Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stephen Nash says, "Get a dog!"

Blog reader JCZ commented on the first of two recent posts on Tyler/Owen Cock Cook, pointing out another utterly bizarre example of a lame guy playing guru. It is Stephen Nash who, if I recall correctly, was mentioned in Neil Strauss' horrible The Game (as PlayboyLA). In this book, he is revered for his ability to "get a girlfriend". But it's the mere fact that he has a girlfriend that makes the other "gurus" admire him. Some people really should have had a look around and then asked themselves how rare it really is that a guy and a girl get into a relationship. To me it seems to be the norm, but not for the community and apparently it's not normal in the mind of Stephen Nash either. Heck, he even got what must be the creepiest URL ever:

...and I thought Ross Jeffries was marketing to the lowest of the low.

Here's Stepen Nash's revolutionary video, in which he tells you that you should get a dog:

JCZ wrote:

"Mystery may have magic tricks, but Stephen Nash has the only perfect dog, Magic."

Did he just admit to naming his dog Magic, so he could make commercial advantage by setting himself apart from Mystery in a cheap way?


"Guys, you want to get laid? Get yourself a dog."

The innocent bystander will now probably think we're talking bestiality here.

Outright hilarious is when he tells us he wanted to honor 'guru' Eben Pagan by putting some plant somewhere behind him, placed so that it seems to be growing from his own head (probably not intended, as to me ridiculing _oneself_ seems to miss the point of honoring David D.).

Of course, Stephen goes on to present his "plan B", which is this 11-bullet-point-list on how to be awesome (a.o. to treat others with respect, just like he is treated like that by his women; one second later his dog, which as he points out is a girl, is seen walking over his nice white couch). By then I'm already skipping through the clip because otherwise I'd fall asleep fairly soon.

Anyway, just thought I'd show you this as yet another example of silliness in the "seduction community".

If you find more creepiness, just let me know. I'll gladly post anything that makes me shake my head in disbelief or has me laughing in tears like Tyler's recent performance. But don't worry, RSD fans, I'm just thinking negatively. :P


  1. ROFL, stephen nash has always been a fucking joke along with his butt buddy camereon teon. i dont think either one of these guys get laid. Hey, what do you think of this guy? He looks legit to me but i'm curious about your opinion.

  2. I've never heard of Justin Wayne and have no opinion. I may have a closer look at his website within the next few days or so. However, what already struck me is that there are some unnecessary exaggerations, and also a "1 min number close to F-CLose in less than 18 hrs" is hardly something to boast about.

    Also, there is quite a bit of unintentional humor on his website such as: "We have a dating program where he mentores students 1 on 1 and teaches them the whole process from approaching the girl to having sex." So, does this mean that he is standing next to the bed in the case his student got laid and instructs him how to do it? ;)

    He could be legit nonetheless, though.

  3. Oh, I can imagine these guys get girls, and maybe even a lot of girls. It's just that their ego's become so bloated. What's the reason to be arrogant when anyone can learn this stuff, as they say?

    Just the other day, I watched an episode of VH1's "The Pickup Artist". Now I'm no pro here - far from it - but these things stood out:

    - The clients were extremely geeky, and their issues were mainly lack of self-confidence and lack of a feeling for fashion.
    - The coaches' actions were nothing special. Really, I see guys talking to girls all the time, and they all say things along the same lines. Doesn't say anything about their successes (of which no footage was shown, so one has to ask...).
    - Yet, Mystery and his fellow coaches did radiate a certain arrogance. Why? Now had they shown us a 5 minute hook up, then maybe some arrogance would be justified. But this...

    And the Nash guy seems exceptional at this.

  4. 2 questions on Justin Wayne's "infield videos":
    1. why is there no talking but music?
    2. who the heck is filming?
    Videos looks 100 % legit to me. Think I'm buying that $3000 package today.

  5. I'm glad Justin Wayne is mentioned on this blog comments, the guy has a few infield videos of picking up average looking chicks during the day time and now he is spamming everything he can to get his name out there. Bill harford, brian, right... Watch out for this scammer seriously.

  6. he did show footage of fucking lol

  7. Thanks for the other comments, guys. You've convinced me that it's worth checking out this guy in greater detail. :)

  8. Ooh I can't wait for this sleazy lol

  9. Avoid Justin Wayne ! Justin Wayne ripped me off!

    I paid him $1000 and he gave me long silly routines to memorize about my 'model girlfriend' . Complete rubbish


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