Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Does every girl have her price?

Marco_Polo recently mentioned a prank video in which some guy offers a woman $2,000 for sex, and she agrees, with the qualifier "but only if it's quick". She isn't quite so pleased when he tells her that he wasn't serious, because she was serious about it. Well, as long as it's quick.

Personally, I would have loved to see him haggle. You see that he's pulling out a wad of cash (who carries around $2,000?). She didn't find this suspicious at all. It would have been hilarious had he pretended to fumble up --- "Shit, I only have about $700 here. Can we do it for $500 as well?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

About Male and Female Maturity

An anonymous reader commented, on my article “An Anecdote on Female Intere$t” that younger women may date older men because they view men their own age to be “kids”. The topic of maturity comes up some times, so it seemed appropriate to share my thoughts on it. In short, I don’t think people mature a whole lot after a certain age. If anything, your life experiences lead you to refine your personality, but not fundamentally change it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Dude, you better get married soon. You're getting older."

Mitchel left an interesting comment on my post “An Anecdote on Female Intere$t":

Although I am very open to marriage to in the next 2ish to 3 years, I'm in no rush. I'm not letting myself go, and my value is not dropping any time soon.

How right he is! Indeed, I’ve noticed that the shaming language that is used to tell me that they should “man up” and marry seems as if it is targeted at women. No, guys, your sexual market value is not dropping off a cliff in your thirties. With just a little bit of foresight, your 30s will be the time were your life will literally take off --- this is certainly something I witness among my single friends in their 30s with solid careers who have all their bases covered.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Anecdote on Female Intere$t

I recently caught up with an old friend of mine, a very analytical guy with geeky interests. As it so happened, he was able to leverage his intellectual abilities and ended up with a pretty decent job after college. A few years into his career as an "engineer" (i.e. software developer), he's now pretty well established. I helped him out with the "getting chicks" part, and while he is nowhere near his full potential, he has at least learnt to not fuck things up too badly when a girl is into him. Compared to the average guy he does pretty well, and compared to the average geek he's a rockstar.

Site Recommendation:

There aren't a lot of people online who promote a genuine no-nonsense approach to life. This is particularly true for sites that target men. The basics of working out, nutrition, and hitting on women, to pick three topics of perennial interest for most men, are simple. Yet, I wouldn't know that if you only read manosphere blogs.

I'm happy that Mitchel informed me of his project His goal is to give men actionable advice, free from any bullshit. The first articles on his site are promising. There seems to be a strong focus on health and nutrition, but that's hardly a bad thing, considering in what poor shape the average guy is in.

Overall, I see a good deal of the "Minimal Game" mindset reflected in Mitchel's writing, so if you've enjoyed my work, you'll probably get something out of his site as well.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Open Thread: February 2015

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation elsewhere. Thus, I'm setting up an open thread. I'll have to see how it will be received.

In short, it you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and the other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The dumbest comment anybody ever left on this blog

I've seen a lot of nonsense, but nothing quite like the comment below, which, perhaps fittingly, was posted by an Anonymous under my review of Mark Manson's Models. 

Woman are attracted to tall, good looking, rich etc.. that is completely wrong for anyone who actually succeeds in getting a lot of women.  
It can be true in college or for stereotypical americans, brainwashed by the media but as sophisticated, exposed, mature adult, its is very disappointing and sad to actually believe thats what women want. It is so far from the truth.