Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Putting the Fun back into Pickup

Given the rather high comic value of the pickup community, I always wondered why there aren't many people openly mocking fun of it and parody it. Admittedly, PUAHate is sometimes great at displaying the nonsense of the scene, but as far as parodies are concerned, not much has been around.

There were some attempts such as the hilarious article "Fast Seduction 101 and wikiHow" on Something Awful, which, among other things ridiculed the bizarre acronyms in use on mASF, and cited from retarded to downright scary posts. (Too bad they didn't cover some of the sickening "rape reports" such Gruenfeld's Hottie Hardcore LMR day2, but such is not funny but tragic and I hope that karma has gotten this a**hole by now.)

The article on Something Awful appeared over three years ago, but it didn't seem to catch on. Back then idiocy was about as rampant as it is nowadays, and Mehow had yet to appear on the scene.

Back then I also wasn't aware that developing an "insider vocabulary" was part of the marketing techniques, and it is actually part of the content of the products of fraudulent Internet marketers. For instance, convicted felon Frank Kern (who cut his teeth in the Internet marketing business by running a pyramid scheme) draws plenty of examples from the seduction industry. But people watching those programs apparently take it too seriously since they have paid serious money for it, or, in case of the US, just took out some more loans.

I also remember a parody of Mystery and Style in which a dude in horrible make up who calls himself "Misery" is teaching some geeks a couple of concepts from Mystery Method. His assistant has the name "Stylus". This was when the Nintendo DS was on the height of its popularity. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the video on Youtube.

What I did find, though, was this hilarious "tribute" to my favorite Polish PUA, Mehow:

I haven't heard anything from Mehow in a while. Rumors were that he wasn't doing that great these days, financially speaking. Then again, has he ever?

But none of this reached the extent of a thorough parody, but recently once guy crossed this threshold. He calls himself OGFurious. At first I wasn't sure whether he really is serious, but thankfully he has this message at the end of his videos:

Here is one of my favourites:

Indeed, unlike the other PUA videos which are unintentionally funny (again, Mehow comes to mind), this is a guy who makes parodies on purpose, and it's not bad at all.

Also check out this one:

Keep smiling. :)

(Thanks to JonniD for telling me about OGFurious).


  1. Wow... Thanks for reminding me never to get involved with that freak show the community is, Sleazy. That's some pretty disturbing stuff there on the somethingawful page (OK, in a way it's funny, but to think that people actually go around thinking like that...). Also, I sincerely hope the guy from the rape report has been taught the true meaning of LMR by his fellow inmates by now.

    I'll try to keep smiling, so please keep posting funny stories...



  2. The most bizarre aspect, IMO, is that the people who are caught up in the community don't even understand how utterly strange it all is. For instance, there is some seriously funny stuff in the Something Awful post, like the guy who "ejects in mid sentence" after the girl turned around and ignored him", or BradP's "are you girls bulimic routine". Honestly, I really wonder what goes on in those people's head.

  3. some hilarious mystery parodies:

    '[Mystery] Is "The World's Greatest Pick-Up Artist," a title equal in prestige to "Tire Salesman of the Month." ' hahaha

    have fun :)

  4. Dom,

    thanks a lot for those links. The "Being a Jerk Method" cracked me up. Also, the article on is good. The used salesman quote is spot on, and so is "Learned everything he knows about picking up women from the completely related field of magic."

    What I also found interesting was that the guy in the Criminal Minds scene is an incomparably better speaker than any of the "gurus". In this vein, RSD's Tyler is a complete joke, despite claiming (!) that he was amazing at public speaking and wanted to go into self-help. :P

  5. Read the Cracked article, which was nice. Will watch the other clips later. Though I'm not a big fan of this whole community bashing stuff, the community is bad enough as it is, and I'd rather read as little as possible about the idiotic behavior of some of it's members.

    What surprised me though was that Mystery's presentation during the show at the end of the Cracked clip wasn't as extremely bad or narcissistic as I expected. OK, he's not a good speaker and seemed rather shy, despite his way with words with women.

    Also, I noticed the girl next to him giving him some of the classical IOI's. Which might not be that strange, given the fact that beneath the odd furry hat is a rather tall and somewhat handsome? guy (can't judge that very well, but he has some of women's favorite traits, like dark hair and dark eyes).

  6. Hey!! Fucking cool, I didn't know about this page till I found it on sleazy's blog! Woooo!!

    I did this a couple weeks ago:

    I'm Going to make some more it's fun!!! Let's all do parodies lol!

    But who should we target next? ooooh I have a naughty idea..... muahaha

  7. Hey man,

    I've featured your Magic Frisbee video on the blog already, you little attention wore. ;)


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