Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is Roosh banging hookers in third-world countries, but unaware of it?

Today one of my readers left the following rather interesting comment on Roosh:
Roosh bangs hookers in foreign countries and doesn't pay them. It can be seen in his stories when some women ask for money before or after sex (they usually phrase it as needing it for a cab, medicine, or something, possibly to dodge prostitution laws). 
Roosh and Swoop the World (another Rooshite apparently) are perfectly okay with fucking hookers as long as they don't pay for it (otherwise it wouldn't count as a "notch"). So, these guys aren't necessarily fucking a normal woman in these countries. 

I haven't read Roosh's sex stories, so I can't provide you with quotations. Still, that comment made me laugh. Maybe I should have spent more time reading Roosh before bashing him. It seems I've only scratched the surface. Maybe it's not known to some guys, but it is indeed common practice among hookers to not directly ask for money in exchange for sex. As I’ve been told by some Americans from states where prostitution is illegal, you generously “tip” an escort. In fact, you never even hand her money, but merely put it on the table, so that she can take it afterwards. I don't know how well this would hold up in court, because it's just too ridiculous to assume that some escort would accidentally knock on your hotel door, have sex with you because she just couldn't help it, and then leave with a generous tip.

“Tipping” is also a term used in massage parlours to disguise the exchange of money some sexual acts. They have the fitting term "happy ending" to describe a hand job, and of course you have to "tip" for that. Well, so I have been told. There are some pretty great stories to be found on that topic. The "misc" section on is a veritable goldmine in that regard. If you've got a few minutes to spare, read this afterwards: Is paying 60$ for a rub and tug happy ending massage beta?(srs)!

Exchanging money for sex seems to be a common theme, but for some reason people aren't very direct in that regard. The reasons may be due to laws, or maybe it's to put the male customer at ease. This leads us to the case of the white Westerner "tearing it up" in Thailand or some other third-world country. If you then end up with a woman who asks you for money before or after sex, you indirectly paid for sex. I once read an hilarious forum thread in which one guy boasted that he got laid in Thailand without having to pay for it — but she told him afterwards that she takes care of her two little sisters and would need some money, so he gave her some dough. It apparently didn’t occur to him that this was part of the deal: money for sex.

I’ve never been to a brothel myself, but someone once told me about an establishment where you don’t pay for the girls. Instead, you pay for a bottle of sparkling wine or some other beverage, which you can then consume with her in a private room. Of course, only an idiot would think that you’ve gotten free sex in some place that has ridiculous prices for beverages. In third-world countries you get the low cost version. Heck, if there were brothels like that in Thailand, I bet you'd find some morons who would tell stories about that great place where the alcohol costs as much as in the West, but you can fuck all the women for free.

This now leads us back to the initial statement about Roosh. He's obviously is no different than any other customer in those scenarios. If he’s in some third-world country, and the girl asks for a little bit of money — little for Western standards, typical price for sex in her country —- then he may want to think about what’s really going on. At least he should have the decency and pay for it, if she asks for money. Seriously, who would cheat a third-world hooker out of her "tip"?


  1. The stories about hookers I know just go pay up front, and it is clear you are paying for hooking. But these are mostly girl (working girls, as they call themselves) you as a client (A punter iirc) reach out to.

    But that is in the more western world. So no idea how it is in eastern Europe. But from what I heard (a friend of mine is a WG) it is all just calling people you find via the internet. And not looking for random drunks in bars.

    Most working girls are also pretty afraid of not being paid. (Hooking is not a job you can go just go to the police if you get scammed, does not matter if it is legal or not).

    So personally I do not believe he is scamming hookers out of their pay. It would be funny if he did of course. Especially if he is just staying in Europe.

    1. This seems to depend a lot on context. I read massage parlour stories where the girl asked for a tip afterwards, without even specifying the sum, and when it was seemingly too little, she asked whether the guy didn't like the "massage". In the one story I linked, the guy is getting a hand job before tipping, and gets paid for the service she provided after the fact.

    2. The way it works in the states at Asian massage parlors is first you pay a door fee based on the amount of time (30 or 60 mins) you plan on spending there. The mamma san will evaluate you to determine your potential as an undercover policeman. Depending on her determination, things will progress differently.

      If you 'pass', you get taken to a room, you lay down the expected fee (based on services wanted and time), and disrobe. Girl comes in, looks at the money and then things progress.

      If you 'fail' the screening or fail to lay down the expected amount, you get a normal massage.

      None of this of course, prevents anyone from being arrested. :-)

      There was a case in Dallas, where the Dallas Police Department arrested all of the girls at one such location and attempted to arrest the owner. It turns out the police passed the screenings, paid the girls, and had sex with the girls prior to arresting them (this of course is illegal behavior on behalf of the police). The police of course, denied actually having had sex with the girls prior to arresting them.

      Unbeknownest to the police, the owner had installed cameras in the rooms, which did not feed the recorders in the office, but via the Internet to the owners house.

      When the owner showed up to the Grand Jury with tapes of the (married) policemen having sex, the District Attorney immediately dropped all charges.

      That place still remains open today.

    3. OP here. My knowledge was about European whoring. Not the USA, nor Asia.

      And I know nothing about massage parlours. (And, I doubt roosh is advocating massage parlour game).

      I was just saying it doesn't really match with what I know from the European sex industry. A lot of working girls are surprisingly 'red pill' like. Hearing stories from the inside has really changed my opinion on the job.

    4. Its not that easy to scam prostitutes out of money. This is after all their job. I strongly doubt all the women he met were prostitutes. They will avoid having sex with you and claim its because they are worried about paying their rent or something. They will say things like I expect any guys who date pay to buy me presents. And they will avoid paying for dinners and stuff. I strongly doubt Roosh would have been able to scam prostitutes....its just not as easy as you make it out to be.

  2. I know it's a little bit O.T. but I think this reveals the manipulative mentality of many pick up coache$ (and Roosh isn't an exception). The following part is from the book "The Real Savoy" written by "Savoy" the president of the company Love Systems (previously called the mystery method):

    "These days, learning that “something” is a lot easier. Pick up a copy of the Magic Bullets Handbook or take a bootcamp, and you’ve got a road map to attracting beautiful women right there for you. But “back in the day”, before Magic Bullets, before The Attraction Forums, before any of this stuff, there was just observation and trial and error.
    And that’s what I did. I went out, a lot. I watched beautiful women a bit, but mostly I watched the men who they were attracted to. I wanted to learn what they had in common, so I could reverse-engineer what they were doing. I asked them lots of questions before I realized how useless that was – most “naturals” have no idea of what they are doing, because it all comes naturally to them by instinct. Realizing that I had to become my own teacher, I took a lot of notes. I experimented a lot.
    There were definitely a lot of brutal nights and blind alleys. As a friend of mine encouraged me, “of course it’s hard at first. If it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it.” But eventually, there came that moment that any man who studies dating science reaches eventually – where “the game slows down”. Where I could start to see two or three steps ahead, where I was in control instead of hoping not to be blown out.
    From there, the rest is history. I started a newsletter – at first just for fun – about my adventures in pickup and dating. It grew, it expanded, and eventually I teamed up with other guys doing the same thing as me. After a few years, the same guy who couldn’t get an attractive woman interested in me if my life depended on it was the star of the show at the Playboy Mansion, pickup conferences around the world, and even a guest expert and consultant on TV shows.
    Why did I decide to spread the word about what I’d discovered instead of keeping it to myself? Partly because it was, and is, fun. I’m lucky in that I already made my money working 60-hour weeks before I started with all of this, so I have a lot of freedom with my career. So a job helping other guys be able to pick up beautiful women for the rest of their lives is a lot more interesting than making numbers dance on a spreadsheet.
    But partly it was because I was so frustrated, back in the day, when I was the one looking for help. When there was no Magic Bullets, no Attraction Forums, no bootcamps, nothing. So I resolved that with anything I did, it would be with a view desire to helping guys like me – to answer the question “what would I have needed/wanted ten years ago”
    This book is – I hope – part of the answer."

    Isn't that the good old message: "I was bad with women, I had to learn it by myself like a hero, and then I'm a super dude ready to share my secrets."?

    Here is the amusing part: nowhere does Savoy talk about Mystery where it's obvious that he stole everything from Mystery and he's still selling the Mystery method. It's not that I appreciate Mystery but my point is this:

    Guru$ are ready to completely rewrite what happened in the past in order to appear better than they are in reality. It's so sad to think that guys pay more than $1000 to listen to these douche$ telling lies about themselves and their "successes".

    1. Savoy is apparently rewriting history. I don't think he had much of a posting history to speak off and teamed up with Mystery for business purposes. Well, there were other guys who were doing the guru thing after one lay, like Mehow. Is that dude still around?

  3. I'm almost starting to feel bad for Roosh, seriously. He sounds like a frustrated virgin. Anybody who can pull women knows that yes they can be a pain in the ass sometimes but there's lots of cool ones too. Roosh sounds like he hates women. Why are people even impressed by him? His advice is horrible. Has he even nailed a 7 before?

    1. If you read his blog, and skip the adverts, clickbait lists etc, and look for the personal stuff, he seems really fed up with the whole pickup thing and his lack of success in it. Iirc he talked about how he only picked up a 6 and a 7 in the summer or something and was now reframing it as moving on.

    2. EXACTLY! You just said it, his "lack of success". If someone in as many words says they suck with women, that should tell you 2 things.

      1. Their "method" for meeting women is obviously VERY flawed. It's not that hard to meet women. It really just comes one things over time where it's like, "Meh, not that big of deal getting laid"

      2. They are obviously by no means a credible source. Roosh's constant "failures" and bitching and whining should make this obvious. It would be like taking a golf lesson from a guy who can't break 100 for a score.

      This is very eye opening to me about some of these PUA's. I knew Lovesystems, RSD,, Krauser, etc. etc. were full of shit but man some these other guys really take the cake.

      So glad I found out about Vince Kelvin. Think I'll watch him creep out some women for a chuckle before I head out this afternoon haha.

  4. I love the rationale of guys who move to third world countries to "get laid." They know they have negligable value in the first world, so they'll move to China/India/Thailand to get the economic edge... and somehow delude themselves to thinking girls there don't know that these guys are nobodies back home.

  5. Hey, I'm from eastern Europe. Roosh is probably "sarging" in poor cities and I don't see asking for money from a "wealthy" American to be extraordinary in these circumstances. If you're well off and can show it (via clothing, a car, jewelry), it's a done deal.

  6. I seriously have no idea what the hell is wrong with people that follow this pick up stuff. In fact, I think a lot of the guys that praise "game" likely HATE Aaron Sleazy. They don't want to believe they have to improve themselves. Sleazy tells it how it is, and I'm amazed how bang on he is with things.

    The "rules" and "steps" you need to "create attraction" are absurd.

    Prime example :

    Look at the second model where he analyzes it "in depth". Load of bullshit. Anyone who has met women throughout the day before, knows all you really need to do is open, small talk and close. Funny how Krauser speaks of "text game". Women HATE "text game" and would prefer to meet you in person if they are interested rather than fuck around for days on end.

    In fact, being able to close is the main component of "game". This is especially true in bars/clubs. The verbal aspect can almost be nonexistent. Like Sleazy said, the "game" is over long before you open your mouth if you're a sloppy mess.

    Btw, what the hell is Mystery talking about when he says it takes 7 hours to get laid? That is seriously the most moronic thing I have ever heard lol.

    1. I think sleazy discussed a lot with different people on masf when it was still a thing. He certainly was controversial then.

    2. I'm not sure women hate text "game" that much...if you're destined to be an orbiter. You are correct, though, in the regard that you aren't getting banished to being a meaningless text if she's really into you.

      Makes me wonder who is stupid enough to answer chicks on CL requesting "text buddies".

  7. Can anyone tell me who Roosh's target audience is?

    I seriously feel VERY BAD for people who are following his advice. I've had a bit of free time the last week and have been looking into some of these PUA "characters" more and I'm convinced Roosh is the worst.

    Although I do not hate anyone, I strongly dislike Roosh after reading some of his "wisdom"

    Like check this out:

    This BY FAR the WORST article out there on meeting women. It's 100% BULLSHIT!

    First off, when you "try a new technique or line". When the fuck is Roosh going to figure out techniques and lines=garbage when you have nothing going on in your life other than "pussy hunting"

    Seems to me more and more, these PUA's try and get guys to "pretend" they actually have things going on in their life rather than just actually having things going on.

    He also says women like guys who treat them poorly? Does Roosh get anything right? I have yet to meet a woman who likes to be treated like shit. You can just feel the hate Roosh has towards oozing out in his writings.

    He then talks about being cocky and funny. Sounds like he's read too many David Deangelo books. Women DO NOT like cocky guys. Confidence>Arrogance any day. He also thinks you have to be a comedian too?

    No wonder Roosh can't get laid, his "game"/techniques are downright AWFUL!. Too bad that guys are buying into him. They'll just end up sexually frustrated and alone with bulging forearms too.

    1. He also thinks you have to be a comedian too?

      So, the poor guy thinks you really do need to play online court jester for all those damaged women "who like to laugh" and "want a guy who makes me laugh"???


      I'm no standup comic type, but I do okay. The hell if I am going to do headstands to entertain women I don't even know!

    2. Lol exactly. Just being your "normal non-game self" works amazing. Being this "cocky, funny, extravagant character" is so retarded.

      I really had no idea how deep the levels of bullshit were among the community. I knew pickup was a sham but man after reading some articles on this blog I can't believe just how bad some of the instructors really are. How do potential customers not pick up on this right away? There's 2 things I can not comprehend for the life of me:

      1. Why do guys want to make things so complicated when it comes talking to women? Pickup "fan boys" seem to feel the need to memorize that sick default "attraction joke" or a complicated method.

      2. Why do guys feel the need to pay a lot of money to learn routines? Seems some guys have no problem forking over 3000$ for some cookie style cutter weekend workshop. They could easily spend much less on a gym membership, new wardrobe and hygienic products and "create" way more attraction.

      Do you really need to pay 3000$ to hear Cajun ask girls if he looks like a drug dealer or tell some other really wild joke?
      "Did you guys see how hard she was laughing? Attraction at its finest guys"

      Seriously, look into a Lovesystems workshop a bit, the lines and theory taught is all stuff you can google. Apparently they don't change their material much from year to year.

      I shouldn't make fun of Lovesystems though, for all we know, Savoy could be in the lab right now with scientists researching the latest "attraction mechanism" :P

  8. I am literally at a loss for words when it comes to Roosh.....

    He says,

    "The biggest game mistake you can make is to relax the initial game that hooked the girl. I’m not a natural seducer, so when I leak out my normal non-game self to girls I’ve been having sex with, I soon experience various bouts of flaking and emotional outbursts that suggest her attraction for me is waffling."

    When he leaks his normal non-game self? Lol. That is funny as fuck. I'm starting to borderline wonder if he's a virgin? Sounds like he claims to nail a lot of 6's? To me, a 6 is very unremarkable and would require very little/if any "game" if you look half decent.

    The money someone could make if you get his subscribers email addresses. Seems like they would buy anything. Roosh is the classic example of "the blind leading the blind".

    I think I need to stop making fun of him. He's too easy of a target. Roosh and Vince Kelvin make Krauser look like he really is some type of playboy.

    1. I saw a post once, maybe on a MGTOW forum, about a guy who "gamed" his way to a Russian wife. Eventually, if memory serves correct, the guy let his "game" slip and the wife wasn't so keen on hubby's slippage.

      Next thing you know...divorce and the guy was clueless to what hit him.

      Social retardation, man.

  9. Come on, don't be too harsh with Roosh.

    He IS getting laid. If you put hard work in it, you will eventually get laid thanks to the numbers game.

    I think he is good-looking and I know for sure some girls like him.

    That's impossible that he is not getting laid. Maybe he is not efficient, but he is fucking some girls.

    But that's true that he is saying a lot of bullshit too.

    1. I prefer to put my hard work in at the gym and with my career/financial situation.

      Most guys would find the lays come quite easy when it becomes a part of your life and not your life's SOLE PURPOSE! Getting laid isn't even really that big of an accomplishment over time.

      Maybe I am hard on Roosh, but he's a con artist with little results from what I can see.

      AT LEAST 90% of the women I have slept with would have ZERO interest in him, aka he would not be hooking up with them.

      He could be his "normal non-game self" or flick on the switch and become "Roosh the Jedi Master gamer" and the girls would still be grossed out by him.

    2. Probably hookers. Fair enough if that's his thing. Some women like guys who admit to and don't bathe regularly. Once again, fair enough.

      If life was really so wonderful for him, why would he be hiding out in the boonies of eastern Europe? I'm no travel buff, but if I'm making $60k twiddling my thumbs on the internet alone, I'm at least shacking up in Paris rather than a dump like the backwoods of Ukraine.

    3. When's the last time you have been to Paris? USD 60k is not worth that much over there, even with the current strong dollar.
      And if you share a preference for hookers, France is not the best place to go anyway, since prostitution is illegal.
      The French girls are not superb either, actually they rank second on the highest level of obesity in Europe after the Danish. (Fun fact, the French male has the lowest obesity in Europe. Now you know why you might see some skinny French dude going out with a ghetto-booty like whale quite often)
      And since prostitution is not an option for the average French male, the price for pussy is pushed up artificially high through an extreme dose of arrogance and extremely ambiguous signals from the females. If you don't believe me, dress well in Paris for a day and count the lenght of the eye contact you get. Do the same in an eastern European country and compare the results. (My experience: Strasbourg vs. Baku (Azerbaijan) : At LEAST the double in favour of Baku. Then again I'm more of an an exotic race in AZ then in FR)
      Alcohol might go around that problem, but then you see yourself spending some pretty real cash again.
      And no, I don't think that dude is making 60k USD from pushing buttons on a computer with internet access.

      Just my two cents.

    4. Well, yeah, I also think we have a high obesity rate in France. The guys are not so much better than the girls in that regard by the way. We may have a strong culinary tradition, but (young) people eat shit most of the time.

      I'm gonna defend French girls in terms of looks though, I find them hot, maybe they're just my type. But I've seen way worse^^.

      As for the eye-contact thing, I think it's also due to the fact that seeing people dressing well is commonplace in Paris (at least for me). A lot of people look like shit, but unless you're in the top 1% of fashion you won't really stand out by that alone in the streets/clubs, you also need natural, physical good looks. Especially if you don't go to the shitty, poor parts of the city (and who wants to go there to pick-up girls anyway ?).

    5. "We may have a strong culinary tradition, but (young) people eat shit most of the time."

      Sorry to pinch you on this one (really). But you coined it by saying that there is a tradition. There is no great food, though. I have done my cooking apprenticeship in France and the food is just not good.
      If you take away the most used elements in French kitchen, you will see quickly how useless it is.
      Take out cream (crème fraîche/crème liquide), take out butter (le bon beurre) and take out bacon (les fameux lardons). Now you will have to really think hard which dishes the French Cuisine is famous for have survived.
      Also, you might have realized, that all these 3 ingredients are natural flavour enhancers (exhausteurs de goût), so to speak MSGs, since they contain high doses of animal fat and in the case of bacon, salt.
      Asian food (especially Japanese & Chinese) works pretty well without these, since the variety is still there, even if you take out soy sauce and coconut milk).
      And yes,young people eat shit (McDonalds is doing really well in France) I agree with you.

      We are not here for a cooking course, but I am trying to draw your attention to a deeper issue with this (your?) nation. It always seemed to me that it had a pride for something that is not its generation's achievement.

      Also,I do believe that the arrogance women display often there is more due to that general attitude rather than it being commonplace for people to dress well. I have found the French women to be the most flaky and most shallow I've ever met, but this has to be taken with a grain of salt, since I was not screening correctly either. Yes, my fault, too.

      I agree that the girls go after the natural, physical good looks in France. Sometimes more than they deserve, i.e. chasing guys out of their league, arrogantly behaving to those in/below theirs and this being possible since the price of pussy is (artificially) high, since you can't buy it for money in a "bordell".

      I had my time (several years) with the French, and to me the old joke is still true:
      "You know why the rooster is the symbol of France? - Because it is the only animal able to sing with both feet in the sh*t" (la grande nation, you know)

      Sorry for bashing too much. I had great moments there, too. :)


    6. Haha no problem, to each his own I guess. I get what you're saying about those three ingredients, because I use them a lot :p that's a bit like cheating indeed, but it's so good. What's funny about French cuisine is that most of it is not "French", it's "Alsacien", "Provençal", "Breton"... regional more than national to be honest. That's IMO what gives French cuisine a lot of variety.

      "We are not here for a cooking course, but I am trying to draw your attention to a deeper issue with this (your?) nation. It always seemed to me that it had a pride for something that is not its generation's achievement."

      Well... I don't think it's more of a problem for the French than for other nations. For example, take America and WWII. It was a long time ago and still some Americans, not older than me, are like "without us you'd speak German", but anyway :p. Then again same thing with the French about Lafayette and the American Revolution. I also dislike people who confuse the legacy of previous generations with their own achievements, but I don't see it more in France than in the other countries I've been to.

      "I agree that the girls go after the natural, physical good looks in France. Sometimes more than they deserve, i.e. chasing guys out of their league, arrogantly behaving to those in/below theirs and this being possible since the price of pussy is (artificially) high, since you can't buy it for money in a "bordell"."

      I perfectly see the kind of girls you talk about and I hate them too. However, I fail to understand how legalizing prostitution would improve the situation. What do you mean by "the price of pussy" ? I currently live in Brussels, where prostitution is "kinda legal" (neither legal nor illegal) and I don't really see a difference with France girlswise. Maybe it's because the red light district of Brussels itself looks like a mix between the RLD in Amsterdam and the ghettos of the suburbs of Paris though :p.

    7. "I perfectly see the kind of girls you talk about and I hate them too. However, I fail to understand how legalizing prostitution would improve the situation. What do you mean by "the price of pussy" ?"

      Supply and Demand:
      When prostitution is illegal, you have to play along the rules of the only supplier of pussy, i.e. "normal women"
      (Let's assume porn+masturbation is not enough for you).
      The supply and its distribution/allocation is monopolized, therefore the price can be set as high as the supplier wishes. Note that price is not only money, but time or requirement of high standards and so on.
      Where prostitution is legal though, at one point men will get sick and tired of the needed requirements (looks, money, time invested, social standing,... whatever) and will just go fuck a chick for money. And when you do the maths, it is a totally OK investment. (I heard that you can empty (get emptied...^^) your balls in Frankfurt for less then 50€.

      Two arguments against what I just wrote:
      1. "Hey, but what about those who seek a relationship? They are not served with prostitution."
      2. "Yeah, but in countries with legalized prostitution, girls still have their standards and want them met"

      Two counter-arguments:
      1. Once I have shot my load in a girl that I could see myself having a relationship with BEFORE having had sex with her, the importance of the relationship diminished SIGNIFICANTLY. Shoot you load first and then let's talk.
      2. True, BUT, the counter measures that women take then is a lot of bashing and a general very negative view on prostitution. They take away their monopole. And so men have to fell bad for paying directly for sex. Although in the end it is a product/service and is exchanged for a price. Free markets, that's all.

      "I currently live in Brussels, where prostitution is "kinda legal" (neither legal nor illegal) and I don't really see a difference with France girlswise. Maybe it's because the red light district of Brussels itself looks like a mix between the RLD in Amsterdam and the ghettos of the suburbs of Paris though :p"

      I see what you mean. The optical aspect might be a factor and the legal grey zone, too.
      I would assume though, that since a part of Belgium speaks French, they also share a part of their culture, since language (in my eyes) is the number one identifier for cultural values.
      Maybe the comparison is kind of OK, but still blurred by that.

      I can say, though that if I were to compare the overall level of arrogance of a big city in Germany (e.g. Munich) vs a big city in France (Paris for instance) or even compare Paris with a big city in Eastern Europe (Sofia), I'd say that Paris girls are "wearing their nose higher". (I spent some time in all of these cities.)

      I hope I could make clear where I see the link between legal/illegal prostitution and general level of female arrogance in a country.

      "I perfectly see the kind of girls you talk about and I hate them too." - Good to hear that... Man I was really depressed/confused by that behaviour at some point. Moved away though, made a huge change, I can tell you :)

  10. Hi Aaron:

    What do you think about this dating site?

    Do you think these chicks are whores hiding?

    1. They're at least gold diggers, and the guy paying upfront just for meeting some women are morons.

    2. To clarify: if it's whoring in disguise and all parties are aware of it, then there is nothing wrong with it. However, if the guys genuinely pay for a date, and then pay extra for the actual date (and maybe a "tip" on top of that for sexual favors), then they should consider whether they couldn't get the same for less money and effort elsewhere.

  11. I would not discount fucking prostitutes a priori.

    For those men who are so inclined it can be an occasional refreshing change from fucking girls in the "real world". For married men it's the "safest" opportunity for sex on the side, i. e. to counter the castrating effects of a possibly overdominating wife. If everything works out smoothly, it's hassle-free, offers (at least in the higher echolons) temporary access to a great variety of young, juicy girls of almost surreal beauty and generally limits the amount of time investment into the pursuit of women in the "real world". Such girls for the most part are sexually competent, open, adventurous, are healthy and clean (!) – features, not every "ordinary" women can sport. Sometimes they even are pornstars themselves and on top of that you can experience elaborate sexual role-plays with them. Of course, in general you will not get real intimacy and companionship with prostitutes (som of them are psychologically fucked up anyway, so I won't count that aspect purely as a disadvantage), the time constraint can be irritating, moments of genuine sympathy shouldn't be expected (though it's are not impossible, if there is mutual chemistry). Maybe if you become a regular customer, or if you peruse higher escorts for longer than one single day, but then you really have to be able to continuously fund that action. The "chasing" aspect gets eliminated, you don't live your positive male sexual aggression and don't have to mentally release girls you aren't able to score with.

    Some well-off men I personally know (and no, I'm not a millionaire) almost exclusively resort to high class escort girls and are tremendously enjoying it (for all the good reasons), if they do not desire traditional marriage arrangements. With them those girls almost become another lifestyle element and furthermore those men have only minimal sexual interest in "ordinary women". Sometimes out of those escorts – if there happens to evolve a strong emotional connection – one of them gets converted into their "steady GF" and if those men are able to provide a continuous comfy lifestyle, those "GFs" will stick around and enjoy that "status".

    The prostitutional sexual aspect in agricultural societies is not necessary good or bad, it's just a fact of life and there are many flavours to it. It's highly un-P.C. to state this, but prostitution basically exists, because women in essence do profit from it. No man of his own volition would ever pay for sex, if he didn't have to. And there are also men for whom – for whatever bodily or psychological drawbacks – pay sex is the main (and sometimes sole) opportunity for heterosexual intercourse at all (cuz hot women and girls in general just don't fuck handicapped guys like Sean Stepehnson or "losers" voluntarily, as A. S. previously pointed out).

    And there are even men, who feel so lost and redjected by women in general, that they visit prostitutes not so much for intercourse, but for cuddling and for talking, because at least they'd like to experience the illusion, that hot women would notice them and treat them like human beings. This is also part of the truth – and it's really saddening…

  12. Quick off-topic: wht about your planned book on Zen-meditation?

  13. Why wouldn't Roosh just spend a lot of time in Cancun or Vegas if he wanted to laid so much? Lots of good parties in either place

    1. Because he's probably not attractive enough to be at par with the male competition at either places... ;) Just my 5 ct.

  14. Hey, Aaron, I just notice Taylor on RSD is now pimping out "Shocking secrets of a clickbait king" lol

  15. The champagne room was a well-known scam, often involving nonalcoholic champagne!

  16. I know this is an old article and all that, but this really got me thinking. It is more than possible there's a grain of truth in that Roosh is quite popular among Eastern European hookers.Consider this:

    Of all the countries Roosh has visited, only Poland seemed to satisfy his "urges" for some time. He pretty much started to worship the country to a point where he actually made a website called "Poznan Institute of Neomasculine Studies" named after a shabby Polish city. I am dead serious:

    While now he decries of Poland becoming "Americanized" and basically a new centre for Western feminism, it is undeniable that he was quite fond of the country in the past and expressed his gratitude in his dumb book "Bang Poland". I guess it was one of the rare instances, when he actually got laid, maybe even twice. ))

    Now here's the catch: Bang Poland contained a serious departure from his usual PUA methods, namely: "Don't pay for a chick's drink". It is practically one of the "commandments" of Roosh V's "game". And yet, in Poland he ABANDONED this core tenet, writing that he bought women drinks left and right and actually advised his acolytes to do the same. It struck me as odd during the first reading, but now I wonder: Roosh essentially got laid .... by paying for womens' drinks in a country where prostitution is legal (although brothels are not) and many hookers, presumably, go to clubs and bars for new horny clientele.

    A very suspicious coincidence indeed.


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