Friday, November 19, 2010

PUA Mehow awes the crowd. Here we go, "Chick Magnet"!

Our favourite Polish PUA who turned into a professional pickup coach after his first "lay", and the "mastermind" behind groundbreaking works of juvenile fiction such as "Get the Girl" and some must see DVDs, if you aspire to become a creep, appeared on TV again:

User "puaguru" from PUAHate, who discovered this masterpiece, commented:

What's funny is that all the normal people watching this leave hateful comments and make fun of him just like we do.

Here are some highlights from the comments, in raw unedited form. They also show that "common sense" is not that uncommon than you might think, if you've spent some time in the deluded seduction community.

First, before we get to the hilarious and possibly even insulting stuff, I've picked some objective ones:

it's ridiculous the amount of books by these so-called gurus on how to pick up girls.  Seems to me the primary motive is the green and they don't give a shit what results you get.

This whole pickup subculture, or whatever it is, is largely fake and it's not about seducing women, it's about seducing men, lonely, desperate men with unrealistic expectations in life.

Does he really pull that many?

"Give value". What a stupid goddamn tip. I don't care if this Mehow guy is "one of the hottest pick-up artists in the scene", I doubt he can pick up any pussy. If you want to pick up a woman you have to be a man. Let her know that you want to fuck her, don't act like this jackass.

this guy is a douche!lol..whenever any guy tells you he has all the answers100 percent, he aint got any!lol

There's also a classic exchange on "looks don't matter":

learning for personal experience . NOT books or waste hard earned money on useless boot-camps . Good looks only give a guy a 30 sec to a 1 min head start. If a girl finds out your boring or creepy that's when she will lose interest. A good example of ugly is singer & song writer Billy Joel . He married super model Chirstie Brinkley and had kids with her. That's huge accomplishment for a ugly dude.

This also proves that looks don't always win over the girl.

billy joel also has millions of dollars you tool.

On RSDNation or Love System's forum saying the obvious truth like that will get you banned immediately, by the way.

But now it's time for some less respectful comments:

man fuk dis. i bet the only time this guys getting pussy is in a sex change

lol this guy is clearly gay.

Creeper! Wow girl magnet??

This is a joke right? what the hell is this guy talking about? no girl these days goes for this shit, yeah be funny but don't be a weirdo dork with miscellaneous jokes that no one understands

his head looks like a messed up cock!lol

This guy's full of shit. He has superficial manipulation written across his face. I can sense this bullshit a mile away.

has he got fucking cancer or some shit? mehow the retard PUA

He looks like Quentin Taratino's mongloid brother.

This guy pays for pussy.

I would pay money to see this guy pick up a girl and take her home... without paying her to come with him.

I couldn't force myself to click past page 10 or 11 of the comments because I had gotten enough "lulz".

So, is anyone of you betting that Mehow will put those testimonials up on his website anytime soon?


  1. Wanted to post a snarky comment, but 'aliceKSS' beat me to it in the youtube comments:

    "(...) If you're only concerned about getting chicks and stuff, what happens? You score once, you score twice, you're happy because you think all the methods work and you ignore the fact that you could have done the same without reading books that make you believe chicks are objects, targets, ect. (...)"

  2. That's also a good comment and I was close to including it too, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

  3. I feel I have to play advocatus diaboli.

    At beginning of video he talks about not being hunch over and having a defensive body language but instead walking confidently. This is a pretty good advice.

    Then he follows up by saying you should give value instead of sucking it from others. I actually remember you posted about this in your reports sleazy so again this is a sound advice.

    Finally at 1:25 he talks slowly while pausing. I believe this is the moment where all the commenters freaked out. Actually the message is not important at all (his routine is indeed lame), but when you consider that most guys have trouble a)locking eye contact with girls, b)taking slowly and c)pausing/creating tension, I find again his demonstration usefull.

  4. neparlepas,

    my biggest issue with him is the discrepancy between how he acts and what he claims to be. He might say some good things, but hear him speak, watch his body language and see how he dresses and the question marks just don't stop popping up.


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