Sunday, November 7, 2010

Assanova Reviews The Sleazy Stories

One of the blogs I follow is run by Assanova, who is one of the sane voices in the "seduction community". Part of it might be due to the fact that he is not affiliated with any pickup company and is therefore free to tell the honest truth. Love Systems and others would quickly go out of business if they promoted views such as:

So many of you go out night after night, trying to work this angle and that angle, spending a ridiculous amount of money on alcohol, while playing a massive numbers game. For a second, think about all of the nights that you went out trying to work this angle and that angle, only to end up with a bunch of flakes. Imagine how toned you would be by now if you even spent a fraction of that time in the gym.

(From "Looks are your best investment")

Such is certainly a refreshing statement. If this is too blunt for you, feel free to subscribe to guys like "Jeremy Soul" (aka. London Soul from Lovesystems), who has pearls of wisdom like this to offer:

Why do flakes happen?

Flakes can happen because of a lack of Attraction, Qualification, or Comfort. It’s not just a Comfort issue like most people assume. If a flake happens, think back to the interaction for clues as to what caused it. If a woman called you cute you know Attraction wasn’t the problem, and it’s either Qualification or Comfort. If you never gave her any compliments, then she was probably wondering why you liked you her (i.e. Qualification).

(From a post titled "Why Women Flake on You".)

Of course it couldn't be that the best "attraction game" there is consists of getting a decent haircut, work out, and get some good clothes. But I'm already rambling. Let's get back to Assanova. He has recently reviewed my book Sleazy Stories. Here is an excerpt:

We've all read such stories from gurus. They run a routine stack, and they're pulling one-night stands with 9's and 10's every day of the week. However, after further reading, I could see that this Aaron Sleazy guy was really being honest in his stories. Of course, he got a lot of lays, but as an experienced guy who has been gaming for years, I could see that he was telling the truth.

How? Well, there are two reasons

Check out the full review if you are curious what those two reasons might be, and have a look around his website, too. He has some really great content.

Lastly, if you haven't bought your copy of Sleazy Stories yet, get it on,, or The Book Depository.


  1. Hmm I like this, guy he seems really legit. He even talks about stereotypes like you sleazy. So this makes only 2 I deem legit. Sleazy and Assanova. Bon Voyage Bitches!

  2. Haha kool, Im 18 I really can't wait to start REALLY pickin up hot chicks HARD lol


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