Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look at Owen aka Tyler from RSD! Ouch...

I’ve been very busy recently, and have hardly kept up with the nonsense in the pickup scene. I believe that the market is shrinking and that the fad will be over in a few years, but this shouldn’t stop us to have some more cheap laughs at those guys.

Among the emails I have recently received was one by JuiceTerry in mid-September (yes, I have been really busy). He wrote:
The first ever infield footage of Tyler Durden emerged last week. As you can imagine, it's not exactly overwhelming or awe-inspiring.
Needless to say, this piqued my intrigue quite a bit, and I couldn’t resist watching the clip. Voilá!

It certainly wasn’t impressed nor entertained, but it was one of the most bizarre videos I have watched in quite a while. Here’s a short “laundry list of ridicule”, as RSD’s Tim would probably call it:

0) Is it just me or does the video look like blue screen, i.e. he only got copied into a street scene?
1) Tyler’s intonation
2) “Ha!”
3) Hair loss
4) No clue of style
5) Haggard frame (What happened to “I’m-gonna-be-buff-4-life-Tyler”?)
6) “Hahahaha!”
7) “The shy girl. Ha!”
8) “Hahahaha.”
9) By 1:18 I was already annoyed beyond belief.

…and the actual in-field video has not even started. Oh, and by the way, even 16 year-old girls make fun of Real Social Dynamics nowadays:

…and they are getting more views than Tyler too.

Some people still don't get it, though. For instance, one comment to the Tyler video on Youtube was:
"tyler durden and mystery are people we should all look up to! both got their shit down, if this was taught in class, crime rate would be 50% lower, eeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssillly yyy."
And another:
IMO he was faking AFC body language by nervously fiddling with objects in order to make himself seem more accessible
Yeah, right...


  1. I actually made it to 3:55 mins, but then I really had to stop. Awkward guy, this Tyler. I have a hard time believing that this is the guy Style wrote about in his book.

    Also, a tip actually from Style himself to deal with the hair loss thing in a classy way: shave it off and leave only a tiny bit of hair, or even shave it off completely. Can look quite good, depending on the shape of the head. Much better than the stuff this guy's head is wearing now.



  2. Well, Tyler does change, but he is always weird in some way. It used to be less obvious earlier, but mainly because he did look a bit healthier. In his current shape he is nothing but cringe-worthy. But wait for my next post. I'm sure you'll like it. :)

  3. Sh*t, I just lost an entire post. Anyway, I just stumbled upon the following article, which is a fine one. The clip linked in it, featuring Stephen Nash talking about his PUA wares, was just effing ridiculous though:

    "Mystery may have magic tricks, but Stephen Nash has the only perfect dog, Magic."

    Did he just admit to naming his dog Magic, so he could make commercial advantage by setting himself apart from Mystery in a cheap way?


    "Guys, you want to get laid? Get yourself a dog."

    The innocent bystander will now probably think we're talking bestiality here.

    Outright hilarious is when he tells us he wanted to honor 'guru' Eben Pagan by putting some plant somewhere behind him, placed so that it seems to be growing from his own head (probably not intended, as to me ridiculing _oneself_ seems to miss the point of honoring David D.).

    Of course, Stephen goes on to present his "plan B", which is this 11-bullet-point-list on how to be awesome (a.o. to treat others with respect, just like he is treated like that by his women; one second later his dog, which as he points out is a girl, is seen walking over his nice white couch). By then I'm already skipping through the clip because otherwise I'd fall asleep fairly soon.

    Anyway, just thought I'd show you this as yet another example of silliness in the "seduction community".



  4. This is hilarious. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll repost this on the blog. :)

  5. This video is real fuckin lulzy. He turns picking up women into rocket science. I used to be in RSD, I was an idiot hah. It gave me wayy more problems then I needed and it actually hurt my "game". Cause I get complimented on my good looks all the time and hes like "looks dont matter" so im like FUCK. Nowadays I check out your blog sleezy, its been real helpful. I hope to pull fast azz like u one day LOL
    Keep it comin Sleezy ;)

  6. fierysasuke,

    thanks for the comment. Yes, Tyler is way too analytical. Even worse is that he is seemingly not all that intelligent, which makes him come up with utterly bizarre theories. But this is fairly common within RSD it seems. Just think of Ozzie's "Claw" or Tim's "Woo & Intent".

    How did you come across my blog, btw?

  7. he is becoming more and more weirder and creeper day by day.
    jeffy,ozzie and some other instructors all seem cool.
    Tyler is the only weirdo among them

  8. Is that a Members Only jacket?

  9. "Tyler" is such a clown. He thinks going into a bar filled with 30 women, getting shot down by 29 of them and getting the 1 whore to do whatever is some kind of a skill. HAW HAW!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hmm.. a clown, a weirdo, unintelligent.. strong words from invisible faces. Owen has been an inspiration to many men world wide. Not only does his website say directly that they aim to help men with social dynamics and self-actualization, but also he goes out of his way to personally post helpfull insights about life on his blog. Some may say his methods are radical and unethical but only if they don't understand the foundation that everything he says is based on. His character is unmatched by any chode who hides behind a computer screen and pretends to know something he doesn't. I will continue to support RSD and Owen through the scrutiny and harsh words because I know that the character of the instructors is solid. Solid character is something worth following. It's something we need more of. Not more of this online insulting behind anonymous title names. Do your homework instead of basing your opinion off of one video. Thanks.

  11. Don't be a sheep dude.. Talking to girls requires social conditioning in the sense that u open a girl, u break the ice by telling a joke and u start a conversation through natural means. Thinking that you have to take into account all of this information before being able to seduce a girl causes you to go a little crazy and u presume that ur so socially handicapped(bordering autism) that without this information as well as very gradual progress, u can't go out right now and strike a convo with a girl and make her laugh. I know with absolute certainty that the endless amount of resources and advice that makes up rsd, is solely for the purposes of a fraudulent marketing scheme, because one or two pointers doesn't make up a company.. Don't be naive, question everything, and look at thing from an external perspective.


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