Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

How many Xs to end a sentence?

I haven't checked the bastion of mental masturbation that is also called "mASF", but recently someone gave me a link to what it one of the most ludicrous posts I have read in a long time.

Some seasoned veteran who has registered well over two years ago writes:

I was wondering for a while how you guys calibrate the xxx at the end of txt messages. I might just be overthinking this stuff but I would like to hear your opinion.
x = not really interested
xx = interested
xxx = really interested
kiss = interested

This is my opinion on this matter. Why do you use a single X or sometimes two xx? What's your experience with this overall? What has gotten the 'best' responses?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Future PUA?

My life is tremendously busy these days, but I am still reading the emails I get. Emerson recently sent me an hilarious picture of a "future pick-up artist", battling it out on his XBox while his friend gets down to business:

The original is on College Humor.

But please take this just as lighthearted fun. I don't intend to ridicule people who play video games. In fact, I'm currently playing the original Castlevania on an NES emulator. :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Badboy Teaser

Martin sent me a link to a clip with Badboy, and I had no idea what to make of it:

Is he drunk or what is the issue here? Jesus.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cajun brags on Facebook (FAIL)

I've been cleaning up my harddrive for the past two days and came across a hilarious screenshot from Facebook. To be honest, I can't quite remember where it came from. It's enjoyable anyway, as we witness Cajun bragging (obviously grossly exaggerated if not completely made up) about his birthday. While in truth, he probably sat at home and was drinking with his all-male group of "friends" from LoveSystems, he fantasized about having had a birthday in true action hero style. One girl was less amused though.

As questionable as bragging/making up stories to entertain imaginary friends might be (once you have passed your 12th birthday), the stuff Lovesystem actually teaches is much worse for your "development".

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Women are being fed a lot of bullshit, too

While critics of the pickup scene might be baffled at the amount of pseudo-science and other nonsense floating around, it is nothing compared to what the weight loss and beauty industries do to women. While I was killing a few minutes on Youtube lately, I came across a video with the title "A Girl's Guide To Looking Good Naked". It had about 1,6 million views.

Unfortunately, the video had been disabled for embedding, but here's the page on Youtube, and here's the corresponding entry on Videojugs.

And now brace yourself!

This is a direct quote from the website:

Step 1: Long term fixes
You only have the one body so look after it well. Everyday drink at least 2 litres of water, and exercise regularly to keep you looking your best. This needn't take over your life - just 10 minutes a day will make a difference.

Your skin puts up with a lot of flak, so treat it right; exfoliate once a week and moisturize often. Not only does this increase you skins elasticity but the act of smoothing on lotion puts you directly in touch with the shape and feel of your body.

And you thought scammy pickup instructors are bad? This kind of information given to women is just every bit as harmful. Let me repeat this:

Everyday drink at least 2 litres of water, and exercise regularly to keep you looking your best. This needn't take over your life - just 10 minutes a day will make a difference.

So, fat Betty, don't worry about not ever getting a man. Just drink two liters of water a day and exercise for ten (!) minutes and you'll look like Jessica Alba in no time. Sure, you can keep eating two cupcakes a day, and, yeah, help yourself to some more chocolate. After all, you only live once. Don't worry, if ten minutes a day sound excessive (yeah, Betty, it really is), we'll just count the time it takes you to move from the couch in the living room to the fridge to get some ice cream.

I honestly can't believe that utter nonsense like this is even out there, but I guess it just proves the point that people love being lied to.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ross Jeffries hates Criticism, loves Censorship

I don't drink coffee, but if I did, I would have spilled my cup when I found out that Ross Jeffries, the "genius" behind Speed Seduction, has started his own anti-pickup community blog, aptly named

Honestly, this is absurd. He should have taken a page out of the book of Love Systems, PUA Training, Real Social Dynamics and others. Point in case: if you write fake reviews and testimonials, then at least use different aliases. If you are thick or only found one guy who was dumb enough to work for free for you, then the fact that all the testimonials use similar language patterns will still give you away.

Just look at this priceless post by an RSD Intern who has the solution for all your problems in life. The laundry list of course ends with "take an RSD bootcamp". Funnily enough, the first reply is by a guy who writes, What are you doing as an RSD intern. I thought you were financially free?". The remainder of the thread is a mindblowing example of human stupidity.

But back to Ross's new blog. While I found his motivation completely transparent, I am still baffled. The mere fact that he has used his own alias to bash his competition, who basically offer the same scammy products than he does defies any logic. But probably it's just an attempt of clutching at straws. Surely he would not have to resort to such means if his "business" would run well.

To give you some background information: Ross Jeffries has joined some months ago. While he tried branding himself as a martyr who offers the one true solution for getting women, he got bashed severely. Last time I checked, he hadn't posted for weeks, which was not surprise since he did a rather poor job on convincing the people on there how "amazing" his system was. Spreading bullshit on your own blog and censoring comments you don't like is much easier (and less harmful to his bloated ego, too) than facing a horde of critics and trolls.

I did check out his blog some days ago. The first question that popped into my head was, "Who is he addressing?". Not only was his writing very weak and lacking any argument as to why he would not be a scammer, it was also very transparent that he was writing some of his own blog comments. Just compare style and vocabulary.

I've commented on his lame post on the "seduction syndicate", which takes ample inspiration from SaltyDroid's posts on the Internet marketing syndicate. I have mentioned Salty Droid before, but here's a reminder: Salty attacks the scammy Internet marketing niche for their unethical and often illegal business methods. Since a lot of gurus, like Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss aka. Style, Mystery and Mehow seem to be "students" of scammers such as Frank Kern and "Eben Pagan" (a pseudonym of the guy whose other pseudonym is "David DeAngelo"), it is therefore little surprise that both groups use similar techniques. On an abstract level, it almost looks like a Ponzi scheme as Internet marketing gurus trick PUAs who then trick other people.

Since Ross Jeffries' hypocrisy was too much for me to take, I had to comment. In all honesty, nothing in his post made it clear why he would be exempt from the accusations he makes against his competitors. Here's my comment:

To my great surprise, this comment did not get censored, unlike some other guy's, who had wanted to mention a number of informative threads on Ross Jeffries on Well, in his own house, Jeffries doesn't tolerate criticism it seems, so why didn't he censor my post?

It turned out that cunning Ross Jeffries had a different plan. He replied:

There was no point in going back because Ross Jeffries deliberately "re-framed" my comment. What followed is just lame, since Jeffries deleted my next comment, which was this:

It's little surprise that Ross Jeffries didn't want to have this kind of irrefutable argument on his blog. Therefore, he quickly (panickingy?) deleted it.

But this wasn't the end of it:

Who is lying and misrepresenting facts here, Ross Jeffries?

I actually was surprised that he did allow some minor criticism of his censoring:

Ross Jeffries should seriously read up on Roman Mythology. What does it mean if we call someone "Janus"? (Answer: A two-faced, hypocritical son of a b*tch.)

Ross Jeffries's early ancestor in spirit

So, let's sit back and wait what is going to happen. Here's my last post on Ross Jeffries' blog:

Honestly, guys, in which way is Ross Jeffries "better" than Mehow, Style, David DeAngelo and all the other scammers out there? Heck, Jeffries makes fun of Mehow having gotten an "F" from the Better Business Bureau, a fate he shares with some other "gurus", but what grade would Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction business get?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tribute to Mehow?

I'm working on a piece on Ross Jeffries, who has recently jumped the anti-pua bandwagon for hilarious effect. More on that soon, but to get you over the wait, here's another video, but this time it is not with but about Mehow:

I always thought this was a clear parody, but I just realized that it was on the Youtube account of DJFuji, one of Mehow's former "coaches". Apparently it was really meant to be a tribute, which only makes me chuckle.

...and now watch out, Ross Jeffries. You've got another day or two.

Friday, November 19, 2010

PUA Mehow awes the crowd. Here we go, "Chick Magnet"!

Our favourite Polish PUA who turned into a professional pickup coach after his first "lay", and the "mastermind" behind groundbreaking works of juvenile fiction such as "Get the Girl" and some must see DVDs, if you aspire to become a creep, appeared on TV again:

User "puaguru" from PUAHate, who discovered this masterpiece, commented:

What's funny is that all the normal people watching this leave hateful comments and make fun of him just like we do.

Here are some highlights from the comments, in raw unedited form. They also show that "common sense" is not that uncommon than you might think, if you've spent some time in the deluded seduction community.

First, before we get to the hilarious and possibly even insulting stuff, I've picked some objective ones:

it's ridiculous the amount of books by these so-called gurus on how to pick up girls.  Seems to me the primary motive is the green and they don't give a shit what results you get.

This whole pickup subculture, or whatever it is, is largely fake and it's not about seducing women, it's about seducing men, lonely, desperate men with unrealistic expectations in life.

Does he really pull that many?

"Give value". What a stupid goddamn tip. I don't care if this Mehow guy is "one of the hottest pick-up artists in the scene", I doubt he can pick up any pussy. If you want to pick up a woman you have to be a man. Let her know that you want to fuck her, don't act like this jackass.

this guy is a douche!lol..whenever any guy tells you he has all the answers100 percent, he aint got any!lol

There's also a classic exchange on "looks don't matter":

learning for personal experience . NOT books or waste hard earned money on useless boot-camps . Good looks only give a guy a 30 sec to a 1 min head start. If a girl finds out your boring or creepy that's when she will lose interest. A good example of ugly is singer & song writer Billy Joel . He married super model Chirstie Brinkley and had kids with her. That's huge accomplishment for a ugly dude.

This also proves that looks don't always win over the girl.

billy joel also has millions of dollars you tool.

On RSDNation or Love System's forum saying the obvious truth like that will get you banned immediately, by the way.

But now it's time for some less respectful comments:

man fuk dis. i bet the only time this guys getting pussy is in a sex change

lol this guy is clearly gay.

Creeper! Wow girl magnet??

This is a joke right? what the hell is this guy talking about? no girl these days goes for this shit, yeah be funny but don't be a weirdo dork with miscellaneous jokes that no one understands

his head looks like a messed up cock!lol

This guy's full of shit. He has superficial manipulation written across his face. I can sense this bullshit a mile away.

has he got fucking cancer or some shit? mehow the retard PUA

He looks like Quentin Taratino's mongloid brother.

This guy pays for pussy.

I would pay money to see this guy pick up a girl and take her home... without paying her to come with him.

I couldn't force myself to click past page 10 or 11 of the comments because I had gotten enough "lulz".

So, is anyone of you betting that Mehow will put those testimonials up on his website anytime soon?

Monday, November 15, 2010

What, did Ke$ha just release a song about me?

Ke$ha: Sleazy

Well, it's not my favourite song, but I guess it's better than having a song written about you that goes like this:

(Thanks to pureevil for telling me about Ke$ha's "Sleazy", and to Terry who has bumped into that Ben in London some months ago.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Score Chicks with A.S.S.

Recently I was told about a series of videos that constitutes the in my opinion best parody of the pickup community I have come across so far (Thanks for the links, Jameson!). Nothing against OGFurious, who is amazing too, but what "Mr Ho 2000"/Phil Choi has produced is of a quality that even blows the "six figure production value" of Real Social Dynamics out of the water. The last comparison was of course not meant to be serious.

Not only does Mr Ho 2000 understand the amateurish design language in this industry perfectly: 

...he has also mastered the language, hyping, and how to switch the "emotional hot buttons" of insecure men. In the first video, Mr Ho 2000 describes the problems of Asian men that can't compete with white men anymore:

The next video is quite amazing. It is a shockingly (sur-)real reenactment of a seminar. If you think I'm kidding, go to one of those "free" RSD speeches, if they still offer them, or watch any seminar recording. A few times I got invited to attend "lectures" free of charge, and it was every bit as cringe-worthy as the following video. The opening speech seems highly inspired by Mr. M from Love Systems:

The lame jokes are commonplace too, but Phil Choi tells them with a much better intonation than any professional "guru". As a last comment, let me add that the motivational exercises are actually even worse in real life. This is not exaggerated at all. Some guys have you jump up and down, hug the other guys in the room and shout "My game is a ten!" and other nonsense.

By the way, the "seduction" at 1:35 is much closer to reality than it might seem.

It doesn't have to be pointed out, but I feel like it: in terms of presentation and "delivery" this guy blows every guru out of the water. Remember that clown Tyler from RSD? Good, because I like when people agree with me.

In part II of the video, you can witness the guys practicing "on a real woman". If you think this is absurd, you should watch Mystery's show "The Pickup Artist", where the acolytes do this. Also, Gambler's company PUATraining has the same shtick. In my not so humble opinion, you must be pretty thick if you think that you can learn something from running a scripted routine on a girl that got paid to listen to your drivel, you are beyond help:

And what comes after a seminar? Of course a "field trip". The reactions of the women are priceless and very real:

The use of pepper spray in the last scene was probably a bit over the top, but I did hear of stories (confirmed by very trustworthy sources) of people getting arrested by the police during day game sessions (because the "PUAs" were thought to be pickpockets), or people getting slapped and beaten up. Some of Badboy's students could elaborate on that.

You can find all those videos on, or on the YouTube channel of mrho2000 himself. Please share them. They deserve to be spread.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Something serious and something funny

I've gotten quite a few emails lately in which people pointed me towards strange videos or articles.

The first one is from a US TV show named "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!". The hosts debunk pseudoscience and popular beliefs. Personally, I can't stand TV shows with very few exceptions, and the big issue with informative formats is that there is usually precious little actual content, given the length.

Anyway, one of this show's recent episodes was on "Teen Sex" and how US society tries to prevent it from happening. As if this country wasn't uptight enough yet. Have a look:

The other video is an old one by Mystery. It came with this email:

I was browsing the puahate forum and I found this hilarious video with Mystery. Maybe you have seen it already but I thought I would share anyway.

I just love the girls body language.
I can`t believe I once thought this guy was cool.

I fully agree. It's an interesting study of awkwardness:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Assanova Reviews The Sleazy Stories

One of the blogs I follow is run by Assanova, who is one of the sane voices in the "seduction community". Part of it might be due to the fact that he is not affiliated with any pickup company and is therefore free to tell the honest truth. Love Systems and others would quickly go out of business if they promoted views such as:

So many of you go out night after night, trying to work this angle and that angle, spending a ridiculous amount of money on alcohol, while playing a massive numbers game. For a second, think about all of the nights that you went out trying to work this angle and that angle, only to end up with a bunch of flakes. Imagine how toned you would be by now if you even spent a fraction of that time in the gym.

(From "Looks are your best investment")

Such is certainly a refreshing statement. If this is too blunt for you, feel free to subscribe to guys like "Jeremy Soul" (aka. London Soul from Lovesystems), who has pearls of wisdom like this to offer:

Why do flakes happen?

Flakes can happen because of a lack of Attraction, Qualification, or Comfort. It’s not just a Comfort issue like most people assume. If a flake happens, think back to the interaction for clues as to what caused it. If a woman called you cute you know Attraction wasn’t the problem, and it’s either Qualification or Comfort. If you never gave her any compliments, then she was probably wondering why you liked you her (i.e. Qualification).

(From a post titled "Why Women Flake on You".)

Of course it couldn't be that the best "attraction game" there is consists of getting a decent haircut, work out, and get some good clothes. But I'm already rambling. Let's get back to Assanova. He has recently reviewed my book Sleazy Stories. Here is an excerpt:

We've all read such stories from gurus. They run a routine stack, and they're pulling one-night stands with 9's and 10's every day of the week. However, after further reading, I could see that this Aaron Sleazy guy was really being honest in his stories. Of course, he got a lot of lays, but as an experienced guy who has been gaming for years, I could see that he was telling the truth.

How? Well, there are two reasons

Check out the full review if you are curious what those two reasons might be, and have a look around his website, too. He has some really great content.

Lastly, if you haven't bought your copy of Sleazy Stories yet, get it on,, or The Book Depository.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Magic Pickup Frisbee

Parodies are apparently all the rage. OG Furious had a couple of amazing ones, and now my buddy Sasha has tried his hand as well. See for yourself. I think it's pretty good:

But, Sasha, please let me know if anybody tries to order one. ;)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who needs long term coaching the most?

...of course the pick up coach, not the client!

It's no secret that the seduction industry has become more competitive. The cake is not only getting smaller, there are more and more people wanting to stuff their mouths. It's actually surprising that this industry is still around. Well, the writing is on the wall. For instance, as one of my sources recently reported, the "number one pick-up artist in the US" has to frequently cancel boot camps due to a lack of interest. This means that not a single guy was willing to pay, because as soon as one dude shows up, the other spots will be filled with "approach coaches" and other hopefuls ("interns") who love to attend free of charge. More on that maybe some other time.

In an attempt to milk the market more, some guys come up with creative ideas, such as long term coaching. Recently, I stumbled upon a message on Facebook by "Psych PUA".  This guy is a virtual unknown and the only reason I am writing this post is that he has had a support role in two previous blog posts, namely:

Bad Bootcamp led to Physical Attack by Instructor
Bad Bootcamp led to Physical Attack by Instructor (II)

Yeah, it was that kind of incident:

Nice treatment if you pay for something! Again, greetings to "Nathan PUA" from New York City for his fine and well-mannered behaviour. This reminds me that I have to check up with ForeverDrake, the author of those two posts, whether he has actually pressed charges against Nathan for this act of violence.

Another reason for this post is that I like some continuity. Psych likes continuity too, but it should consist of some poor saps money straight into his bank account. His idea was long term coaching via Skype. This has the added benefit that the student has a very low risk of physical harm, at least not directly. (There are some funny stories floating around of guys who got punched during boot camps, though.)

Thus, one fine day Psych posted the following on his Facebook page. Please note that this is publicly available, so don't pester me with wisecrack comments about not respecting other people's privacy.

Look how he has adopted his spelling to his audience. This post wasn't really noteworthy and it apparently didn't lead to a great response, which was why Psych tried again some hours later. This time I chimed in. Please note that he is "becoming more and more convinced", whereas logic somehow makes me think that if he wants to sell his services he should convince others. Some of his shills quickly supported him, though:

 I don't like when people salivate, which prompted my response. My comment quickly drew two "likes". Someone should tell the shills to at least support themselves because it would make them looks less bad. But please read on for a lesson in critical thinking:

Fun times, that's for sure. It is very unfortunate that Maxwell deleted his statement between my two responses. In it, he claimed that I was insecure because I attacked others and that I shouldn't put down people who want to follow their dreams. Well, my comments apparently stirred Maxwell up. He was either deeply disconcerted or got told by Psych to chime in again. Check the time stamps:

This lesson in viral marketing gone wrong concludes today's post. But please stay tuned, I've come across some more bizarre stuff lately.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stephen Nash says, "Get a dog!"

Blog reader JCZ commented on the first of two recent posts on Tyler/Owen Cock Cook, pointing out another utterly bizarre example of a lame guy playing guru. It is Stephen Nash who, if I recall correctly, was mentioned in Neil Strauss' horrible The Game (as PlayboyLA). In this book, he is revered for his ability to "get a girlfriend". But it's the mere fact that he has a girlfriend that makes the other "gurus" admire him. Some people really should have had a look around and then asked themselves how rare it really is that a guy and a girl get into a relationship. To me it seems to be the norm, but not for the community and apparently it's not normal in the mind of Stephen Nash either. Heck, he even got what must be the creepiest URL ever:

...and I thought Ross Jeffries was marketing to the lowest of the low.

Here's Stepen Nash's revolutionary video, in which he tells you that you should get a dog:

JCZ wrote:

"Mystery may have magic tricks, but Stephen Nash has the only perfect dog, Magic."

Did he just admit to naming his dog Magic, so he could make commercial advantage by setting himself apart from Mystery in a cheap way?


"Guys, you want to get laid? Get yourself a dog."

The innocent bystander will now probably think we're talking bestiality here.

Outright hilarious is when he tells us he wanted to honor 'guru' Eben Pagan by putting some plant somewhere behind him, placed so that it seems to be growing from his own head (probably not intended, as to me ridiculing _oneself_ seems to miss the point of honoring David D.).

Of course, Stephen goes on to present his "plan B", which is this 11-bullet-point-list on how to be awesome (a.o. to treat others with respect, just like he is treated like that by his women; one second later his dog, which as he points out is a girl, is seen walking over his nice white couch). By then I'm already skipping through the clip because otherwise I'd fall asleep fairly soon.

Anyway, just thought I'd show you this as yet another example of silliness in the "seduction community".

If you find more creepiness, just let me know. I'll gladly post anything that makes me shake my head in disbelief or has me laughing in tears like Tyler's recent performance. But don't worry, RSD fans, I'm just thinking negatively. :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Tribute to Tyler from RSD

I really can't believe how anyone (!) can take Owen Cook aka. Tyler aka. TylerDurden from RSD aka. Real Social Dynamics seriously. Here are some highlights from the video I mentioned recently. This guy is so absurd that he deserves a prize for being the creepiest guy on the Internet.

I know, my mom told me to not mock fun at people but, honestly, in the case of Owen Cook probably even Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Jesus himself would have made an exception.

Look at him in all his glory:

Tyler knows Kung Fu.

He can even fight while holding his phone.

Simulating how you would penetrate your phone with your fingers.

I think he is talking about 9/11.

Greeting some one from very far.

Making the "wanker" gesture,

Everything is easy, Tyler.

That's him in a club. Too bad nobody told him that grabbing a girl by the shoulder is just odd.

Jeepers! The police is coming after him.

Fondling imaginary breasts.

Yeah, got it!

Seriously, WTF!? This must be the "claw" Ozzie always talks about.


Watch out!

Staring at some girl's cleavage.

Come closer, baby!

Shoot! He got slapped.

But that's fine. Tyler can laugh about everything. Probably even himself.

Aw, now he has cr*pped his pants.

...which really pisses him off. Mommy!!

F*ck! She's in Canada and I'm in LA. What do I do now!?

I know, I act as if I am an 80 year old senile, which makes it perfectly fine!

See, no problemo!

Hahaha, I'm so smart!

See, I'm even smarter and better looking than Golum.

If this isn't blue screen then I don't know what is! Everything is sharp except Tyler (no pun intended; oh, wait...).

Praising himself.

Just look at the way he is touching her. That's totally creepy.

"Yeah, Sleazy, maybe you are right and I am a dork."

"But please don't tell anyone. Promise?"

"Really, Sleazy, from now on I'll try to be 'normal'".

"What, you don't believe me? Sleazy, you are really starting to p*ss me off!!!"

"Sh*t, I've lost the plot again."

Honestly, Tyler reminds me of a certain vicar I used to know.

OK, glasses, receding hairline, double chin, superman cape, what else do you need to pick up girls!?

Uncle Tyler wants you to join RSDNation!

Or else!!

Or else!!!!!!

No, don't worry about him.


Sh*t, he's hit himself.

Sucks to be you, Tyler.

Yeah, I know, but I can't change it.

Again, blue screen or I'll eat my hat.

It looks funnier this way, though.

Tyler mimicking a 12 year old girl.

Don't be pissed at me, Tyler. I'm just playing.

Now where are the cakes to throw at him?

Hahahaha! (holding camera)

Conducting an orchestra with his left hand while texting.

Sucking some imaginary c*ck.

Yeah, we got you, Tyler. You're da man!

I don't worry about Real Social Dynamics anymore. Once they go out of business, Tyler will storm the stages of Las Vegas. This guy is a first rate comedian. Too bad he's working in the wrong industry.