Monday, September 13, 2010

Badboy likes Escorts?

There are some funny stories being spread around about Badboy. For instance, as I have heard from people who have attended a PUA summit in Prague, he was spotted around the red-light district, and when questioned, he “confessed” that his new game consisted of trying to fuck prostitutes for free. This does stretch my imagination somewhat, and probably yours, too. Anyway, I’m just reporting.

But one of the cool things of being known for calling the bluff on the community is that people send me stuff I never would have discovered myself, such as Badboy’s recent newsletter, which does not only use the complete lyrics of two songs without permission or copyright notice (someone tell Eminem’s lawyers that his “Shake That” is being duplicated in there), but some really hilarious stuff too.

Here is how Badboy’s newsletter starts:

And this is how it ends:

Have a good look at the previous image, and now compare it to this one:

Incidentally, Badboy's image it is the same as the one BodyMiracle uses. Now you might wonder what kind of company this is --- it is an escort agency for porn stars! This may now make some people wonder what Badboy does with the money he makes from his bootcamps. Oh, wait, I bet he'll tell those escorts to come to his hotel and then he might try to "game" them into fucking them for free...

Also, think about what else you could get for the amount of cash you’d have to plunk down for "pickup training". On BodyMiracle, most of the escorts go for $800/30min or $1600/1h. So for the same amount of money a “bootcamp” would cost you, you could bang three award winning pornstars, and maybe you’d even get a package deal. Just think of it, if you are so inclined, you could either spend 30 minutes with an award winning porn star(let), or, and maybe for some people this is the better deal, you pay roughly the same amount to talk to Vin DiCarlo on the phone for 90 minutes.

It's your choice.

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