Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Classic Posts from 2009 are up now!

Following up on the previous post, I have now updated the Classic Posts section of my forum with a high-quality selection of posts from 2009. It includes masterpieces such as:

Really Smooth Escalations 
Three Techniques for indirect sexual Stimulation 
How to get away with utterly inappropriate Behavior in field
Practicing Push/Pull with Cats and Chicks
How the looks scale can keep you from progressing 

So, you think entering and maintaining a (monogamous) relationship is difficult!?
“All I want is a girlfriend!"
Lick her nipples like you lick her clit
Don’t expect anything and be grateful for everything 

Basic Club Dynamics: The Rhythm of Venues and People 

If you know of any other "guru" who not only is as experienced and knowledgeable as me, but also willing to share the majority of his work with the world free of charge so that others can improve their love life, then please let me know. (Yes, this remark is aimed at some of the trolls over at PUAHate.com)

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