Friday, November 12, 2010

Something serious and something funny

I've gotten quite a few emails lately in which people pointed me towards strange videos or articles.

The first one is from a US TV show named "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!". The hosts debunk pseudoscience and popular beliefs. Personally, I can't stand TV shows with very few exceptions, and the big issue with informative formats is that there is usually precious little actual content, given the length.

Anyway, one of this show's recent episodes was on "Teen Sex" and how US society tries to prevent it from happening. As if this country wasn't uptight enough yet. Have a look:

The other video is an old one by Mystery. It came with this email:

I was browsing the puahate forum and I found this hilarious video with Mystery. Maybe you have seen it already but I thought I would share anyway.

I just love the girls body language.
I can`t believe I once thought this guy was cool.

I fully agree. It's an interesting study of awkwardness:


  1. "I can't believe I once thought this guy was cool."

    Same here. I'm more and more becoming aware of body language etc., and if girls were to behave like this around me, I'd do one thing and that's figure out what I'm doing or saying wrong. I mean, girl on the left FTW!

    "(IOI's like) the hair touch..."
    "I done it like four times now."

    Made my day!

  2. I am probably still somewhat under spell of the industry, since I do not quite see what is so awkward about the last video. First one is obviously absurd. There are far more important issues than weirdly obsessing over teens having sex. But what have you picked up on in the "Mystery" video that I have missed?

  3. @Dave: The body language of the girls right next to Mystery is very negative: they mostly keep their arms and legs crossed. The girl on the left even looks away from him all the time. They do it so obviously it can in no way mean anything else... Furthermore, none of the girls take him seriously, with the girl on the far right obviously enjoying that (the other two just seem fed up with his ego).

    Several years ago I didn't see this myself though, and thought he was way cool sitting there with three women...

  4. @jcz
    Thanks for the body language,
    the girl on the left of "Mystery", Casie, is actually Lovedrop's girlfriend, so she is not interested in "Mystery". In general, as a guy who actually attended VA bootcamp a year ago I can see why not only girls but guys also would be fed up with him - he is a broken record.

    He is always engaging in monologue about pseudo-scientific "psychology". If you were too to segue into another topic, as usually normal people would do, he will cut you off and go back to talking about "pseudo-science" or "DHV stories". He thinks that means that you are controlling the conversation and therefore being a leader.

  5. @Dave: wow, I didn't know that, I thought these were random girls... Seems like the guy has somewhat of a problem then, what with the girlfriend of one of his friends (?) disliking him like that...

    Also, the hand on the leg in the beginning of the clip doesn't really help (just noticed that one). Clearly he realizes that, because he doesn't do it again...

  6. You mean Mystery putting his hand on Casey's leg? Yeah, it does not seem to have any positive effect.

    His content is also false - touching of the hair means nothing, it is not an IOI. Recently I learned the hard way that even if she touches you, laughs at your jokes or suggestively dances on the dancefloor with you, she may still be completely not interested in having sex. It actually was a revelation to me.

  7. Well it is, but not in isolation. You need to have at least some IOI's, otherwise she may very well just have wanted to re-model her hair (which is why I found the reaction at the end from the girl on the right so funny).

    I must say I find it incredibly funny to have a girl listening intently to me, all the while playing with her hair etc. Alas, I know all too well that it doesn't lead to sex per se...

    I suck at recognizing IOI's, but holding hands or otherwise going for mutual caressing seems to do the trick nicely.

  8. So you mean that together with other indicators it can be considered interest, but on its own it means nothing?

    Did you get the mutual caressing thing from 60 or on your own? He seems to be talking about that also.

  9. Yes: like with all body language, a single signal doesn't mean much all by itself. It is only in combination that a meaning can be deduced. Like with crossing the arms: where I work, this often means people just find sitting with crossed arms more relaxed than assuming a more open position. But combined with several other signals, it definitely means rejection, as it most certainly does in this video.

    If you're interested, see I don't use that when approaching women, though, but it's an interesting read nonetheless.

    And yes, I got the mutual caressing from 60. :) Though I quickly realized that the occasional successful hookup I've experienced in the past had a lot to do with hand holding.

  10. Thanks for the site, checking it out now.


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