Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Score Chicks with A.S.S.

Recently I was told about a series of videos that constitutes the in my opinion best parody of the pickup community I have come across so far (Thanks for the links, Jameson!). Nothing against OGFurious, who is amazing too, but what "Mr Ho 2000"/Phil Choi has produced is of a quality that even blows the "six figure production value" of Real Social Dynamics out of the water. The last comparison was of course not meant to be serious.

Not only does Mr Ho 2000 understand the amateurish design language in this industry perfectly: 

...he has also mastered the language, hyping, and how to switch the "emotional hot buttons" of insecure men. In the first video, Mr Ho 2000 describes the problems of Asian men that can't compete with white men anymore:

The next video is quite amazing. It is a shockingly (sur-)real reenactment of a seminar. If you think I'm kidding, go to one of those "free" RSD speeches, if they still offer them, or watch any seminar recording. A few times I got invited to attend "lectures" free of charge, and it was every bit as cringe-worthy as the following video. The opening speech seems highly inspired by Mr. M from Love Systems:

The lame jokes are commonplace too, but Phil Choi tells them with a much better intonation than any professional "guru". As a last comment, let me add that the motivational exercises are actually even worse in real life. This is not exaggerated at all. Some guys have you jump up and down, hug the other guys in the room and shout "My game is a ten!" and other nonsense.

By the way, the "seduction" at 1:35 is much closer to reality than it might seem.

It doesn't have to be pointed out, but I feel like it: in terms of presentation and "delivery" this guy blows every guru out of the water. Remember that clown Tyler from RSD? Good, because I like when people agree with me.

In part II of the video, you can witness the guys practicing "on a real woman". If you think this is absurd, you should watch Mystery's show "The Pickup Artist", where the acolytes do this. Also, Gambler's company PUATraining has the same shtick. In my not so humble opinion, you must be pretty thick if you think that you can learn something from running a scripted routine on a girl that got paid to listen to your drivel, you are beyond help:

And what comes after a seminar? Of course a "field trip". The reactions of the women are priceless and very real:

The use of pepper spray in the last scene was probably a bit over the top, but I did hear of stories (confirmed by very trustworthy sources) of people getting arrested by the police during day game sessions (because the "PUAs" were thought to be pickpockets), or people getting slapped and beaten up. Some of Badboy's students could elaborate on that.

You can find all those videos on, or on the YouTube channel of mrho2000 himself. Please share them. They deserve to be spread.


  1. At first glance I could not tell if he was joking or not, this is pretty convincing representation of a bootcamp. On a bootcamp as a motivational exercise I had to shout "fuck" on a dancefloor.

    About Badboy - that's true, his acolytes would jump in front of women with their hand in front of them in "stop" gesture, a great way to scare women. :)

    Sleazy, if you saw a pretty girl moving towards you would you stop them and if you would - how?

    I tried just starting conversation but then some would just walk through.

  2. Its pretty funny that the last video of going in field is pretty accurate where the students and instructors all watch one guy go into a set after the instructor says go. So creepy.

  3. @Dave
    I'd just walk up to them and ask the question you'd want to ask/say what you'd want to say. As long as it's relatively normal and you're relaxed and not too hyper (as maybe you could be in a club), most of them will respond to you normally. And yes, some will ignore you, probably because they're in a bad mood or because they misunderstood you. Groups of girls are also more difficult to approach (IMHO).

    There are a lot of marketeers out there constantly pestering the people (not to mention beggars and bums), so negative reactions don't really surprise me. Also, here in Rotterdam lots of people seem to be hitting on girls in broad daylight nowadays (mostly Antillean people in groups, yelling stupid phrases at girls - I just heard a friend of mine complain about it). So that probably accounts for some of the negative reactions as well.

    Of course you shouldn't suddenly jump in front of them. Make eye contact and hold out your hand in a please-hold-on-a-sec-fashion as you walk towards them, so as to indicate you'd like to borrow some of their time. Just don't scare people.

  4. jcz,

    I've also noticed that people from certain groups tend to hit on girls on the street. In Germany, men from Italy and Turkey have a (bad) reputation for that. In fact, they are generally viewed as rather annoying.


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