Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guest Post: Uber-alpha manosphere writers meet up in DC, fail to get laid (by Shackleford)

This gem of a post from Roosh/Roissysphere 3rd tier lackey Professor Mentu details how Roosh V hosted a meetup in DC for some of his deluded underling bloggers for a night of...shoving girls and not getting any play. The most hilarious aspect of this post involved the clueless "professor" Mentu puffing his chest out about this huge night of failure. Honestly, why bother trying to expose these guys as frauds when they make it completely obvious?

Here is the link: [EDIT: "The University of Man" website has been shut down shortly after this post was published.]

Now, for the break down:

Mentu notes that right off the bat that Roosh and his lackey bloggers have serious GAME in the field, if by game, you mean having conversations that don't result in anything concrete happening:

Manosphere writers practice what they preach. I was able to wing for VK with his Latina of choice, Roosh wasn’t in the post-meetup bar for 30 fucking seconds until he was chatting up a cute girl (different than the one he was talking to outside), Bronan caught two women on their way to the bar, chose off the blonde, so I immediately grabbed the brunette (the queen bee) and kept her busy while he did his thing. Gmac had a cute little number on lock in less than 20 minutes, and the other guys were on the prowl.

Excellent work, gentleman. Congratulations on fucking talking to girls and being on the "prowl". Can I buy the next book that's published by one of you?

Of course, when it comes time to drop all that talking and begin physical escalation, the bros in the Roosh-o-sphere truly get it violently pushing girls and pouring beer on them:

Never in my life have I shoulder-checked a bitch, but after watching one of our esteemed writers knock a princess into the railing on the sidewalk after she refused to move out of his way, I decided to give it a try. DC women can be rude as hell, so after the third or fourth time of literally being physically pushed out of the way, I shoulder-checked the fuck out of some little tart, and she spilled her drink on her sleeve. I did that twice last night, and it felt great.
It turned out I left a little too early, because I heard some chick tried to punk them, and Gmac poured a drink over her head. Damn, I wish I would have been there for that.

I guess this is the type of stuff Mentu is referring to when he wishes that Roosh and his ilk would move to his native city of Austin, so they could end up in "jail every weekend." But hey, maybe they would get some action there.

The cause is not all lost, however. Despite Mentu admitting that DC is a tough environment, in which neither Roosh or his sycophants get any for the evening, someone in the blogging meetup group did succeed in getting some action:

one of the writer’s friends who was there got to the makeout session pretty quick, and if I’m not mistaken, he took her home.

Whoa, stop the presses! A friend of one of the bloggers beat out these uber-alphas and actually got a women, probably by not using stupid game methods in the process. Or maybe, you know, he wasn't going around hip checking girls into railings.

Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow.


  1. haha that's just lame.

    Here is another masterpiece by Roissy

    See I've heared this rationalization before.

    It went something like this:

    "women only approach guys who look feminine, I'm a masculine guy and I never get approached whereas my friend has a girly face and he gets approached all the time"

    Ah gamers and the myth of the alpha male!

  2. 15 uber alphas go out and none one get laid. Welcome to the manosphere

  3. Roosh is leaving the country again, more proof he cant get laid in America

  4. Roosh created another blog here I think he is trying to target another audience

    1. Ahh, lifestyle blogs. The transitional project of choice for those PUAs desperately trying to distance themselves from the discredited field.

      Also, Roosh's open identity has clearly gotten him into trouble. This move to a new all-purpose blog, along with his leaving the country again, probably means that his words and actions have made DC inhabitable for him. (see recent twitter comments about being attacked).

  5. Those guys are closet betas or needy alphas at best. Note how much Mentu enjoys being part of the pack (beta) and that he's desperately talking about the need to adjust his lies depending on the terrain (beta). Being
    rebellious betas is also what makes them such drama magnets.

    1. George hit the nail on the head, but one guy I can't figure out is Virgil Kent. Why does he hang out with these guys?

    2. I agree with you regarding Virgil Kent. Out of that whole group, he is the only one who doesn't really deserve clowning. He strikes me as a reasonably well-adjusted dude who is just really into lifting weights and picking up girls. He doesn't try to paint himself as some sort of political iconoclast, and he doesn't seem to promote game that much either. He's just an average guy.

    3. While Virgil Kent isn't as nerdy or crazy with the politics and stuff as the others, he's pretty bad too with the delusions of grandeur, game promoting, and pussy begging. In some ways I find it worse that he's involved with them, as he has no need to be.

  6. for guys that spend so much time working of their "game" they dont realize that they have two major flaws

    A) They spend to much time trying to "create attraction" on girls that dont like them.
    B) they dont focus on girls that like them

    girls know in 5-10 seconds if they are attracted to you and if they arent attracted then you cant do anything about it

    i mean if they keep the interaction fast and short, and focus on women that are attracted to them they would get 2-3 times more laids

    1. "girls know in 5-10 seconds if they are attracted to you and if they arent attracted then you cant do anything about it"

      Not to nitpick, but I have to add a disclaimer here. What you said only applies to short-term (cold-approach) attraction. If you're in a niche it's common for chicks who had no interest in you initially to later become attracted to you based on your changing status in the niche, a change in their circumstance or mere hormonal changes etc... etc...

  7. LOL being violent with chicks is alpha and feels good? Someone has real issues with women.

    1. I read "Pimp" by Iceberg Slim. One of his psychiatrists in jail said "All pimps hate their mothers". Goddamn! It was certainly true of Mr Slim. I wonder if it's generally true of the PUA crowd?

  8. I don't think Roosh understands the undesired effect he gets by promoting his idiot minion's blogs via twitter. I hope he never makes his feed private, it would deprive me of the unintentional comedy.

    Regardless, I'm glad that Mentu's post about the meet up allowed me to address all those Roosh/Roissy-sphere hack blogs in one sitting, because none of them really deserve much attention. In case you need even more evidence of the lameness of Roosh's followers, Here's an even more detailed account of the failure by "Bronan the Barbarian":

    I also like how there's a guy in Roosh's crew who calls himself "The Rookie" who's been involved in pick-up for like five years.

    In regards to the physical aggression against the girls, you mentioned in the forum how this might have consequences for Roosh. It appears that is has; these are some recent tweets:

    "Last night on the street an Indian girl I've never seen before punched me in the stomach."

    "I just remembered that I got slapped last night... by a fat chick I didn't even talk to"

    He better become a famous writer for Rolling Stone soon.

    1. This is fabulous! Roosh probably interprets those events as signs that "feminists" have started a hate campaign against him. To me it seems like good evidence that society possesses some self-correcting tendencies. After all, walk around and act like a dick, and sooner or later you'll have to deal with the consequences. Karma can be very real.

    2. roosh writed a comeback here

      a quote from the post:
      After being away for so long, it was time to throw another happy hour—not to get laid but to exchange notes with other men. On October 13 we met on the rooftop of Brixton bar in the U Street area of DC.

      "not to get laid but to exchange notes with other men", shure a group of ego inflated uber-alphas would never compite between them to show who is the best.

    3. Hahahaha. So a bunch of guys decided to gather together in some of DC's biggest, loudest, douch-iest pickup bars to compare notes? I must have missed the part in "The Sun Also Rises" where Jake, Bill, and Robert stopp to have a discussion about the next literary journal issue during the bull fights.

      Note that although Roosh qualifies the meeting as "not about getting laid," he makes sure to tell everyone that "five people" got laid at the end. Back peddle much? This, of course, contradicts the accounts of everyone else involved with the meet up.

      In the end, however, here my is problem with this meet up and the general philosophy of these so-called "red pill" manosphere bloggers: they keep preaching that the adoption of a specific set of beliefs (women should be treated as objects, acting like a caveman is good) will unplug you from the 'matrix' of mainstream PC society . The recaps from this meet up, however, reveal just how mainstream and banal these guys are in the context of American society. How is their experience of going out as a crew to shitty pick-up bars and getting blown out any different from your average group of male 20-somethings in an urban setting? All this stupid "red pill" philosophy is just a frat boy/bro lifestyle with some trivial distinctions, such as wearing a suit to a dive bar or superficial sex tourist traveling. If you are so starved for this lifestyle, Just pick up an issue of Maxim.

      Of course, most guys, from their mid-20s on, find some identity behind the post-college bar hopping and move themselves along. I guess these red pill guys move along by repackaging their past-due existence into "lifestyle" blogs.

    4. "not to get laid but to exchange notes with other men"

      Remember, you don't want to be last to shoot the cookie.

    5. Shackleford writes:

      " How is their experience of going out as a crew to shitty pick-up bars and getting blown out any different from your average group of male 20-somethings in an urban setting? All this stupid "red pill" philosophy is just a frat boy/bro lifestyle with some trivial distinctions, such as wearing a suit to a dive bar or superficial sex tourist traveling."

      I'm going to reply from a viewpoint that tries to be compassionate to them. In another context I would be slicing and dicing the red-pill philosophy like nobody's business, but you Shackleford already do that so well, it inclines me to take an alternate view.

      It isn't just the rebirth of the broham, the frat boy. Considerable effort has to be put in by these people (of whom I was once also one) to overcome their natural tendencies, and reverse engineer themselves into a state of simple frat-boy thuggishness.

      Many men of average mental/emotional stature are swept up into the maelstrom of male pack behavior and have various run-ins with women in their 20s. They are allowed to don the garments of "cool thuggery" (however this is interpreted) and thanks to alcohol, are able to fill their 20s with some hook-up adventure stories. It hardly seems glamorous, I think the reality of it is banal enough to bore anyone reading this to tears.

      These brohams 2.0 are a different breed. Owing to non-normal proclivities, such as high intelligence, introverted character, emotional loading and/or general alienation, they have had no simple recourse to male pack animal behavior. Even though some of them are such interesting characters that their lack of self-regard may seem like a big oversight, their largest dream is to be able to self-assert sexually and socially in the same way that brohams 1.0 are able to. The frat boy is idolized by an 'angry nerd' - even though I think choosing that label overlooks the beauty inherent in even the most maladjusted people. Personal sickness is intensely interesting, the sheep that left the herd is blessed. But the same culture that finds no value in an angry, basement-dwelling nerd, bows in homage to the henny-swilling homeboy with several girls numbers in his phone. Hence their striving.

      I know you know all this and probably could have written as much yourself. I try to respect their journey, because on some level "who hasn't been there before?". We act like we're addressing static entities, as if these people will never learn, and this will just persist. In fact they are probably in an incredible state of flux, and not 1 in 5 of them will be around without having revolutionized their views in the near future.

      They wanted to throw a costume party, preen themselves a bit and test out some theories. What is God's universe for, if not precisely these sorts of experiments in understanding the nature of the self?

    6. Shackleford: Who are you referring to, when you say "red pill manosphere bloggers". Are you referring to PUAs specifically? Are you unintentionally conflating PUAs with non-PUAs? Do you even understand what the "red pill-blue pill" metaphor is actually talking about? Or are you operating out of an entirely different lexicon than most people?

      What's up here, anyway? I'm curious, because it vexes me when people appear to be "not on the same page".

    7. Fidelbogen -

      I'm referring specifically to the PUAs. I sometimes forget that the manosphere includes general MRA writers with no game stuff, so the "Red Pill" is meant to delineate the gamers from the strict MRA writers. I actually haven't been exposed to the MRA part of the manosphere, so anything I write is strictly directed at the PUAs.

      From what I understand, the Red Pill metaphor - from a PUA/game standpoint - is simply saying that adopting Roissy's imitation alpha persona, instead of acting yourself or "beta" or whatever, will open up the world of women to you. Roissy also claims this type of behavior will save your marriage/relationship. The marriage claim can't be tested, has been debunked via anecdote, and is also of absolutely no interest to me, so I'm more focused on the pick up theory.

      From what I can gather, Roissy's red pill theory of pick up is based on being a single guy in DC's Adams Morgan neighborhood in the early to mid-00. During that time, Adams Morgan was a post-college frat doucehbag atmosphere. Lots of wannabe masters-of-the-universe from mediocre private colleges wearing pastel polo shirts. Roissy took his experiences there and applied them across human nature, cherry picking from evo-psych articles whenever they seemed to support his hypothesis. It flows naturally, then, that the roissy/roosh sphere of game is just advocating mid-20s frat guy barhopping. It's the only thing he knows. He also employs a clever rhetorical trick wherein he acknowledges that men can get laid through a different lifestyle (musician/artist/book clubs/volunteering etc.), but then he turns around and basically calls these type of guys "fags" who are bringing down america. He dangles the carrot in front of you, then calls you a pussy from trying to eat it. This way, he ensures that his followers only try HIS way of getting laid. Which naturally lead to the manosphere meet-up disaster.

    8. Christmas Cookies-

      Fair point. The early 20s pack male behavior is something almost all of us went through. The guys in the PUA manosphere are in that phase or in an extended phase, and it's natural to some extent. I don't even think its worth attacking 95 percent of those blogs, because most of them are just kinda harmless (ie you don't even have to read the subtext of Bronan the Barbarian's blog to realize his life his lame. It's the text).

      I attacked the University of Man specifically, however, because of his attempt to be a happy meal Roissy: lazy interpretation of studies, huckster game science, and a walking correlation/causation fallacy. He also once bragged about dating a stripper who held a Phd, and who also made money stripping while never taking her clothes off at the club. Please read that one again.

    9. Far as I can tell, the term"manosphere" was coined by the Roissyite bloggers, not by the bloggers who are strictly non-PUA MRAs. For example I've never seen Paul Elam call himself part of the manosphere. I don't know if the definition has been expanded but I think the general consensus is that manosphere = Roissyite racist/PUA/fearmonger

    10. Christmas Cookies asked
      """I know you know all this and probably could have written as much yourself. I try to respect their journey, because on some level "who hasn't been there before?". We act like we're addressing static entities, as if these people will never learn, and this will just persist. In fact they are probably in an incredible state of flux, and not 1 in 5 of them will be around without having revolutionized their views in the near future.

      They wanted to throw a costume party, preen themselves a bit and test out some theories. What is God's universe for, if not precisely these sorts of experiments in understanding the nature of the self?"""

      The way you phrased it - they sound very innocuous and harmless. The main issue is their forcefulness in trying to shove their cult onto others. The issue is with the way they go around recruiting gullible and/or naive young men into their worldview (one where membership can screw up 5-10 years of your life).

      Another issue is how they parasitically leech off of other movements with actual value (how they try to suck off of MRA), and how they try to present themselves as spokespersons for all of malehood.

    11. Anonymous October 30, 2012 1:46 PM
      "Far as I can tell, the term "manosphere" was coined by the Roissyite bloggers, not by the bloggers who are strictly non-PUA MRA. I think the general consensus is that manosphere = Roissyite racist/PUA/fearmonger"

      here is a post that explain the manosphere

      he divides the manosphere in:
      Divorce/Marriage/Religious Bloggers
      Economics and Political Philosophy
      Female Manosphere Bloggers
      PUA/Gaming Community (Roissy,Roosh V)

      there is also @EvilPatriarchy on twitter that follow all of the manosphere gaming section

  9. Just because people hate on you doesn't mean you're doing things right maybe you're just a fucking turd

    Even roosh has to nkow that almost all the things he teach is shit. He doesnt say that because then who would finance his trips to 3er world countries

    short-term atraction is based on your genes, beauty, and phisical fitness, it cant be created

    the best way to improve one sexual life is to get fit,dressing well, finding a niche, get to nkow a lot women and focus on the receptives

    people would to better learning from aaron sleazy,Anti-PUA Johnny, good looking loser, alek novy and seduction myth than by reading the manosphere

  10. Meh, haters gonna hate. These dudes seemed like they had a good time. Why is that a bad thing? Seems like you dudes belong to some other internet nerd kingdom that's at war with the "manosphere". In my opinion I would rather suit up, hang with some cool people, and chase pussy. I guess they were just honest with their (lack of) conquests. You don't win all the time. These dudes were out partying and meeting new people while you dude spit hate from your parent's basement.

    1. How do you define "having a good time"? I see little evidence of that in either Shackleford's analysis nor in the original article. By the way, the original article is no longer available because "University of Man" has shut down. Geez, those guys were having such a great time that one of the bigger sites in the manosphere calls it quits soon afterwards.

    2. Anyone who's over 15 years old or not a girl who responds to criticism with something as stupid as "haters gonna hate" (or anything with the word "hater" in it for that matter) is a fucking moron. If anything, that phrase is just more proof that this is a movement that attracts total tools.

    3. Anybody who uses the "parent's basement" trope, for any reason, ever, is presumptively a shallow asshole and not worth talking to. No questions asked.

  11. University of Man, Professor Mentu's site, has shut down. These guys aren't even fun anymore.

    1. Roosh said to him: "you are embarrassing us, you are a disgrace to the alpha man race. Our kind has decided to excomulgate you of the manosphere".

      But seriously i think that he didnt want the attention he was getting, so he shut it down to protect his anonymous status

  12. Shackleford what bloggers are legit?

    1. terms of the manosphere or in general? In terms of general game stuff, The advice I've seen from Assanova and Sleazy in the forums is solid; assanova's recent post on "social anxiety," serves as a good example. As far as the manosphere goes, I feel that all game based on scripting an interaction in your favor is complete junk, outside of the general common sense stuff of being non-needy and knowing how to have a normal conversation. It's far too idiosyncratic from person to person, situation to situation, to be able to line-read your way to victory.

      Basically, I support anybody who has an approach that emphasizes finding a niche you are passionate about that has a SOCIAL element to it, and then getting involved in that scene. Even then, that advice strikes me more as common sense than anything. Notice that I put the word "social" in there, though, because the "lifestyle" advice in the Roosh-sphere emphasize activities that have no social interaction. All those red pill blogs talk about the same basic activities as if they discovered the dead sea scrolls: going to the gym, eating "well" (paleo), dressing better. Anybody can do those fucking things, and none of those activities involve you going out and actually meeting a woman in an environment where common interests are shared.

    2. I had two one night-stands in the past 10 days. I just came home from the second one (blonde TV Milf that I jerked off to when I was in high schoool lol)... Oh, and I also refused two one-night-stand offers in the same time period for lack of time/logistics. The blondie tonight paid for a luxury condo to do the deed in, so I said yes.

      I can't fucking believe I ever fucking did cold approaching in my life. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself in the face for being such an idiot wasting time. Niches are only about 10,000 times better and easier. All I did to get an amazing sex-life was to:

      a) Join a niche
      b) Become well known in it and obtain status in it
      c) Flirt with every chick

      -C1> I am just hyper-sexual with my banter and turn everything into a sexual innuendo and I

      -C2> Do a ton of touching. Basically I touch all chicks as if I have already fucked her before

      Eventually chicks just offer you sex, either through hinting it, hyper-sexual flirting&touching on their part or outright asking you to fuck them.


      Now "b) Become well known in it and obtain status in it" could have an entire book written about it, and I plan to write a huge guide on it and publish it on say Aaron's forum or wherever.

      But basically there is a way to join a niche and become one of the most popular and well known men in it within 6-12 months, to where most chicks in the niche know of you, most people know you and you are popular and enjoy high status in the niche. It's easy, and Aaron has touched upon the basics in his book.

    3. "I can't fucking believe I ever fucking did cold approaching in my life. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself in the face for being such an idiot wasting time. Niches are only about 10,000 times better and easier"

      I am sure you already know this about me, but even I am literally in disbelief as to why I spent even a day cold approaching chicks. I told someone on Sleazy's forum that I haven't approached even one random chick in around 6-8 months. I have asked out roughly 6 chicks in the past few months of which I got 4 chicks. Rejection as a concept has practically disappeared from my dating vocabulary. Oh, and I barely spent time chasing women as I am too busy with setting up a company.

      When I compare this with my time running around (literally) on the streets of New York, roaming malls asking girls "my little sister's birthday is coming up, what should I buy her" and the like, I sometimes laugh at my stupidity and want to slap myself the rest of the time

    4. @ Alek

      wow that's insane :)

      I would be more then curious to read that guide. But my guess is that you don't plan on writing it in the near future?

      I'll post some questions on Sleazy's forum.

      Yes if you can actually leave gamer dogma aside, then sleazy's place is a heaven :D

    5. i really like alek novy advices because they work in the real world and they arent theories or random generalizations. the thing is that he doesnt have time to write a guide or a book because he is to busy living his life. he doesnt has time to have 2 blogs, a twitter and a forum like Roosh V. If he ever writes a book i would be the first to buy it

    6. If he ever writes a book i would be the first to buy it

      I will never ever ever ever sell a book ever. If I ever sell a book, it means I have become a scammer. Sorry to generalize, but it's almost impossible to go for-profit and stay legit. It's the nature of profit which turns even the most honest guys into scammers. I've seen it time and time and time again.

      I'll probably write a 10 page forum topic on Aaron's forum, not a book, if I get around to it, and yes the problem is I am too busy living life to actually write anything.

      That's the whole problem with pua and anti-pua. Those who can't -teach, because those who can are too busy doing it :d I mean fuck... It's like by definition that if you have a fulfilling life you won't be able to sit around and talk about it.

      Like how the fuck do Roissy's readers not get how much time and effort goes into HAVING A LIFE? Like I remember when I was on my anti-pua crusade...

      -> I Posted 10 times less often than Roissy
      -> I just blurted out shit in a random rant format with zero editing or concious thought. I would basically type away stream of conciousness and hit post.

      At the same time Roissy had like 10 times more written content, which included an amount of fine editing and word-crafting that would take most professional writers hours upon hours to produce... (on top of manually editing, moderating, splicing and reviewing hundreds of comments a day)

      Now, ME PERSONALLY having had a blog and commenting pattern that takes 100x less time and effort to maintain than Roissy's - I was starting to crumble. Like both my Business and Social life were suffering.

      Am I clear in what I am trying to communicate? If I a person who maintained a 100 times less elaborate blog found it impossible to maintain alongside having a successful business/LIFE... how the fuck is it possible that Roissy actually has a life? Unless Roissy is a pseudonym for 20 different people, by definition that guy has to be a hermit. It's impossible to have an active lifestyle and be Roissy. Just un-possible.

    7. Alek, your comment above nailed it on its head. In one of the first coaching sessions I took with Rob Judge, he told me that I should go out and do a 30 day challenge. If it's hard, then just step out during lunch for an hour and talk to chicks. At the time I wondered, how the fuck are these guys able to take out all this time to meet women. Coz like, I barely get any time to do all that shit after other things in my life!

      The point you made about your blog - if you see my blog too, the content there has literally just been blurted out. There hasn't been any editing on any post what so ever. Everything has been written in one shot and that's it.

    8. I'm pretty sure that all of these guys lie about their accomplishments, this include the so called "honest" or "genuinine" gurus as well.

      Have you ever heared them say how they worked 72 hours in a row? Please, you got to be kidding me! Try to be productive with only 4 hours of sleep, it simply doesn't work and now you're telling me that you worked 72 hours without sleep in a row? That has got to be some shitty work! Or you either slept the entire week to catch up on some lost sleep!

      Or they all say they worked 16 hours a day after they quit their job. Then afterwards they state that they would have been too tired if they still kept their regular job. But if you truly worked 16 hours, then it wouldn't be a problem if you just worked 8 hours. Isn't it? I mean 16-8 is still 8 hours.

      These guys contradict themselves beyond belief.

      I'll be writing a review about some of those genuinine gurus, since I've encountered a couple of them in the past.

  13. Yea that was a very quick shut down. UofMan was actually one of most legible writer out there.

  14. Omg AlekNovy was such a prophet, how did he see all of this coming. Omg, black pill and aleknovy wrote about the coming implosion of the manosphere uber-wannabe-alphas and even predicted how they'll suddenly start disappearing and killing off their blogs.

    Probably a coincidence though :) Feels good to be exonorated. A year ago I was called crazy for even daring to suggest these dumbass losers are dumbass losers... I got death threats, I was called insane, paranoid and crazy... Half of the people who did that have disappeared since, I love how that goes.

    Though, I think it would have been moral of them that once they woke up from the cult they should have stayed around to talk against the community and prevent new men from wasting their lives on it - instead of disappearing like little pussies in embarrassed and shame.

    I have no problem admit I spent years being a part of being and duped by this cult, and that's why I feel it's my moral duty to stay around and warn future generations from falling into this cult. If any of you disgraced manosphere thugs are reading this, let go of your ego, admit you were wrong and stay around to help future young men avoid making the same mistakes you and me did.

    Thank you...



    A huge thanks to Aaron Sleazy for sticking around and being the forefront of the anti-pua force. I really respect you man for sticking around despite your busy schedule and diligently keeping up the good fight.

    1. I'll do what I can, Alek!

      I've got a big surprise coming, by the way, but more will be revealed in due time.

    2. Is it related to the current topic at hand, Roissyite/Roosh/Manosphere gamers, or something else altogether?

  15. Another manosphere blog shut down after the University of Man

    1. They are dropping like flies... It's quite amazing what a bit of opposition can lead to.

    2. Oh, that dude now wants to branch out into life coaching:

      Doesn't this sound awfully familiar?

  16. there is going to be another meetup in toronto
    if anyone want to go remember to bring a notebook and a pencil for the notes exchanging at the bar

  17. Sup sleazy, I just wanted to let you know I came here from a link on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Whoever you are, I think y'all hitting the big time son.

    lol, see ya around.

  18. Ahahaha. I always knew Bronan was full of shit. This just confirms it.


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