Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free 170 page Ebook: Johnny's Journey

Johnny's Journey: Critical Lessons from my Involvement with the Seduction Community is a free 170 page ebook, written by Johnny Anti-PUA in collaboration with Aaron Sleazy.

While Debunking the Seduction Community detailed many of the wrongdoings and often downright fraudulent activities within the seduction industry, Johnny's Story presents a unique view based on the personal experiences of a guy who was mislead by the "community".

Some highlights of this book are:

- How PUAs exploit vulnerable and inexperienced men
- The cognitive dissonance the average community guy goes through
- How to recover and eventually free yourself from negative influences
- Mental traps, like feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, and how to overcome them
- How even legitimate PUA coaches get corrupted
- Popular myths within the PUA community put to the test

Johnny's Journey contrasts PUA claims with reality. If you are somehow doubting PUA claims but can't quite articulate them yet, or if you have a lingering feeling that something is seriously wrong because the world just isn't like your favorite PUA describes it, then I can only encourage you to carefully read through this book.

In an appendix, Aaron Sleazy discusses related issues, including areas he has not much talked about before. In addition to a revised version of the popular article "Why Cold Approaching is Mostly Useless" he covers issues such as:

- Fear of rejection
- Why male virginity is a societal fiction
- Why you shouldn't be afraid of the "perceptiveness" of women
- The relative importance of looks, money and status
- Some reminders on how to fix your dating life if you don't know where to start

Click on the link below to download the book in PDF format:
Johnny's Journey


  1. This ebook is quite an open and very moving account which reminded me - more than once to be exact - of myself and of some of my own experiences I had during the times of PUA "seduction" mumbo-jumbo.
    Thanks guys for putting this out / Ich danke Euch sehr, daß Ihr das zusammengestellt habt!

  2. Aaron could you possibly send me the word document for the ebook? Since people have been asking me to put my thoughts into formal writing.

    I think I'd rather add a few paragraphs to some of your guys' chapters since your free book already exists and I'm anti-writing-a-book lol

    I can add some clarifications and additional tips to some of your chapters, especially the maxing out of niches and creating status bits. Basically I'll put on there as my "extra notes".

    I'll insert the download link on your forum when I'm done. Thanks.

    1. Alek,

      you're welcome to share your notes on the support forum for Johnny's Journey:

  3. I read this book at the ending hours of work earlier today (had nothing to do) and I have to say it's already made changes in my life. I had been following Sleazy's stuff for a while and had already banished most PUA stuff from my head - or so I thought. I came home and ate dinner with my family and was able to just goof around and have fun. The mood was much lighter and everybody seemed to have a lot of fun, laughing and making jokes.

    Afterward I drove with my sister to the mall to pick up some things. I have to say I've never gotten along with her as well as I did in the car and at the mall with her as we've always fought a lot. I was able to look at and interact with everybody warmly, and the women there noticed. I've never had so many women make eye contact with me like they were interested before, and I was wearing sweatpants and long overdue for a haircut. It got to the point where on the drive home during a lull in the conversation my sister asked me "How do you not have a girlfriend?"

    I think that this different behaviour was caused by me finally not trying to be overly dominant or worried about others perceiving me as such. I was able to just go out and be real, and as a result I came across as warm and friendly. However, I was still respected, I think mostly because I was still able to hold eye contact, speak clearly, stand up straight and because I'm fairly lean and muscular. There was no forced dominance or intimidation required.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Snipes! I'm very happy that the book has had such an effect on you. I do agree that one of the main issues guys have is that they're always in their head, asking themselves what they should do, or how others perceive them. Once you can let go of that, you'll feel a lot better, and you'll find that your life improves on many more areas.

      My buddy Illuminatus ( writes about social anxiety and related issues a great deal, so if this area interests you, you might want to check him out.

  4. And please let me add, that I enjoyed your own set of texts in the appendices as well. They are quite an apt addition to "Sleazy Stories" and "Minimal Game".

    I do find it refreshing and encouraging as well to read such texts by a man of honesty, erudition, conciseness of expression and spiritual clarity. I'd say your meditation background is perceptible.
    Thanks again!

  5. … and one final remark: "Women Cannot Read Your Mind" IS worth reading
    (and smiling about).

  6. diggin' it.

    on a sligthly unrelated note, I managed to get my ban from the local forums around christmas for asking some uncomfortable questions. that's funny taken the fact that on the very same board I'm a celebrated/successful pua haha

  7. Congrats on the book! I'm about half way through and agree with a lot of the points you guys make. I wonder why it hasn't received more of a response?

    1. The response has been very good, actually. Check out the forum, for instance:

    2. I just finished the book and must say I'm really impressed. It helped to clarify a lot of things, and you guys came to a lot of the conclusions I came to myself just recently. PUA is such a mind poison You should check out my anti-RSD post on puahate that is sort of relevent to the content of the book at:

  8. Also I posted it in your forum, in the off-topic section here:

    Thanks Sleazy!

  9. Why is the text so spaced out?

    1. This must be a formatting issue. I assume the blogger template tries to fill the entire width of the page.

  10. That was a good ebook post, I think I'm moving more in Johnny's direction with not sarging in clubs or venues I hate and joining social groups and meeting people that way. I've actually gotten better results this way. I'm not looking to fuck tons of girls, just a girlfriend so it works for people like me.

  11. Great stuff. I have a reaction to the argument "you diss PUA because you have internalized it" PUAs often use, which is tantamount to saying that, say, a professionnal football player would diss strikes against a wall for instance, because he knows master it. This is absolutely idiotic: people who get very good at something generally cannot stress the importance of basics enough. If guys who are good with women had really internalized or mastered PUA, they would be smart enough to know it, and would stress the importance of doing it again and again. They don't, for a very obvious reason.


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