Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Truth About Pick-Up

Recently blog reader "neparlepas" made me aware of two new videos by OGFurious, whom I have mentioned in my post Putting the Fun back into Pickup. The first one is just more comedy gold, but it'll not comment on it. Just watch it and laugh, or tell me that I'm childish if I find this stuff funny.

The second one strikes a much more serious tone and beautifully describes the problems with "technique-driven game". It's not news to anyone who has followed my blog or other writings, but it's a nice summary regardless:


  1. This is a great video! It reminded me that its really just being confident and enjoying yourself first and foremost. The second thing I took away from it was when he talked about being someone you would want to hang out with. That idea of choosing role models that you want to be like is a lot better than following all the weird "experts" in the seduction industry that telling people what to say and what to wear when its more like the blind leading the sad.

    After I wrote my above comment, I realized this is pretty much the same way you think as well.

    Does OGFurious have any idea who you are and that you have seen some of his videos? I showed some of my friends that wanted to get into doing pick up and believe its all about the lines and what not. I tried to tell them its more about a girl liking you or not. They didn't believe me...but after watching some ogfurious videos of him telling some guy to bunny hop up to girls...they saw how silly a lot of this stuff is that the community is trying to sell.

  2. It's also interesting to see him talk normally about the topic. Not that it was that special, but compare it to guys like RSD's Tyler when they talk and the discrepancy between normal, cool guys and those alleged gurus becomes so much more obvious.

    I haven't contacted OGFurious personally yet. Maybe I'll drop him a line later and tell him that I've been spreading his work.


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