Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Random Laugh

I was recently looking for a book on chess openings, and this was what the search engine I used spat out:


  1. I know exactly what you mean. A search on a technical, software-engineering related forum (owned by a major software company) once suggested I search for 'testicles'. And no, it didn't feature an off-topic board with all kinds of raunchy pictures.

    By the way, did you actually search for the suggested term, to see what it means? Though I might not even want to know...



  2. No, I didn't dare to look it up. My guess was that it would only have been a matter of time until a "shock site" would appear on my screen. ;)

  3. I never laughed so hard. It's another vid from that Furious PUA con, in Croatia.

  4. Here is him again but in a serious tone :

    Thats what I believed, he studied "Game" but he got to the same conclusion as every guy who gets good...
    Jack Green described it very well, its like taking a very big detour, but only because the shorter path was invisible at that time.

  5. neparlepas,

    thanks for sharing those links. The first one, where he was "flirting" with the Croatian girl was just hilarious.

    The second video is very insightful and resonates a lot with my beliefs. I'll make a separate post in a moment.


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