Sunday, February 10, 2013

Roosh V’s Weak Ego — A Case Study

Roosh V certainly likes to lash out. He denounces American women in general, thinks little of the many countries and cities where he didn’t really get anywhere, and is always quick to find an excuse for his lack of success. It seems whenever he doesn’t get laid yet again, it’s apparently because feminism and US-style materialism have finally taken over the entire country on the very day he arrived. This then makes Roosh construct an alternative reality in which Swedish girls are fat, Danes look like dogs, and where London sucks. Apparently he lives on a different planet than I do.

I do think there are just two reactions Roosh evokes in his readers, which also explains why he doesn’t get bashed so much online. Anybody who’s travelled a bit just immediately realizes that Roosh is full of shit and bitter because he doesn’t get laid. Those people then just move on. However, there is also the crowd of men who got burnt by the seduction community and proponents of game. Having learnt that the “cube” doesn’t magically make women spread their legs, and that Ross Jeffries-style hypnosis is a complete fabrication, they eventually realize that they have little to offer in terms of looks, status and money, basically all the things that according to “game” don’t matter. Instead of working hard to improve their position in life, those men then fantasize that there must be some pussy paradise somewhere on earth where Joe Below Average counts for something. Roosh V looks like the savior to them. He, too, didn’t get anywhere with women in the US, so in their mind he must be right! (Again, the problem is always the others, never they themselves.) I’m just sketching the problem in broad strokes, but I may expand on it in more detail in future posts. Yet, when I see Roosh writing that American men "chose homsexuality" so that they don't have to put up with the women, I can only shake my head: