Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Anecdote on Female Intere$t

I recently caught up with an old friend of mine, a very analytical guy with geeky interests. As it so happened, he was able to leverage his intellectual abilities and ended up with a pretty decent job after college. A few years into his career as an "engineer" (i.e. software developer), he's now pretty well established. I helped him out with the "getting chicks" part, and while he is nowhere near his full potential, he has at least learnt to not fuck things up too badly when a girl is into him. Compared to the average guy he does pretty well, and compared to the average geek he's a rockstar.

He mentioned something I found quite amusing. To give you some background: imagine you're in your early twenties and on the rare occasion that you end up talking to a girl, you tell her that you study maths, or that you love tinkering with electronics. Most younger girls won't get turned on by this. In fact, quite a few will show their erudition by remarking "how boring" this is. However, once such a background leads to money, and a better lifestyle, the reaction of women changes as well. Partly this has to do with women in the post-college crowd developing a different, err, mind$et.

Anyway, he related to me the following exchange: he ended up having small talk with some woman at a public event. She asked him what he's doing for a living, so he told her he was a computer scientist. Instead of that late-twenties woman furrowing her eyebrows, like her 22 year-old counterpart might have done, though, she instead lit up like a Christmas tree and blurted out:

"Computer science? Wow, that is sooo cool!"

According to him, he never would have expected a reaction like that. Of course, I didn't have to point out to him that the association of his profession with six-figure pay checks was responsible for that. Funny how that works. Note that women normally hide their excitement about the earning power of some guy they met, but it does play a role, as any guy who was ignored by women in college but magically became more attractive in his late twenties can affirm --- or any guy who ever witnessed a gaggle of chicks trying to one-up each other with the money the guy they're fucking (or not, in the case of some wives) pulls down. It's quite disgusting, but of course guys are pigs if they state that they prefer good-looking women.


  1. Hi Aaron
    Same here, but worse.
    I'm an intern in a Bank, have a pay and live in a rich country which got even richer vs other countrys in the middle of January :)
    Last time A girl asked me what I do for a living( she was at least 32), I am in my mid twenties btw. it went like this:
    "So what do you do for a living?"
    "I work at XYZ (Bank name - well known)"
    "Oouhhhh A Banker...... how classy!"
    Now what she doesn't know is that, yes I am paid, but nowhere close to what a normal emplyee is paid, I am at the beginning of the ladder^^(will I ever brainfuck myself and climb it up? Not sure...
    Next she says: "Sooooo, why don't you buy me a glass of champagne, and maybe I'll offer you a bottle of champagne one day, actually let's exchange phone numbers"
    I had to laugh so hard at this white trash-too-much-champagne-too-much-cocaine chick, that it took me a moment to be able to reply:
    "Sorry I'm not a payer, I'm a fucker."
    Needless to say, that she was severely pissed off, telling her gay friend what an asshole I was. She then claimed that she could call at least 20 guys RIGHT NOW who would bring her home and fuck her, which earned her another "Well then go fuck yourself" from me. Butwhere I really laughed is that she came again to see me in the evening stating (obv. drunk): "You know, I'm gonna forgive you for beeing such an asshole, because you're soooo young" --- Facepalm....
    Next time I'll tell the chicks that I work at McDonalds, seriously.
    Cheers guys and thanks Aaron for your blog, I would have never been able to look through all this without your input here. Merci.

    1. provider attraction is great except is you become a tool, only sexual attraction chick
      is good to you.

      but i laughed hard i am going to tell i have no JOB.
      i did that and people thought i am weird. hahah
      i always tell me people , no education and no job, and funny they dont try to convince me with hidden agenda to do things with them, less bullshit for me.

  2. I've noticed this well Sleazy.

    These days I work in a gym parttime to earn some money on the side. But in the evening I study accounting. Chicks are always more impressed with the latter. Off course, accounting, is a field that pays pretty well.

    Same goes with medicine.

  3. There is certainly a lot of women that go after you if you earn well, and it might not be only to get money from you, but because they just want a guy like that as a feather in their hat. I'm nearing 40 and have dated a few college students that was of the opinion that guys their age were "kids". Some women want to try out an older wealthy guy in the same way as women can try an athlete or guy with some fame in the local scene. One particularly hot woman I'm dating now sought me(or realistically any older, successful and not fat man) out in something that to me seems like a very obvious reaction to being burnt by a locally known athlete.

    My point is that not all women that go after wealthy guys do it to extract money specifically, but they rather want to be with a successful and powerful guy. The amazing thing with being in the position of earning really well(and not being socially retarded or fat) is that there really isn't very much competition.

    1. That's a great comment! I'll make a post on "maturity" later today or tomorrow, to put things in perspective. About the woman you're dating: that's also a common phenomenon: looking for a safer option.

    2. earning really well(and not being socially retarded or fat) is that there really isn't very much competition.

      I really like a point GLL makes about how easy it is to get to a point where you have little competition as a man. All you have to do is become a little above average at a couple of areas - and it adds up.

      For example, guys think you need to have a fitness-model cover body to be a very attractive dating prospect. Or they think you need to be a millionaire to be a very attractive dating prospect.

      That WOULD be true if that's the only area where you had an advantage.

      If you're a fat, socially akward, annoying, badly dressed dude who can't flirt or make moves - then yeah, you need millions to be attractive.

      But if you combine being above-average in a few things, it adds up fast. You don't have to be rich (top 1% of men) if:

      - You're in the top 20% of earnings
      - The top 20% physically speaking (for your age)
      - The top 20% in terms of ability to make a move, flirt etc
      - The top 20% in terms of conversational ability
      - The top 20% in something artistic (dancing, playing an instrument, dj-ing)

      Combine these, being a top 20%-er in five areas... and you are very attractive...

      It's surprisingly easy to be a top 20%er... And it's only about 1000x easier than being world class. Becoming good enough to play in a local band is 1000x easier than becoming a world-class guitarist, or a world-champion dancer, or a DJ playing in front of thousands.

      Yet guys assume you need the latter to gain benefits from it. You would if that was your only skill. But combine it with other 20% skills, and you see things add up synergistically.

      You'd be surprised how lazy you have to be to be average. Guys often don't understand how low the average is (walk around the street and notice the guys you are).

      The average person watches 50,000 hours of television in a lifetime. If you invested even half of that in different skills, you could be a 10%er in a dozen different areas.

    3. Sleazy: To elaborate on the maturity and safer option: Younger people in general are more insecure and being with an older well off man lets younger women relax about things. Women are more often than not quite submissive and self-sacrificing in nature. The catch of being like that is that people can take advantage of you, and this is much less likely to happen if you as a young woman date an older guy with a career and other things that proves he is stable. Women generally want the man to be the dominant one, but in the case of older guys this is even more true. Doing the love dove thing in a couple where the woman is 20 and the man is 40 would be quite off.

      For a young woman there's also reputation risk involved with going out with a younger guy(he has no proven track record of being able to keep a good social standing, while an older guy that is double her age obviously does. An extreme example of this is where you have an older married guy having an affair with a younger woman. The woman would not want to spill the beans to not seem like a slut, and the married man don't want to spill the beans because of his marriage, career and other things. A young guy on the other hand has little to lose and could brag about bedding her.

      Agreed totally. There's very, very few guys that would not be able to get into the top 20% of at least two areas given men literary have several decades to work on it.

      Personally I have the top three traits in your list pretty much sorted, and the results are extremely good. An interesting thin here is that I've now fully embraced that I'll never be particularly good at social things but it doesn't matter when many other areas are strong as well. Once you get to a good position you have to spend very little effort to get women, and you get even more time to focus on business/health. Which leads to an even easier time with women and so on in a self strengthening circle.

      PUA does the mistake of obsessing about things that can be associated with quick fix set of instructions that can be sold. Taking a couple of years off in your early twenties to focus fully on "PUA" must be one of the most retarded things that can be done, as those years are extremely crucial for building skills that can last a life time.

    4. Alek, once again you are delivering a great essence in your postings! Thanks a lot for the epiphanies you are bringing about. So often realizations might be obvious or just common sense, but they still have to be put into inmistakeable wording - and that's exactly what you've been doing time and again. Hvala veliko, again!

    5. That's a very great way of looking at it!

      I came to a similar insight some time ago. I just think that a lot of guys have a big problem with getting a realistic perspective on where they stand. This goes in both ways, good looking, attractive men who tend to think that they are average, and the other opposite.

      For some time I taught to myself, man, if I only was a bit taller. See, I'm 5f9 and my height is a small insecurity for me. But, then I started thinking that, attractive men are actually very rare. The same is true for attractive women.

      This means, that it's not so difficult to find other areas where you can stand out.

      Concerning wealth, I think family plays a very big role in this as well. Depending on the social mobility of the country you live in, you could have a hard time generating wealth.

  4. Anonymous: banging a hot young guy is something young women do to actually increase their status among their peers. In fact, some women even brag about it. For instance, I've been with some women who felt the need to tell me they got fucked by some famous or semi-famous actors and musicians ("Look at me, I really must be hot because X, Y, and Z have fucked me!")

    1. girls say this in general about any guy they fucked, to make you feel jealous or show they are attractive. They will just slip it in out of nowhere, and always expect a reaction, I just either ignore or ask for more details, which surprises her that I dont get jealous, and if am with her for longer she will try and better what she said (being more kinky, or saying he is more attractive -looks, dick size, money etc).

      In a way this is good, cause she is nervous of losing you to another girl.


    2. Yes, it's an attempt to inflate their own status. I generally recommend not reacting to it, but it depends on the personality of the girl and the relationship angle you're pursuing. You can treat a fuck buddy with respect, but if she wants to play that kind of game, it's just as fine to shoot her down. It's a tricky situation, because some girls have incredibly fragile egos, so cynically asking whether some Z-lister she banged moved on because she'd too old (if she's barely 20) can lead to rather severe meltdowns. Then again, it's arguably better to get her to show her emotional instabilities early on so that you know what you're getting into.

  5. It was I who left the comment on this post,

    I feel my value has never been higher with women. I can totally relate to the Anonymous guy. I will be 30 this summer and still find it very easy to women in their early 20's.

    Guy in their 30's that are in shape and have good style can still be very visually appealing to women in their 20's. Plus, they probably have some money, and are more on the chill side personality wise.

    I find it funny when people try and pressure guys into marriage,

    "Dude, you better get married soon. You're getting older"

    Although I am very open to marriage to in the next 2ish to 3 years, I'm in no rush. I'm not letting myself go, and my value is not dropping any time soon.

  6. A nice video here!

    Even if it were faked, it's still somewhat true: to have a fuck se$$ion für 2 grand with a not entirely disgustingly looking dude IS something, that would cause more than a few chicks seconds thoughts:

  7. I follow the rule, if she didn't want me in her 20's, I don't want her in her 30's.


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