Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ross Jeffries hates Criticism, loves Censorship

I don't drink coffee, but if I did, I would have spilled my cup when I found out that Ross Jeffries, the "genius" behind Speed Seduction, has started his own anti-pickup community blog, aptly named

Honestly, this is absurd. He should have taken a page out of the book of Love Systems, PUA Training, Real Social Dynamics and others. Point in case: if you write fake reviews and testimonials, then at least use different aliases. If you are thick or only found one guy who was dumb enough to work for free for you, then the fact that all the testimonials use similar language patterns will still give you away.

Just look at this priceless post by an RSD Intern who has the solution for all your problems in life. The laundry list of course ends with "take an RSD bootcamp". Funnily enough, the first reply is by a guy who writes, What are you doing as an RSD intern. I thought you were financially free?". The remainder of the thread is a mindblowing example of human stupidity.

But back to Ross's new blog. While I found his motivation completely transparent, I am still baffled. The mere fact that he has used his own alias to bash his competition, who basically offer the same scammy products than he does defies any logic. But probably it's just an attempt of clutching at straws. Surely he would not have to resort to such means if his "business" would run well.

To give you some background information: Ross Jeffries has joined some months ago. While he tried branding himself as a martyr who offers the one true solution for getting women, he got bashed severely. Last time I checked, he hadn't posted for weeks, which was not surprise since he did a rather poor job on convincing the people on there how "amazing" his system was. Spreading bullshit on your own blog and censoring comments you don't like is much easier (and less harmful to his bloated ego, too) than facing a horde of critics and trolls.

I did check out his blog some days ago. The first question that popped into my head was, "Who is he addressing?". Not only was his writing very weak and lacking any argument as to why he would not be a scammer, it was also very transparent that he was writing some of his own blog comments. Just compare style and vocabulary.

I've commented on his lame post on the "seduction syndicate", which takes ample inspiration from SaltyDroid's posts on the Internet marketing syndicate. I have mentioned Salty Droid before, but here's a reminder: Salty attacks the scammy Internet marketing niche for their unethical and often illegal business methods. Since a lot of gurus, like Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss aka. Style, Mystery and Mehow seem to be "students" of scammers such as Frank Kern and "Eben Pagan" (a pseudonym of the guy whose other pseudonym is "David DeAngelo"), it is therefore little surprise that both groups use similar techniques. On an abstract level, it almost looks like a Ponzi scheme as Internet marketing gurus trick PUAs who then trick other people.

Since Ross Jeffries' hypocrisy was too much for me to take, I had to comment. In all honesty, nothing in his post made it clear why he would be exempt from the accusations he makes against his competitors. Here's my comment:

To my great surprise, this comment did not get censored, unlike some other guy's, who had wanted to mention a number of informative threads on Ross Jeffries on Well, in his own house, Jeffries doesn't tolerate criticism it seems, so why didn't he censor my post?

It turned out that cunning Ross Jeffries had a different plan. He replied:

There was no point in going back because Ross Jeffries deliberately "re-framed" my comment. What followed is just lame, since Jeffries deleted my next comment, which was this:

It's little surprise that Ross Jeffries didn't want to have this kind of irrefutable argument on his blog. Therefore, he quickly (panickingy?) deleted it.

But this wasn't the end of it:

Who is lying and misrepresenting facts here, Ross Jeffries?

I actually was surprised that he did allow some minor criticism of his censoring:

Ross Jeffries should seriously read up on Roman Mythology. What does it mean if we call someone "Janus"? (Answer: A two-faced, hypocritical son of a b*tch.)

Ross Jeffries's early ancestor in spirit

So, let's sit back and wait what is going to happen. Here's my last post on Ross Jeffries' blog:

Honestly, guys, in which way is Ross Jeffries "better" than Mehow, Style, David DeAngelo and all the other scammers out there? Heck, Jeffries makes fun of Mehow having gotten an "F" from the Better Business Bureau, a fate he shares with some other "gurus", but what grade would Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction business get?


  1. He is most certainly hiding something.

    If you really misrepresented facts and/or did not know the true nature of RJ/Neil Strauss venture, then one would think it would be easy to refute your argument with examples.

    e.g. "Actually Sleazy, I did not endorse his product or we revealed that this was business affiliate endorsement or whatever"

    RJ would not have to resort to general vague "defence" like "you are misrepresenting facts".

  2. At the time, I found it quite stunning to hear about Style cooperating with this guy that he definitely isn't very positive about in The Game. But at this moment nothing sounds weird enough for this bunch of scammers.

    RJ's defense most certainly sucks, which frankly doesn't surprise me for one bit. Yes, these guys aren't exactly about openness. Quite off-topic, but yesterday I found this tidbit, linked to by

    Kinda shocking, actually. Comment #6 basically says you shouldn't complain about losing a few grand. Nice 1, guys.

    At first I was somewhat skeptical about your criticism of the 'community', but reading your post about RJ and that last article reinforced my belief that these business practices should go down in flames, preferably today.

  3. I don't get the problem Sleazy. RJ create a NYIG product for Stylelife. It's a 23 mission PDF and MP3 program where you meditate for 20 minutes and do the inner game PDF assignment after listening to the MP3.

    It's not his NYIG DVDs that they joint ventured. Ross created a NYIG program for Stylelife in the Stylelife format but in the end Ross took the rights back.

  4. What's wrong Sleazy? You scared that Ross will get in on some of your anti-pickup guru marketing technique action and take some of your business? So what if he is borrowing some of your tricks. It's not like your methods are not all totally based off of Ross Jeffries in the first place. He set up the framework for what you are doing now in the first place.

    November 25, 2010 4:06 AM

  5. jcz,

    that thread was hilarious. There is so much wrong in this industry that I can only shake my head.

    read the article again.

    what have you been smoking?

  6. RJ deleted a long comment I put on his blog explaining how neil strauss ripped off people over the past 5 years.

    Ross Jeffries is as big a fraud as the rest of the dating gurus.

  7. Hey man,

    have you saved this comment somewhere? I wouldn't mind posting it on my blog. Neil Strauss is probably the worst and most shameless guy in the scene, but that's an entirely different story.

  8. clips4sale,

    yeah, why don't you share that info with us?

  9. PUA scene is total pseudoscience at best. Rationalwiki and several other skeptic sites have several colorful articles on the total crank-tastic 'science' of seduction:


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