Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is Roosh banging hookers in third-world countries, but unaware of it?

Today one of my readers left the following rather interesting comment on Roosh:
Roosh bangs hookers in foreign countries and doesn't pay them. It can be seen in his stories when some women ask for money before or after sex (they usually phrase it as needing it for a cab, medicine, or something, possibly to dodge prostitution laws). 
Roosh and Swoop the World (another Rooshite apparently) are perfectly okay with fucking hookers as long as they don't pay for it (otherwise it wouldn't count as a "notch"). So, these guys aren't necessarily fucking a normal woman in these countries. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Found on Roosh’s forum: Guy does 3000 approaches in 10 years, has zero success, and wonders why “game” doesn’t work

I was recently made aware of a rather intriguing post on Roosh’s forum that perfectly illustrates everything that’s wrong with “gamers”: Why Hasn't Game Worked? 

In short, some dude writes down his life story in a few thousands words, and the gist of it is that despite swallowing the “red pill”, and diligently approaching women with his amazing game, he never got laid. You can probably sense were this is going: he’s obviously wondering why his “technique” doesn’t work.