Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Notes on “The Syndicate”

My previous two posts were mostly discussing parallels between the seduction industry and the Internet marketing industry. If you are so inclined, please also check out some of the blog comments of the original article over at Salty Droid. There are many interesting comments to be found, especially due to the overlap of those two industries.

At the time of writing this, Salty Droid’s "The Internet Marketing Syndicate" had 591 comments. I have skimmed those and you may want to, if you have an interest in learning how those scammers operate, since some more techniques get exposed there. Unsurprisingly, there are further parallels to the way the seduction industry works, and there is plenty of “gold” in it. Also, if you dig around deeper at this site, you will find hilarious posts such as one by Ross Jeffries (!), calling out Internet marketer Ryan Geiss because that guy’s product “didn’t work”. I wonder whether Ryan Geiss is bitching somewhere else on the Internet that Ross Jeffries products didn’t help him either.

Furthermore, some days after the publication of the original article, Salty Droid released a “best of” of the comments, and this article has now attracted 135 more comments itself.

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