Friday, September 3, 2010

The Marketing Syndicate and the Business Cycle of the Seduction Industry, Part II

In the previous post I have discussed the parallels between the Internet marketing scene and the seduction industry. The last quote I used was:
The Syndicate keeps prices high :: and dissent low. The Syndicate all but eliminates marketplace competition. (…) The Syndicate uses tough :: tasteless :: and intimidating tactics to defend against what it sees as threats to its unrightful domain.
So far I have only elaborated on the “keeps prices high” part. Of course they also want to keep dissent low, which is why you will get attacked if you question “generally accepted truths”. I don’t have to remind you of the lame actions of Formhandle from mASF took against me and some of my friends. For instance, you will find names such as “Sleazy” and “TVA” highlighted and linked to a page that contains his tasteless “defense” of his bruised ego. Some of his accusations are:
Creating "posses" or cliques of people (almost like a mini-cult) to sling ill-will as a group, constantly challenging what is otherwise common sense to the vast majority of others in the forum, or spurring flame-wars for the sake of creating drama to fuel ulterior motives.
Of course, having some of the most respected members of that forum speak out aggressively against “the common sense of the vast majority” is not good for business. Much better would of course be if we all wrote panegyrics to highlight the many "accomplishments" of the teachings of Love Systems et al. Telling people that they can get laid easily, without practicing lame “routines” and socializing for hours can’t be tolerated. Of course, a website that is plastered with ads from all major companies would sabotage itself if it allowed dissent. It would simply threaten their revenues. Probably we did and that’s why we’ve gotten the boot. In all honesty, I was surprised it took so long to get ostracized. I had actually expected this to happen soon after I posting my classic article “Is the PU industry a sham industry? Some observations.

If you want to see further parallels, here is a traffic chart from the Internet marketing world:

Salty Droid goes on to explain:
These are the traffic spikes from the launches of five recent Syndicate frauducts. Andy Jenkins :: Frank Kern :: John Reese :: Jeff Walker :: and Ryan Deiss.  This same precise pattern can be traced back to 2005{ish} … no competition allowed!
And now think about what’s happening in the Seduction industry: scheduled releases and cross-promotions. It doesn’t stop here, though. The Internet marketing scene has its own syndicate, gathering in their private forums and plotting to scam the biggest numbers of people, and so does the seduction industry, where there is also a “secret” group, made up mostly of instructors. There are two, as far as I know of, but one is dead because the members were afraid the others would “steal their material”, and on the other forum they don’t talk much about seduction anymore but instead about ways to make money and how to keep in shape. A cynical comment from a guy in Chicago was that this was because they are all broke and out of shape.

So much for discussing parallels between those two groups. While in the case of the Internet marketing syndicate I expect lawsuits and crackdowns to follow, it may take a while until the seduction industry gets to this point. In the meantime, I expect to not only see less high-profile releases (“product launches”), but a lower price level in general, since the market has become too crowded.

There was a recent trend towards continuity programs like forum subscriptions with monthly payments, including some unethical elements like so-called forced continuity, something I discuss in greater detail in Debunking the Seduction Community. Also, readers have pointed me towards a new gimmicky offering. A German company now offers a “flat rate” for workshops. You put down 2.000 EUR and can attend all workshops for a year for a nominal fee of 20 EUR, and the reasoning behind it is apparently that people pay the inflated fee once and then get too tired of travelling to the various cities. In any case, this industry seems to run out of steam.


  1. "For instance, you will find names such as 'Sleazy' and 'TVA' highlighted and linked to a page that contains his tasteless 'defense' of his bruised ego."

    Yes, that has to be one of the most obvious signs this FormHandle fellow is nothing more than some fanboi, and certainly not the moderator he claims to be. While I've never been tempted to visit mASF on a regular basis, this raises so many red flags it's not even funny anymore.

    "(FH:) Creating 'posses' or cliques of people (almost like a mini-cult)"

    This reeks of jealousy so hideously much that I sincerely wonder if anyone buys into it. It's quite literally a pile of crap.

    What guys that talk like this probably don't realize is that they turn people away with their comments (I'd like to think of myself as someone who actually reads and thinks before participating on some forum or buying some product).

    The downside probably is that many people already have bought into this kind of nonsense, and spent too much money on too worthless a product. Really, people should start with reading 'The Game' and be blown away with it, then read umpteen FR's and LR's and be blown away because of it, and lastly they should realize what it's all about, read your book and be blown away yet again, and then start developing themselves. Unfortunately, most will probably start with some of the 99-DVD $X0,000 over-hyped guru products, I guess. At least I almost did. How to change that?



  2. JCZ,

    to me it seems as if the whole seduction industry aims at guys with absolutely no frame of reference, which might have worked great when there were just a few guys teaching, but now that there is such a lot of competition for what seems to be a drastically shrinking market --- just look at the tumbling prices for "products". So, the hope is to reel someone in with bold claims and because the ideal customer is gullible and inexperienced, he is supposed to fall for it. It doesn't work once people start to think critically about it or ask some pesky question.

    Change would require to make people think critically. I think one of the main reasons why the US is or was such a great market for the seduction industry was that it has a fairly mediocre educational system (yes, I know there are also a few very good universities), and people were encouraged to consume recklessly. There was easy credit everywhere. I was actually surprised how casually people were talking about personal bankruptcies. Yeah, just take out another mortgage on your house...

    But there seems to be an ever-increasing number of people who get critical about the community, some probably from their own bad experiences, which then gives rise to sites such as


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