Sunday, February 10, 2013

Roosh V’s Weak Ego — A Case Study

Roosh V certainly likes to lash out. He denounces American women in general, thinks little of the many countries and cities where he didn’t really get anywhere, and is always quick to find an excuse for his lack of success. It seems whenever he doesn’t get laid yet again, it’s apparently because feminism and US-style materialism have finally taken over the entire country on the very day he arrived. This then makes Roosh construct an alternative reality in which Swedish girls are fat, Danes look like dogs, and where London sucks. Apparently he lives on a different planet than I do.

I do think there are just two reactions Roosh evokes in his readers, which also explains why he doesn’t get bashed so much online. Anybody who’s travelled a bit just immediately realizes that Roosh is full of shit and bitter because he doesn’t get laid. Those people then just move on. However, there is also the crowd of men who got burnt by the seduction community and proponents of game. Having learnt that the “cube” doesn’t magically make women spread their legs, and that Ross Jeffries-style hypnosis is a complete fabrication, they eventually realize that they have little to offer in terms of looks, status and money, basically all the things that according to “game” don’t matter. Instead of working hard to improve their position in life, those men then fantasize that there must be some pussy paradise somewhere on earth where Joe Below Average counts for something. Roosh V looks like the savior to them. He, too, didn’t get anywhere with women in the US, so in their mind he must be right! (Again, the problem is always the others, never they themselves.) I’m just sketching the problem in broad strokes, but I may expand on it in more detail in future posts. Yet, when I see Roosh writing that American men "chose homsexuality" so that they don't have to put up with the women, I can only shake my head:

A fellow American I met in my Belo Horizonte had an odd complaint about me: he said I talked “too much” about girls. I scratched my head because the only two safe topics that you can talk about with just about any guy in the world are sports and pussy. What else am I going to talk about? Art? Style? I wondered if he was homo.
You see, Roosh V isn't a particularly sophisticated fellow.

It’s not surprising that there are many sycophants around Roosh, like “G Manifesto”, the “pimp” who claims to wear Paul Smith suits, yet flies RyanAir and throws a childish tantrum when people point out the discrepancy between his persona and reality. I spent a couple of hours some weeks ago reading a couple of that dudes posts and was laughing so loudly that my Argentine Mastiff got scared, which doesn’t happen all that often. Anyway, some people challenged Roosh V on his own turf. One such guy is “IRT”, as Roosh and his followers call him, which is an acronym for “Indian Race Troll.” Roosh and his forum members seems to have quite a hard-on for him, and extensively crawled the Internet to dig up some information on him. Of course it was only natural that there are some inaccuracies. I followed some traces, and found it more than amusing that said guy seems to be living in three US states at the same time, and writes in vastly different styles. Then again, maybe the Roosh V forum meme took on a life on its own. While “IRT” used to refer to one particular person, these days any guy who might be Indian and dares to bring up issues of interracial dating in discussion gets linked to that persona.

The real “IRT”, though, kept marching on. In a trilogy of articles, “IRT” first attacked Roosh, calling him the biggest fraud in the dating/PUA business:

Nothing is ever truly his fault. In fact, according to him, most American women are mentally ill and unsuitable for dating. Simply because he cannot score any dates with them and has to go abroad and resort to sleeping with hookers, Roosh believes that American women are all undesirable, ugly, and unworthy of his attention (god be with whoever is worth it). Rather than embracing the fun in dating, getting with girls, and all that, he encourages all men to cheat on their wives and girlfriends and of course find excuses. You can’t get laid? It isn’t because you lack the skills, it is because all American women are just mean.

What “IRT” does is merely pointing out the obvious. I do think that his language is rather harsh, but so is Roosh’s when he is talking about, well, pretty much anything. In fact, these days Roosh seems to go straight for the lowest common denominator of the lowest of the Internet. Just think of his "race totem pole of attractiveness", or his piece on the "ugliest feminists of America". Sadly, Roosh isn’t just some dude sitting in his basement and dreaming up bullshit, like Roissy/Heartiste. Instead, he actively promotes a certain kind of lifestyle. At its core is one of the most absurd tenet of game, namely that you shouldn’t “put women on a pedestal”, yet everything Roosh and his followers seem to care about is how to get pussy, and be it just one meager “flag” in weeks of trying hard. The cognitive dissonance is beyond belief. 

I do think that the “lifestyle angle” is worse. Let’s hear “IRT” on the issue:

A lot of the information on the travel forum goes unchecked and majority of the time the forum members spend on bashing races, nationalities, bitching about the system, and spreading lies. Now to a lot of the informed, we can pick up on this but men who are just getting into game are often discouraged and misled. You are basically reading advice from men who had to resort to escorts and prostitutes their whole life. Majority of the advice is written without any credibility or validity. Another thing I have noticed is that the forum pushes limiting beliefs such as if you are a certain race you just cannot get laid at all which goes against the traditional values of game which my caveman lookalike topic of discussion pushes. Basically, Roosh and his forum buddies are pretty much walking contradictions.

Indeed, just as game gurus of yore preyed on the inexperienced, so does Roosh target people who have no reference experiences about seemingly anything. This also explains why a nutjob like “G Manifesto” doesn’t get laughed of Roosh V’s forum but instead enjoys great popularity. Just like “G Manifesto” is rolling in dough in his fantasy and flying Ryan Air in real life, so does Roosh V fuck hundreds of women in his mind, and in reality goes home empty-handed pretty much all the time. But what happens if you live in a fantasy world and someone like "IRT" points out the obvious?

I ended up reaching a conclusion in which I asked myself how can a man who talks about being an international player fail to get laid in Toronto? The answer to the question led to my conclusion. Roosh has hyped up his life online to be some sort of success story in which a man can blame his surroundings, ethnic appearance, and other things on the area alone, move to a new area and become a well respected playboy. The sad part of Roosh and his psychotic condition is the infection aspect. Roosh has become an infection to young men down on their luck that feel like their environment is the major issue. Such men will passionately defend Roosh without seeing the truth in front of them, there are men in their area having lots of success with women. These young men will become bitter, racist, bigoted, misogynist and blindly defend Roosh because he serves as their excuse and blinds them to the truth that there are many men in America experiencing success. If there are millions of men in America still having success, then the problem isn’t America, the problem is them.

I could have bolded the entire paragraph. Well, what happens when some blogger who is referred to as "IRT" pisses off Roosh is that Roosh then tries to stir up a mob that would harass this poor guy in real life. Roosh seems quite insecure, actually. It’s all just a facade, though. It won’t happen that some Internet jockeys roam suburbs and shopping malls to figure out who “IRT” really is, and it’s further quite unlikely that Roosh has any information beyond that guys IP address, which can of course be linked to his geographic region. Yet, Roosh is into fear-mongering and ominously tells people that if they want help identifying “IRT”, they should message him as he claims that he can give more information. That’s just a page out of the “fear, uncertainty, doubt” playbook. “IRT” is safe. Yet, Roosh is scared. He’s scared by some random blogger on the Internet who would get only a fraction of the attention he’s getting if Roosh wouldn’t obsess about him. So, what’s the problem, dude?

I do find it pathetic that Roosh V attempts to put pressure on one of his critics by inciting his forum members to harass him in real life. I think there is a good parallel to the “seduction community” in its heydays. People started to become very critical once “field reports” emerged in which PUAs were thrown out of clubs or beaten up by guys who didn’t quite like that some clown with a furry hat was pestering their girlfriend, even after she politely told them to get away. Those were prime examples that undermined the validity of “game” and its more prominent teachers. Such incidents just made it too obvious that there was something fundamentally wrong with "game", and I do think that such experiences led to an implosion of the scene. Just look around the Internet. The "game" fad has now pretty much died. You still have a couple of weirdos who want to sell boot camps, but plenty of those scammers moved into the self-help niche, or got back to their day job or whatever they were doing before. I wonder what would happen if one of Roosh’s goons got into trouble with the police for stalking “IRT” in real life. Surely some would realize that their fantasies and reality are quite incompatible, and if that happened, then Roosh's goons would face a rude awakening yet again.


  1. Back when I was into Game I liked Roosh, but the truth is he has an incredibly weak ego. I would question some things on his blog and try to show how there might be better ways to be masculine and I would get banned. I wasn't even questioning game at that point, yet, just beginning to notice some of the weird contradictions and cognitive dissonance and seeking answers and clarifications. Naively, I expected good faith responses from Roosh, as it was clear I still bought into his version of game just sought clarifications. Instead I got banned, again and again.

    What I thought was a guy genuinely motivated to help men find the path to masculinity, engaged in a common quest with his readers to constantly develop and refine his ideas in an attitude of intellectual honesty, problem solving, and intellectual rigor, turned to be a person with shockingly fragile ego who saw a request for clarification as a challenge and an attempt to point out a logical error as a threat.

    Roosh's fragile ego played a significant role in weaning me off game as I saw how this man who talks of being strong is too weak to handle dissent or disagreement.

    Eventually, I wrote a negative review of his book Bang, one of the first to do so, perhaps the first. My review - which can be seen on the Amazon site - was incredibly moderate and stuck to the rational, reality-based case against game and how it might damage a man pyschologically, with no personal attacks on Roosh. I got an email that was part pleading, part threatening, part whining, part begging, and part weird attempt to persuade me of intellectual error.

    What I still like about Roosh is that he is irrepressibly honest about his failures with women. It's all there for everyone to see. He doesn't lie or hide it. He'll tell you he did dismally in Denmark and Sweden. He'll tell you he could only pick up girls in Iceland by waiting outside after dark and waiting for girls to hit on him after having failed in his own attempts the entire night. He'll tell you that he only did well in Poland because he has a Latin look that Polish girls fetishize and that it began to even make him uncomfortable. He'll tell you he did terrible in Russia and Ukraine and Estonia. He'll tell you he could never get a hot, middle class Brazillian girl, but was limited to the poorer browner, lower class girls with little cash or status.

    He hides nothing. He is ruthlessly honest. It's all there. That game does not work, that Roosh has not figured out how to get hot girls, is abundantly documented by Roosh himself. He provides all the evidence anyone might ever need.

    Ah, but astoundingly, he interprets all these experiences as validations of game and his worldview!

    And guys love this. Because they too struggle and fail but are desperate to not admit the truth. What such a guy wants is merely to have someone with authority tell him that his failures are not his fault and to give him hope that there is something he can do that will compensate for the ineradicable inadequacies of his own self.

    And Roosh gives them that. He has to first bond with them by admitting that he fails just as much as they. Then he has to interpret his - and their - failure by reference to things that are not their fault and outside their control, like feminism, the local women, etc. Then he has to say the women he couldn't get are not worth it anyways (Sweden, etc), and then he has to offer some hope that things might get better.

    1. Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

      By chance, were you the Amazon reviewer that broke down Roosh's country-by-country success rate to question the validity of his game? That was one of the most eye-opening early criticisms of Roosh I read, because although I knew he struggled more in certain countries, nobody had ever thoroughly dissected his results the way you did. I seriously never realized how mediocre his performance was.

      Interestingly enough, it appears that the country-by-country negative review has been removed by Amazon, revealing more evidence of Roosh's fragile ego. In fact, evidence of Roosh's sensitivity can be seen in all of the negative Amazon reviews. He responds defensively to every one, including sending out an obnoxious five-paragraph spam -response that accuses a number of negative reviewers of being sock puppets.

  2. Haha I just googled Daryush Valizadeh (Roosh's real name) and the first site to pop out was Stormfront (a neo-nazi site) exposing him as an Arab sex tourist traveling to Eastern European countries to fuck White women without a condom, thus "spreading his diseases from country to country". They even link to an Estonian blog where Roosh is being exposed as a sex tourist too and any person seeing him in Eastern Europe is invited to call the police (

    When you type in "Roosh V" on the first page of Google search results is your article "Roosh V sucks with women and doesn't know it". I admit I'm a bit sadistic but I'd really like to see his business crash and burn so he's forced to search for another job, and all the employers Google his name and find the Stormfront link.

    No prominent PUA could start another career without being ridiculed, and that's their just deserts.

  3. What bothers me more than Roosh's blog is his forum and its members. Roosh threatened naughty nomad into banning the Indian Race Troll or else he would cut traffic from the site. On another site (RSD Nation) he managed to get one of his forum members to get a user that was bashing him banned. Thankfully he can't stop free speech on the blogs, he has tried to, but he can't.

    This may sound a bit racist but it reflects his middle eastern roots, he wants totalitarian type of dictatorship on the forums which is why he bans anyone that disagrees with him.

    One thing I found surprising, as someone who still posts on his forum (over 500 posts but he doesn't even know who I am lol, I post for the lolz) is that he lets Black men start 100+ race threads about where they can do well. No other race of men get that chance.

    The guy does not get laid, I mean it just isn't possible. Majority of that forum doesn't get laid, they spend too much time on the forum for people who claim to have been with girls. A lot of their time is spent bitching about everything.

    Roosh's forum is anti-game because they put too much emphasis on race and moving to certain places to get laid. If you can't get laid in Toronto, I am sorry but you just flat out suck.

    1. Stormfront thinks Roosh V/Daryush Valizadeh is Arab? Wow. Iran = Aryan. Little do they know - guess the joke's on them!

    2. Stormfront is not well known for being the home of enlightened people. Especially the French section : "How can I make my girlfriend turn racist ?" is the name of one thread there. So the fact that they generalize like "all Middle-East is Arab" is not surprising.

  4. I wish the "game" fad was dead. I thought it was. Then these Simplepickup pukes came along, recycled RSD, and got enormous success for it, at least on the internet.

    Long-term memory isn't a thing anymore.

  5. Yeah, when I happened to stiumble upon Roosh's articles some two years ago, I was strangely fascinated by the uncanny blend of vitriolic negativity and genuine misogyny. From reading through them and the subsequent user comments it became pretty obvious, that he and his ilk were not the kind of men, whom women would embrace sexually.

    And such were his results with them, but he mysteriously continued to "confront" himself with the women of this world, like a contemporary sado-maso-version of mythic character of Sysiphos. I really didin't know what to think of him, but thanks to this insightful article and the great user addenda as well Roosh's character disposition is now pretty well understandable for anyone interested to do so.

    @ anonymous: Yeah, I too would wish for the PUA-fad to die a rather timely death, but at least here in good ol' Germany it doesn't look like it. Just to the contrary, over here the "seduction"-companies are taking sides with the German men's movement and their (justified) endeavours for real equality between German men and women.

    The foremost proponent of this is a guy like Maximilian Pütz, who - being quite charming and very likeable in person, one of the good guys - as a "seduction coach" now resorts to the very same shady business and marketing practice, we know so well from "major pua-companies". Which is downright absurd to watch and predictable to observe, especially if you know the dealings of those U.S. rolemodel companies and their current decline into nothingness.

    Over the past 12 months he has also become some sort of inofficial media spokesperson for the feminized, repressed and unsuccessful "silent majority" of German men with numerous appearances on German primetime TV. Which lends him and his seduction business even more credibility, especially in the eyes of frustrated young German men desperately seeking for "help" with women.

    I'm able to closely observe this trend with the younger male students here at my own university. This entire game-fad is STILL well and alive here and runs rampant within the local underground student community, but (as exprected) yielding rather little actual results for the initiated.

    What do you make out of this, Aaron?

    Maybe you should also publish a German translation of MINIMAL GAME, so that male freshmen can receive a copy of it handed out to them on their first day of the term... ;)

    Anyway, please let me also say, that I do enjoy reading this blog not only for its obvious content but also for the witty and intellectually stimulating quality of the writing.

  6. The more I think about it the more I think Game is to (some) men what astrology is to (some) women. A supposed tool to influence otherwise inalterable - or hard to change - facts of life. A desperate attempt to get some form of control.


    1. There is a lot of truth to that. It's the same kind of "magical thinking". That many don't want to concede to themselves that it's all nonsense is obvious in the often vigorous attempts to defend their irrational beliefs. Women who believe in astrology present the same shoddy logic as some dude who parrots that "looks don't matter."

  7. I hate to actually post on Sleazy's blog since he censors comments admittedly.

    As for Roosh banning, I was never on his forum, however, we had a feud early last year where Roosh had blocked me on Twitter for tweeting that his forum doesn't seem that active compared to other seduction forums.

    He immediately blocked me from tweeting to him, etc.

  8. Yes, I feel this is an astute observation. Behind this desperate attempts to control or confine female behaviour lies - in my opinion - the deeply rooted psychological fear of the all-pervading and uncontrollable archetypical female itself, which nurtures life, but also devours and destroys it.

    Psychologist Erich Neumann (the most influential pupil of Carl Gustav Jung) has written and researched a great deal about this, especially in his book "The Fear of the Feminine" (Die Angst vor dem Weiblichen).

    The masculine, which is weak and uninitiated into its own energy cannot bear this power of the raw female archetype - and thus is no match for it. It feels its inferiority and castration and thus resorts to cutting the female into compartmentalized pieces (from which the so-called "Madonna/Whore-Complex" originates) which are much easier to confront and control. Roosh's misogynism is quite telling. It would be very interesting to know about his family background and about his personal experiences from his early childhood…

  9. I think I've already written that Roosh is a businessman and writer first, a PUA second. His livelihood is writing game/social commentary/modern male books, and he manages to sell enough of them to support himself in his travels. In this way he is unique. That he is not getting laid in Denmark is not a point to his detriment, it's actually his advantage - helps him to sell books. Nobody would pay a penny to read about some fake clown who manages to gets laid with anything that moves. The common beta who buys his products (decently priced btw) must be able to associate himself with Roosh's defeats, rejections and setbacks, not just with victories.

    This is not a defence of Roosh, this is pointing out of a logical flaw in your post. The fact that Roosh's game doesn't always work is an advantage in his real business (selling stories) rather than disadvantage.

  10. Apparently Roosh is now going to "retire" from game.

    Quote: "There were girls I banged just so I could send a “+1″ text to my friends and get validated by their positive response, but eventually that got old."

    Pretty sad. In fact, he makes this type of "getting tired" post every three months basically, and I'm beginning to think that given his need for validation, he only writes them to get encouragement from his readers. Comments on these type of posts always range from "keep on going! you've inspired men everywhere!" to "You'll successful at whatever you do Rooshie!" Honestly, his commentariat sounds like a substitute mother.

    The dismal ROI of game could probably drive anyone crazy. Roosh just admitted on his forum that he only converted 3 to 4 percent of 100 approaches into lays during his *peak* in Washington DC. I wish he had revealed this during the brief period I actually bought into what he wrote, because I would've scoffed at committing to game methods. How is that rate of return worth the time investment? You can probably get better results by using no methods at all.

    1. "The dismal ROI of game could probably drive anyone crazy. Roosh just admitted on his forum that he only converted 3 to 4 percent of 100 approaches into lays during his *peak* in Washington DC. "


    2. Yes, please provide a link, I'm curious to see that.


    Reply #105:

    "5% is solid for cold night approaching.

    In DC I was doing around 3 or 4%."

    1. This above response was intended to be a reply to anonymous at 1:25.

    2. 5% is absolutely pathetic. the average guy can expect to sleep with 1/5 women he #closes at night.

    3. This depends a lot on how selective you are when getting phone numbers. They are easy to get. As any "day gamer" should know, women frequently hand out their phone numbers just to get rid of a guy.

    4. 5% is what Paul Janka was getting, and he's a stylish good looking guy. So it's probably not a bad ratio at all. I think that's about what you can expect if you are out in the field shotgunning on a consistent basis. If you are really bad with girls it might be only 1 or 2%.

    5. true - I'm talking legit conversations. I wouldn't even offer to exchange numbers if I didn't feel like it would go anywhere.

    6. 5 percent is indeed what Paul Jenka gets, and worse looking Roosh gets 3 to 4 percent. All that proves is that there is a hierarchy of looks that cannot be equalized by special game techniques when it comes to shotgun approaching.

    7. I'm not sure Paul Janka ever made such a statement. As far as I know, he said that of all the girls whose number he gets, he has a success rate of about 10 %. This means that there is a big unknown variable in the equation, namely the percentage of women who give him his number in the first place.

  12. I thought Roosh was some postmodern version of a unreliable narrator in the form of a PUA. Kind of like Adrian Mole, so often unintentionally hilarious and inept.

    Insightful post, as usual. You could have a long and busy career debunking the mountains of nonsense that we seem to have to swim through every day -- not only Roosh but Ferriss, etc.

    1. Hi Tim,

      you basically suggest the time-equivalent of a full-time job. Too bad there is no money in debunking scammers, so it has to remain a spare time activity for me. By the way, I did a post on Ferriss almost exactly one year ago:

      I think you'll like it.

    2. It doesn't have to be a job--the more doses of reality that get thrown on "game," the better, even if it comes in dribs and drabs. "Game" has even infected the MRA movement; there is no shortage of bloggers who say that men should "act alpha" even in a committed marriage. One such blogger is below:

      And "some clown with a furry hat" pestering a woman who's already taken? I have to wonder if Mystery, the one who brought "peacocking" into the spotlight, was ever beaten up or thrown out while doing that in a club.

  13. Roosh's main book is Bang a - a PUA manual. He is a PUA first, selling PUA material, and a story teller second. Although the two things are realy the same :)

  14. The forum is basically a lot of little boys whining about "American" women. It has a victim-tone, and the level of skill and depth of thinking is very low. I participated for a while because I love to travel, and there is a ton of great info on different cities, where to meet women, how the culture may affect the female psychology...really unparalleled for guys who want to travel and banging women is high on the itinerary.

    The most popular "how to" posts are really low brow. The posts that get the most props and replies are far and away focused on ridiculing women, talking about some woman in the media who is fat and ugly, or some story about humiliating and demeaning a woman.

    A bunch of vics...but again, awesome resource for getting intel on traveling and banging girls internationally. Some very well-traveled guys posting good, detailed info. That's basically Roosh - whiny victim, very weak low-level social skills, but tons of travel info.

    1. I can definitely see that there's occasional good travel info in there. There was one post on Tehran that was pretty good, and something that you wouldn't find in many other forums. Generally, I feel the advice on the out-of-the-way foreign cities is useful, because some of these cities don't really have varied subcultures and it helps just to have the basics.

      When they get to bigger, more complex cities, however, their limited worldview drags everything down, especially with regards to the American ones. I remember someone suggested going to H street in DC to try a different type of crowd, and some poster started foaming at the mouth saying that H street was full of "OWS hipster dreadlocked smelly idiots." He managed to conflate like five different subcultures in one sentence. Nevermind the fact that white dreadlocks are extremely uncool and rare these days, but my experience on H street revealed it to be just a slightly more hip crowd; people still have professional jobs and put effort into their appearance. If you can't play the game and handle even minor deviations on generic bro bars, then you probably shouldn't be giving sweeping advice on American city life. Big coastal cities are going to be more liberal: learn to deal with it, stop whining or leave.

      The whining is certainly a big problem like you said, spurred on by Roosh's victim jihad against American women.

  15. I'd be extremely wary about getting travel info from the Roosh crew...

    Guys like that see everything from the POV of an insecure ego. Check out Roosh himself - he didn't do well in Denmark or Sweden, so the girls there are "ugly", which is seriously misleading if you want good travel info. The same thing applies to venues within countries - totally unreliable and seen from the POV of an insecure ego.

    Conversely, if guys get attention in a country from gold diggers or whores, suddenly that country will have the "most beautiful women in the world", something that can seriously mislead guys in the other direction.

    Pretty much all the travel info that site aside maybe from expenses is useless.

    1. I see your point but my approach is just to be careful confusing travel info with girl advice. The attitudes towards women can sort of be side stepped, especially if you round up a few data-sheets on the same place from different perspectives.

      For strictly logistical breakdowns, from the POV of a guy trying to get laid, I don't know any other forums that come close - maybe you do. City-data isn't going to get raw like that.

      But I agree that the insecurity will taint the advice, e.g. telling a guy to avoid H Street as Shackleford mentioned.

      I'm not a big fan of the PUA stuff - the routines and copying, etc. But the bigger forums will have a few posters providing depth, and real world insight. You won't find much of that on Roosh. The game is very low because it's coming from a selfish, resentful mindset.

  16. I'm a long time member of the Roosh V forum. You really should stop defending IRT because it's clear you don't know what you're talking about. When he first came to the forum, people were in no way antagonistic toward him. He kept asking how can Indian guys get white women. People gave him advice. Then he would come back a week later and ask the same questions that were already answered. He'd get an answer, then he'd come back yet again the next week asking the same shit again just rephrased differently. No matter what answers people gave it was never good enough. The guy was pathologically insecure. Sooner or later he was banned for race trolling. He would keep coming back every month with a new login and trolling the same race questions about Indian men and white women. He would be banned on the spot. So naturally anytime an Indian guy comes to RVF asking about race and dating everyone's red flag goes up. Some may be false alarms, but often it's just another incarnation of IRT. Some of the members did some digging and found out that the guy has been banned from many pick up forums across the net for the same behavior. I recently saw that he even got banned on Post Masculine. The guy has a sick obsession with white women and is insecure that his being Indian and living in the south is stopping him from getting them. No matter what advice people gave he would just come back with the same questions. After a bit of digging he got outed. It turned out that the guy has posts literally numbering in the tens of thousands spread across various male-oriented forums basically revolving around his insecurities with being an Indian guy who wants to get white women. After getting outed by some Roosh V guys, he's now on some vendetta trip.

    I saw the entire thing unfold from the beginning. Before you go taking his side you should realize that the guy is nut job.

    1. IRT was originally "Deebios", a hilariously belligerent and obstinate poster. Aaron shouldn't take him seriously. Roosh's acceptance of poseur keyboard jockeys like GManifesto is a problem. This has nothing to do with Mystery getting thrown out of clubs ten years ago.

    2. The Indian guy is maggot who is spreading his cancer now even on Puahate.

      The guy gets no pussy and blames Roosh

      Sleazy told guys like him to make $$$ but these broke guys dont listen

    3. classy how roosh is on sleazy's blog post ripping on the Indian guy

      google roosh v and in the coming 2 pages you see a post by sleazy and one by the Indian guy. those book sales are going to take a MASSIVE hit.

    4. That guy GManifesto is a clown, the fact that Roosh co-signs that fraud is very telling

  17. I would be extremely weary of the travel info posted on the site as much of it pertains to race relations in an area rather than legitimate travel advice. The threads about Black men doing well in Sweden was full of so much shit that even one of the swedish posters there called BS. Roosh had to close the thread before letting it go on for 10 plus pages.

    A lot of the info is "wow this city has so many hot blondes" rather than legitimate information about travel prices and hotels to stay in.

    The theme there seems to be that Black men kill it in every place in the world and in Europe, if you disagree, you are banned. I can say with confidence that what is posted on that travel forum is mostly sociology type BS that you shouldn't bother with. Anyone can make up a "data sheet".

  18. Sleazy, apparently Roosh has a dirtbag reputation of picking on the younger crowd and taking advantage of younger people. Much to the shock of me, the PUA community, and the misc, this 20 year old Indian guy has managed to literally run circles around Roosh to the point that his forum members have sigs and 10+ threads dedicated to him. A guy that isn't old enough to drink has managed to make this PUA show his true colors and drive him to insanity, now he has to resort to sending his crew after him. That isn't enough though, now Roosh bullies little girls, even those who are in high school.

    We need to make the PUA community and as many people as possible aware of this dirtbag.

    Here is him putting up pictures of a girl who probably isn't old enough to drink if she is in the US.

  19. The contradiction with Roosh is he tries to portray himself as having good game, but then he goes to countries where it's easy for anyone.

    If he's so good at game, why doesn't he go for real "challenges" like the US or Toronto?

    It's like a tennis player saying their great, but the only people they play against are 10 year olds.

    1. agreed with you on that point. A 4 percent ratio is terrible especially for a guy who teaches game. In my opinion if you are teaching a man how to get women. Your ratio at minimum should be 10 percent.

      anyone can have a 20 percent ratio in Eastern Europe or Thailand

  20. I have kept with the IRT persona and the guy is insecure but you have to understand that it isn't like he flooded Roosh's forum at all. In fact he posted about three threads. I find it insane that Roosh lets Black men talk about race all they want and make up stories about how women in countries like say Italy love them (believe me, I have lived there and it isn't true). Yet when an Indian or Asian guy wants to talk about race, Roosh bans them off the bat.

    Roosh's forum members will defend him regardless of what he does. A link posted earlier on in this thread even showed Roosh trying to harass a teenage girl online, like seriously?

    Look at the numbers here, you have a man in his 30s who is spending time digging up dirt on 20 year olds and harassing teenage girls online. The IRT guy has had some threads talking about him wanting to date women of other nationalities but lets be real here, Roosh can EASILY get rid of the IRT or make him less insecure by putting up countries where he has seen Indian guys do well with women. Instead, he picks on his insecurities and is now even threatening him in real life.

    Roosh himself can easily end this IRT persona but instead he wants him to live on. See, Roosh loves controversy and attention because he is a nobody in pickup. When people call him out it gives him the attention he needs to be relevant because his books and pickup advice are shit, believe me, I bought his shit too.

    Now even if the IRT is as bad as people say he is, it still doesn't give Roosh the permission to start hate threads bashing ALL INDIAN PEOPLE. Like really man?

    Everyone knows if he was making fun of Black people (and he has ridiculed Black women a lot in his posts), he would get heat but apparently it is okay for him to rip on Indians. Yet he has the balls to claim he has Indian friends in real life.

    Roosh is a fucking psychopath, and the dumbfucks on his forum are dumb psychopaths who follow him because he gives them a valid reason they can make excuses.

  21. You guys also have to note one thing, Roosh has trolled forums. I was on Forum Bodybuilding and he was promoting his garbage on there, luckily the mods banned him. If that isn't bad enough, the guy has threatened Naughty Nomad into banning people from his forum and has sent his trash to that forum to play the role of dictator, it is insane. Roosh needs some serious help and I honestly see law enforcement catching him soon if the skinheads in Eastern Europe don't beat his brains in. The guy is a real life troll.

    He hates people talking shit about him on public forums but luckily the IRT guy was brave enough to dedicate three SOLID strong posts against him, and so has social kenny and many others will follow in their foot steps. Too bad the ugly piece of shit can't silence bloggers, though as you have shown he has tried by threatening their lives.

    I say, keep attacking his roosh sleazy. You, the Indian guy, Social Kenny, and many others should keep at it. Now when I google Roosh, I see the blog posts against him calling him a fraud which hurt his sales and his reputation a lot. He will send his piece of shit forum members like shown in the comments to defend his reputation but they can't save him.

    The blog posts will keep attacking his reputation and kill his sales completely. If readers research roosh they will run into those blog posts and your post has probably given them a lot of traffic too.

    Roosh is going to take a hard hit in book sales.

    1. Where particularly did Roosh "threaten" lives besides the whole fiasco with Indian race troll?

  22. I am touring SE Asia and here it seems that guys get laid simply for being white. I imagine these same guys get on various PUa forums and post lay reports about their awesome game. Roosh is no different. Roosh just seems to know how to make money off it.

  23. roosh's forum has become a haven for Black men that want to delude themselves into thinking that women over the world will throw themselves at them just because they are black

    this guy here gets banned because he says that southern european guys will do better there than black guys, rudebwoy or whatever is one delusional piece of shit

    1. East Asians doing good in Denmark ROFLMAO Are you kidding me? We went over this in the forums, there is no way Asians are desirable in Denmark they are the equivalent of black women in terms of males.

      I agree with the rest of your post however

    2. The entire silly idea of Men suddenly having extra-ordinary success just based on race alone seems like a bunch of horseshit. I also wonder why does it always to involve European women or Caucasian women? I never hear the same thing with women from other countries, it seems that the Roosh members whom are admitting this are actually racist themselves by openly stating and admitting the higher attractiveness of Northern European women.

    3. Notice how there aren't any posts involving any countries in Africa, it has to involve European countries or places with "Caucasian women".

  24. Though I think the advice on getting girls given by the manosphere is a little better and less silly than the old school PUA movement, it's probably just as damaging (or more so) because they'll make you hate women and anyone who doesn't prescribe to the 'red pill'.

    I'm starting to realize that it's all a joke. Why spend another second trying to change such a fringe minority of people or being angry at the way things are. I live in the very small town in the USA and there seem to be plenty of pleasant and pretty girls that just want to meet guys. Girls that've probably never seriously considered being a radical feminist.

    I'm just glad to tell these manosphere guys to fuck off and drop all the angst. There's no use in trying to change the way people want to be.

    1. Do you know why it is "getting better"?

      Its because those of us who have criticized "Game" "Seduction" and "PUA" have spent YEARS making it so.

  25. sleazy check this out

  26. hey man ,awesome blog!
    I recently stumbled upon Max Pütz. I was surprised to see your collabo with Kolja Bonke , you both have a No-BS approach to dating and seduction.
    Max on the other hand speaks to much about ,,pick-up´´.
    Is he legit?

    1. I had a very brief look at his stuff. It reminded me quite a bit of Mystery Method, meaning that I'm not convinced of him.

  27. Just the fact that he couldn't get laid in Denmark is enough to convince me he is a loser.
    DENMARK. I live here. It's a fucking pussy-paradise. Sexually liberal minded girls, low age of consent, lots of casual sex.
    I've fucked 100+ girls the last 2 years here. If you can't get laid in Denmark, you can't get laid anywhere :D

    1. Man, I watched your blog a little and you actually validate pretty much everything Roosh said about Denmark. (I just whole heartedly disagree with his "Danish girls are ugly")
      No offense but look at you, you have this androgynous look, you are fit, not muscular, you just aren't what is generally called "a masculine man".
      I don't know you, I don't know your style, maybe you are strong minded and you step up every time a Danish girl is crossing the line (which they love to do), but to bang 100+ chicks in 2 years, I highly doubt it.
      To get laid in Denmark you just need to be tall, pretty handsome, and not make a mess.

      I actually banged a hot 27 y o Danish girl last Saturday who told me how good it was to be with a man, and how she was getting tired of all this women's independance, and pussified versions of men Denmark has to offer... Too bad I was leaving the next day cause that sounded like GF material to my ears.

      Finally, a place where you can bang 100+ girls in two years and not be able to find a single one to settle with isn't pussy paradise in my book.

    2. Lawl, maybe he just doesn't want to settle with a girl yet. Everyone has different needs.

      Where do you live LaM by the way ? Because I see men who are not as buff as Good Looking Loser get pussy, or at least having a hot girlfriend everyday in Ireland.

    3. In some other comment he said he was French. Of course, French men have a reputation for being buff like Schwarzenegger in his prime. :P

    4. Kama : the "I don't want to settle" is a fallacy as well. You know how quick the ego boost from a one night stand fades and how lame the sex is compared to the sex you have when you are emotionnaly connected to a girl. If you see potential in a girl, you don't ditch her for a dozen pussies you won't care about the minute you slam the door.

      Aaron : Oh look at you generalizing again : )
      Well to be honest you are quite right actually, French guys became wusses, they smoke a lot and they don't do sport.
      I am boxing and working outc and I am telling you there is nothing to brag about BoyToy's body. There is nothing to brag about my body either if you ask me, in my book every guy should look the way I do, and they are fools for not trying (but deep down, thank you guys for not trying).
      Yet it got me one of the nicest compliments I ever received from a Danish girl last Saturday.

      Feel free to think I am full of shit. I am just chatting, hoping to get something out of this conversation.

    5. This was obviously a joke. However, given the state of Western society, merely being toned puts you in the top 5 to 10 %.

  28. Aaron and others, have you noticed that despite all of his supposed global travels there is no photographic evidence of him with women, forget about video evidence? The only photos we see are a few from several years ago in Latin America wherein he is sitting with a mixed gender group in which all the females are sitting with their bodies and faces towards the other males, and Roosh is on the outside, like a fifth wheel.

    How do we even know for sure he spend all that time in all those European countries? My hunch is that he was writing from his father and step-mom's basement on the East coast of US the entire time!

    He announced recently that he will no longer do pick up or write "Bang" books. Naturally a new income stream is needed and hence he launched his new satellite site: Return of Kings.

    Notice how there are ads on it for mail order bride websites?
    Notice how last week the first female contributor "Mangosteen" wrote an article linking to "her" website which sells spam for dating websites to increase chances of returned and replied to messages?
    Notice "Mangosteen's" photo? Its of a very attractive female, the type that would not be caught dead writing for such a blog.

    Well, Mangosteen is none other than Roosh, attempting to create another income stream for himself since he will no longer be able to profit from the assembly line of future "Bang" books.

    Also, notice how a lot of the articles on Return of Kings read like generic copy and paste internet spam articles? There was that one by "Little P Dog" of the blog "Starting Young and Aiming High" wherein he wrote the Top 10 American Party Colleges at Which to Get Laid?

    Turns out P Dog is an Indian guy living in Australia who never stepped foot in the US!

    Return of Kings, my ass. Return of Jokers is more like it.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. Mangosteen's "Spam her Clam" site made me chuckle. The picture looks like it was taken from a cheap mobile phone. I highly doubt it is authentic.

    2. No, no, no… he's not lying. I saw him. Unfortunately for his “game” , people began to know him because on april 4 he appeard on prime time news. It’s funny when some people stop him, say hello or just smile when they pass him :))) He's still in Romania, but he'll go in Bulgaria in june.

  29. and here you are stalking, building arguments and trying to criticise guys who do their own thing and live their own life. Gee one fulfilling person you are.

    1. and while roosh does it you don't call him out for it?

      the hypocrisy among roosh supporters is amazing

      roosh does 10 times the stalking aaron ever did and I would not be surprised to find women who have been harassed by that imbecile

      thank you aaron for calling roosh out on his shit

      thank you IRT (reesarch is what he goes by) for exposing him and outing him

      fuck roosh and his forum members, oh wait, I better be careful, they will stalk me in real life if I keep badmouthing them

  30. "I wonder what would happen if one of Roosh’s goons got into trouble with the police for stalking “IRT” in real life."

    They'd say it's another beta male/feminist conspiracy to keep their alpha selves down!

  31. Do not want to bring race into it but it might be how he was raised. Roosh is turkish and persian mixed, in those parts of the world, people are often told to remain quiet not dare question the leader unlike in America where we welcome democracy.

    Roosh runs his forum in similar ways, with any sort of thing that even slightly offends leading to a ban. He runs to other forums like RSD to make sure no one is badmouthing him.

    Now we get the bloggers, Roosh cannot shut them up or get them banned, so he resort to sending death threats to them like he did with the IRT.

    This is a 20 year old kid (from what I read) who seems to be getting harassed by a bunch of 30 year old washed up men. Talk about lowlives.

    By putting pressure on him and threatening him, Roosh hopes that he can soon get this kid to pull the blog posts down which have been hurting his credibility. Just google Roosh V.

    Your blog post and the Indian guy's are the ones which are completely killing his credibility and making him lose membership. Go on the forum now, they are still stalking him.

    Thread has been going STRONG for over a year, talk about pathetic. There is no doubt in my mind or the mind of any sane person that these guys are from the players they portray themselves to be.

  32. Most fail to see the irony in the battle between Roosh and IRT. The latter is a grim reminder of Roosh and his own failures. Both:

    1. Are insecure about their skin color.
    2. Fail miserably with American women.
    3. Can't achieve physical fitness.
    4. Obsess over white women.
    5. Spend countless hours trolling the internet.
    6. Have an ever ending need for validation.
    7. Seek power but lack charisma.

    There is room on the web for only one IRT, and Roosh was here first.

    Roosh=IRT=Iranian Race Troll

    1. Yes, in fact after checking the blog it seems like the so called IRT is done.

      Also, the IRT is a guy that isn't even old enough to drink it seems. Roosh is a guy that is pushing 40.

  33. I posted as IRT; a non-threatening comment. He removed the comment one hour later. Not only that, but his forum, ROK and Krauser's forum blew up when they got challenged by some dude who suggested the fallacy of game. They got all defensive and now are posting about how game works, to protect their fragile egos. Sad, really.

  34. They are all stuck on their "Alpha Male" egos, which now had become their weakness. They exalt themselves but quarrel among themselves. They don't care about the little guy,when he is the one that needs help most. I am done with the Alpha mentality.

  35. This is what this "pua"wrote in his latest post:

    "I usually wake up with morning wood, not thinking twice about it, but I started to hold the boner by reliving a sex memory with a girl in my past while humping my pillow."

    Seriously,he has mental issues.

  36. In 2014, Caitlin Dewey from the Washington Post included Roosh as a candidate for "most-hated man on the Internet", writing: "Valizadeh owns the website, which bans 'women and homosexuals' from commenting. Recent articles include the charming '5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder,' 'Don’t Work for a Female Boss' and 'Biology Says People on Welfare Should Die.'"

    The large online portal Jezebel labeled him as "awful", "despicable", "downright psychopathic" and "the worst person we've come across in a very, very long time".

    Daryush Valizadeh is also the owner and editor of Return Of Kings website, which the large online portal Jezebel describes as "disgusting, misogynistic website, a non-stop stream of vitriolic, horrifying garbage" and "inarticulate, delusional garbage".

  37. I don't know him personally, but I bought his whole series of books when I first started years ago and the only thing it educated me on was the different terms in PUA. Everything he talked about was over-complicated and I quickly realized it wasn't the top material out there. However, I took many risks on different material and many did help me get better with woman. Nevertheless, Roosh's material did not do much for it.

  38. I have a sneaking suspicion that a recent petition supposedly called by a woman was actually orchestrated by Roosh to get attention for his books. Several things about the petition seemed really unusual. For instance, she didn't offer any direct quotes by Roosh, instead seeming to suggest you had to 'buy his books' to find out what he is saying. Funny that she wanted his books removed from Amazon, yet was practically begging everyone to buy them.

    Anyway, I've read 'a couple' of his books. I've actually lived long-term in several of the countries he claims to have visited, and he's often contradictory in statements, and outright lies about his activities as well. In fact, in the US, traveling with intent to sleep with a minor is illegal. He admits (indirectly) to this intent in at least one of his books. If he ever did get prosecuted (in federal court) for that, he'd likely tell the entire gallery that he lies in his books, and his career would be over.

  39. I was reading about roosh v because we were going to show up at his "meeting site" in my town. somehow, through a few clicks, wound up here. I am astounded that PUA even exists. Can't any of you meet interesting women in your regular lives? Why travel the world to have sex without any type of commitment? This reads like a childish fantasy of self centered men. Judge me however you like but meeting women in like minded activities seems to be the best way to connect with them. This manosphere is bizarre.


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