Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some critical Feedback to "Debunking"

The email responses to “Debunking the Seduction Industry” keep coming, despite having released the book months ago. Only very few replies are critical, though, and in this post I will discuss one, since it basically covers everything the few guys wrote to me who objected to the content of my free ebook were saying:

Firstly I checked your "Is the PU industry a sham industry" post on mASF, there were quite a few replies to that post (I'm not a mASF member, I just came across your post via your blog). You said in the book that you didn't know of anyone who had success with speed seduction, yet I've seen lots of guys on that thread saying speed seduction is the best bla bla bla (the contrary to what you said). I don't really know what to believe, I tend to think Ross is not getting laid as much as he says, his system is useless and his testimonials are fake...but that's just me. Anyway,the question is how did you come up with that statement in the book that you don't know anyone who got success with SS when guys replied to your thread saying the contrary?

You say that there are “lots of guys on that thread saying speed seduction is the best”, but of course you have to take into account who is making those claims. Unfortunately, for your argument, you are referring to some of the most discredited individuals on mASF.

But allow me first a remark on the nature of the so-called “Masterminds” forum on mASF. This sub-forum was created after some people voiced concerns about the rapidly decreasing quality of the forum, which continues to this day. Formhandle also hoped that some other “big guns” would join in but the few that showed up made complete fools out of themselves, such as HuddersfieldMark and BigWillyStyle, and basically got laughed off the forum.

However, this doesn’t mean that all is well and good on that board. You basically received an invitation if you managed to get a “good” ranking by other mASF users, and this basically means that as long as you didn’t piss anybody off and wrote the occasionally field report, you were shooed in, which included a couple of guys that had barely lost their virginity.

This background allows you to put into perspective the claims of the two most vocal supporters of Speed Seduction in this thread. The first one, Mankite, does, from what you can deduce from his posting history, get laid rather infrequently, and if he does, he somehow manages to backward rationalize it by saying that he was using Speed Seduction. For instance, he has written a “lay report” in which he seduces a girl that was listening to a small solo performance (!) he has given, completely neglecting the fact that just holding a music instrument on a stage is pretty much enough to get laid --- and then you read that he was “pacing” and “hypnotizing” the girl with his instrument.

Further, I have reason to believe that Mankite does not get laid by hot girls. Evidence are his “I’m in love” posts which show up about once a year whenever he’s managed to bang what he considers a hottie, and makes sure that everyone else also gets that impression.

The other guy, Baddog, was a running gag on mASF. He had the shtick of posting Youtube videos with no explanatory text at all and a title like “Best example of X”, claiming that this meant that he was teaching us seduction via the Socratic method. Later, he went on to develop an “open source” seduction method called A.C.E.D., which was the most vague “method” I have ever seen. It took a few months, but eventually many of the other “Masterminds” ganged up and told him publicly what they think of him. Eventually, he was banned from the Masterminds sub-forum and, as far as I know, he hasn’t posted ever since, because it was such a blow to his ego.

Let’s have a look at some of his claims: he claims to have had nine “lays” that year (and this was in August), including --- red flag --- “a 4 month dry spell earlier this year where LMR was my middle name because I was re-calibrating without SS”. At this point your conclusion can only be “whacko”. But the very next sentence is: “I COULD get laid several times a WEEK if I used SS like before, and was so inclined, but I’ve abandoned it for.... (get THIS!) ETHICAL REASONS.” Sure you have.

Whenever somebody tells you how many times he could (!) get laid, run for the hills. Oh, and surely you have read this line of Baddog, too: “ It’s taken me 2 years of 6 to 8 hours of study or field work PER DAY to get to the point I’m at.” Later on, he writes, “Typically I'll open at least 20 or 30 people, maybe over 10 or 15 sets in an evening.”


Dear email writer, if Baddog’s claim that he really has invested 4300 to 5800 hours (!) is true, approached as many girls as he does, and all that he can show for this effort is about one “lay” a month despite the absurd amount of time he puts in, then this guy does nothing but discredit Speed Seduction. If you then actually bothered to look up the “lay reports” Baddog has posted, you will find that he eventually stumbled upon a horny girl and then thinks that he now has to use Speed Seduction to get her, i.e. to him it is inconceivable that girls can just be horny, which then leads him to deceive himself by stating that she got horny by using "Speed Seduction". One wonders why the other dozen or so girls were immune to those superb techniques, though.

What Baddog does is applying the same faulty reasoning I have outed in “Debunking the Seduction Community”, when I was stating that "game" is nothing but backwards rationalizing.

I could go on about Baddog, but this should be enough.

The email of the guy didn’t stop here, but this post does. Stay tuned for the second part!

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