Monday, January 28, 2013

Reader Comment: Game is Nothing but Over-Hyped Bullshit

The following was posted by an anonymous reader on the "Peek into Project Hollywood" story, which I posted some months ago.

I wish I could've seen the light sooner, but over a year ago, I signed up to take online Pick-up courses with one of Vince Kelvin's Instructors who branched out and made his own unique system. I won't say who it is, but it's funny seeing some of the names in this article as this Instructor would team up with them to answer any questions "AFC's" such as myself had on phone calls. During my time in Pick-up, I'll admit I ran into your site a few times.

I thought "Oh, this is just some dude who's pissed-off that pick-up didn't work for him. He should've developed his "inner game", and cold approaching does work. So many women were receptive and gave me their numbers. He's just trying to make a website like so he can cry about his experiences in pick-up. When all along he should've done this then that, and he would have success."

I read Johnny's book and one point that truly struck me, that was truly profound was that it's ok to be rejected. I remember back when I was in PUA, I had immediate success getting lots of numbers and scoring a couple of dates. Unfortunately the dates, didn't go so well because I'd turn into a social robot. Then when I decided to work on my "nightgame", I would get blown off sets like crazy for about half a year. Considering such little return on such large investment, it would've been wise on my part to stop. But because I was told that I'd eventually "get it", that I would be extremely successful with women one day. Yeah...all those lays, one-night stands, and casual relationships would never came. Though because I was told that it was okay to be rejected, like an idiot, I would keep going. So much to the point that the instructor felt sorry for me and gave me most of the lessons for free.

As I would view more videos, I would be given assignments like i.e. approach these women with this opener, then play this game, then work on establishing comfort. Then I'd reference back to the blown sets and those times I used those terrible openers, then to add these techniques to my repertoire. I thought to myself, I'm done! If I try to implement these techniques, they will cause me to think in the conversation and look socially-retarded like so many other approaches I performed. I'll probably get the set blown in my face again, I'm tired of this bulls***. After that point, I began to distance myself from "game" and realized it was nothing but over-hyped bulls***. I was sick of "DHV'ing", "establishing comfort", "playing the 5 questions game before I make out with her". None of this crap worked, and even when I did apply it, most chicks would look at me weird, stop the conversation, or laugh straight at my face. I'll admit, one thing pick-up did help me with was becoming a more social, comfortable, and confident person in many situations. But at the cost of my psyche, time, and hobbies. 

Now I'm happy that I stumbled upon sites like and your website. These sites give one a good idea of how to just be a regular guy casually dating women. All in all, when I look back at this experience, I find it funny that the guy I was back then would be criticizing the guy I am right now. Thankfully though, I've read Johnny's book and it truly highlights the disgusting snake-oil marketing campaign the PUA industry is. I'm just happy I found the light, I look forward to more of your posts Aaron.


  1. Sleazy what are your thoughts on Jeffy being exposed by jezebl and the wilder beast?

    1. Thanks for posting this. Jeffy is downright absurd. I hadn't heard of his "Freedom Van" yet. To be honest, reading posts like the above makes me lose faith in humanity just a little bit more. (This includes the fat woman, too.)

    2. Sleazy

      Jeffy admitted on a post on RSD that he tried to bang her (the chubby escort) and got turned down he blamed and I quote on the "Myspace angles" yet in the text messages he send her it clearly shows he was butthurt over her not wanting to have sex. Whats crazy is, isn't this guy suppose to be 2nd in command at RSD? whats even worse is that the thread vanished where Jeffy cop out to this act.

      Jeffy trying to save face saying he is not a racists. This is really shameful and pathetic. A supposed "veteran" acting like a noob because a big girl (a hooker at that) wouldn't fuck him

      More pictures

    3. Frankly, the absurdity of the situation is beyond belief. On the one hand there's Jeffy, the PUA who tries to bang a highly unattractive chick and loses all composure when she turns him down, and on the other there is this fat woman who is an escort, i.e. she gets paid for having sex. Words can't express how much is wrong here.

  2. A bit off topic, but a guy on the RSD forum posted this on a thread about the Jezebel article. Pretty hilarious.

  3. Dear Arron,

    Your book "Minimal Game", can it help a 5'5 Indian guy who looks average and is willing to put in work and the gym and life in general to date taller and shorter Caucasian women ? Is height and race an issue ? I have tried mystery methos/RSD/RooshV/Ross Jeferies. None worked.



    1. Work out, fix your appearance, and have a more exciting life. You'll have a hard time dating taller woman, but that's normal and can only be overcome if you're rich or famous. Yes, race and height are issues. Your best bet is to date women from your own race, or be in a multicultural environment where race matters less.

      There is no quick fix. What I just outlined may take you a couple of years.

  4. Yup, game is a fucking scam. They probably told him that looks didnt matter, and so he got rejected 10 times more just because of his looks. That guy would have saved so much time if he had improved his looks first.

    Game confuses and complicates more than it helps.
    Thumbs up for this no-bullshit site Aaron. We need more people like you and goodlookingloser.


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