Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guest Post: Uber-alpha manosphere writers meet up in DC, fail to get laid (by Shackleford)

This gem of a post from Roosh/Roissysphere 3rd tier lackey Professor Mentu details how Roosh V hosted a meetup in DC for some of his deluded underling bloggers for a night of...shoving girls and not getting any play. The most hilarious aspect of this post involved the clueless "professor" Mentu puffing his chest out about this huge night of failure. Honestly, why bother trying to expose these guys as frauds when they make it completely obvious?

Here is the link: [EDIT: "The University of Man" website has been shut down shortly after this post was published.]

Now, for the break down:

Mentu notes that right off the bat that Roosh and his lackey bloggers have serious GAME in the field, if by game, you mean having conversations that don't result in anything concrete happening:

Manosphere writers practice what they preach. I was able to wing for VK with his Latina of choice, Roosh wasn’t in the post-meetup bar for 30 fucking seconds until he was chatting up a cute girl (different than the one he was talking to outside), Bronan caught two women on their way to the bar, chose off the blonde, so I immediately grabbed the brunette (the queen bee) and kept her busy while he did his thing. Gmac had a cute little number on lock in less than 20 minutes, and the other guys were on the prowl.

Excellent work, gentleman. Congratulations on fucking talking to girls and being on the "prowl". Can I buy the next book that's published by one of you?

Of course, when it comes time to drop all that talking and begin physical escalation, the bros in the Roosh-o-sphere truly get it violently pushing girls and pouring beer on them:

Never in my life have I shoulder-checked a bitch, but after watching one of our esteemed writers knock a princess into the railing on the sidewalk after she refused to move out of his way, I decided to give it a try. DC women can be rude as hell, so after the third or fourth time of literally being physically pushed out of the way, I shoulder-checked the fuck out of some little tart, and she spilled her drink on her sleeve. I did that twice last night, and it felt great.
It turned out I left a little too early, because I heard some chick tried to punk them, and Gmac poured a drink over her head. Damn, I wish I would have been there for that.

I guess this is the type of stuff Mentu is referring to when he wishes that Roosh and his ilk would move to his native city of Austin, so they could end up in "jail every weekend." But hey, maybe they would get some action there.

The cause is not all lost, however. Despite Mentu admitting that DC is a tough environment, in which neither Roosh or his sycophants get any for the evening, someone in the blogging meetup group did succeed in getting some action:

one of the writer’s friends who was there got to the makeout session pretty quick, and if I’m not mistaken, he took her home.

Whoa, stop the presses! A friend of one of the bloggers beat out these uber-alphas and actually got a women, probably by not using stupid game methods in the process. Or maybe, you know, he wasn't going around hip checking girls into railings.

Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What About Consistent Results? --- An Anti-Seduction Community Rant

There was a lot of great feedback to the recently posted "RSD Escape Story". An anonymous poster wrote a very good analysis of how typical community teachings not only not help you, but set you up for ever greater failure. Again, accidental or not, the parallels to how cults operate are more than obvious.
Very solid post ! Props to OP and thanks Aaron for sharing it. I’d like to add something about consistency of results: consistency of non-painful, negative results. If you have anxiety around people and girls, the “community” gives you a bazillion reason as to why getting laid is indeed a huge deal, defines your social status, worth as a person, etc. This way, if you already tend to be anxious about it (which was probably the reason for lack of sexual/social life in the first place), your anxiety explodes and you tend to attach yourself to the solution presented as miraculous to solution this anxiety.

How to "open" and start conversations with women

If you're not following my forum, you are missing out on some great discussions, like Martin's practical tips on "How to "open" and start conversations with women". Here's an excerpt:
Judging by the questions and comments I often read from guys, especially from those who are just getting into pickup, I get the impression that starting conversations with women (“opening”) is for many one of the biggest sticking points. As someone whose work absolutely requires him to be social and start conversations with total strangers, I’m going to share with you a very simple trick to getting the ball rolling: establish proximity first!
Read the rest here. If you've got issues with "approach anxiety", it will probably help you a lot.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reader Comment on Roissy and Roosh

Shackleford left a comment on my recent post Roosh V Sucks With Women And Doesn't Know It, which I thought deserved greater attention. Lean back and enjoy the read!
Roissy appears worse because his bullshit has more followers, but as others have noted, his site has the unexpected effect of actually de-programming a lot of people from game. It's not just the flowery language and mixed metaphors (actually, 'mixed' is being too generous, it's more like a metaphor puree), his general philosophy will lead most readers who still possess a modicum of sanity to draw the following conclusions: