as Tyler describes it, is a talkative high-energy emotional state caused by neurotransmitter saturation. He gives specific exercises to reach this saturation point, e.g. "unstifling" and otherwise doing things involving facing fears. "Get into state" is a core teaching of RSD. I have not heard them give the definition you just did.

However, that is still useful in this analysis: the fact you have a very different interpretation of "state" shows its groundings in metaphysics. He is not pinning down anything specific, else it would not be possible for us to have this conflict of interpretation. "State" therefore is very similar to saying something like "mojo". It is metaphysical, non-defined, and consequently cannot be relied upon as a consistent factor in your pickup. Imagine saying "I can't do pickup tonight because I don't have my mojo" and you will see how meaningless the statements become when trying to teach something.

The RSD troll hasn't dared to show up on my forum again. Well, unlike other forum's on mine the teachings of other people can be freely discussed, even if they are "competitors", but of course

I certainly won't ban anybody for a dissenting opinion, like it's the case on every other seduction-related forum. But now that RSD Nation has to send their minions, it can't be long before the jokers over at "Ruthless Truth" will show up and tell me that "there is no YOU". I can't wait for that confrontation to finally happen.

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