Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tribute to Mehow?

I'm working on a piece on Ross Jeffries, who has recently jumped the anti-pua bandwagon for hilarious effect. More on that soon, but to get you over the wait, here's another video, but this time it is not with but about Mehow:

I always thought this was a clear parody, but I just realized that it was on the Youtube account of DJFuji, one of Mehow's former "coaches". Apparently it was really meant to be a tribute, which only makes me chuckle.

...and now watch out, Ross Jeffries. You've got another day or two.


  1. lol what's so creepy about that video is the girl laughing her face off at the "inside" community jokes. How demented must a girls life be if she's ventured so far down the rabbit hole that she knows what a "micro-loop" is

  2. Do you know what a "micro loop" is? I don't, and don't even want to know. Heck, one might wonder how people have gotten laid before all that "advanced technology" got invented? :P


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