Friday, September 16, 2011

Join us at!

Together with friends and colleagues, we have begun setting up a general-purpose forum on seduction which is open to everyone. We have aptly named it TheSeductionCommunity! Please join us over there.

Note: If you have an account at TheSeducers, then please register under your old username. TheSeductionCommunity is a separate forum, but we may be able to import the old forum posts. Consequently, the forum at TheSeducers will be frozen. But enough with the preliminary remarks, here is the announcement:

Our forum "The Seduction Community" is the result of our discontent with the general forum landscape on the Internet. There is literally no independent forum seduction left. Instead, sites such as mASF, MPUA Forum, RSD Nation, or the Attraction Forums are primarily used as a funnel for making people spend money on oftentimes questionable products.

Despite the rampant commercialism of mASF, it used to be the last remaining forum on which you could openly exchange your views. Well, this was at least the case until people like Aaron Sleazy, TVA_Oslo, TheCostOfSuccess, and SixtyYearsOfChallenge gained prominence and not only gathered a massive crowd of followers. They also questioned the efficiency of the mainstream teachings, which was still largely based on "routines" and baseless promises of "quick-fixes". Obviously, the stakeholders of mASF weren't too pleased about this development.

As the owner of mASF, Jay Valens aka "formhandle" let his forum fall into utter disarray, almost all influential members left his site more than two years ago. If you have been a member of it, you will probably agree that the competency of those people is sorely missing. However, the reason for our departure was not just hostility from the moderators and the owner of mASF, but also that mASF just didn't provide a suitable venue anymore due to its lack of moderation. "Trolling" is a problem you could easily fix, at least if you weren't complacent about it.

Also, the "signal-to-noise" ratio deteriorated dramatically, and looking for a decent post is akin to finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. This is also a result of poor management, because if you let inexperienced users post on every board, they will of course dilute the quality of the discussion. The negative consequences of this are obvious as well.

At "The Seduction Community" we have solutions to both problems. Not only do we have proper moderation to avoid trolling. We also have a two-tiered system of users. This means that every user starts out as a "beginner" and has access only to the beginners' section on this forum. However, as soon as he has contributed insightful posts, he will quickly be promoted to the rank of "seducer" and is allowed to post in every section of the forum.

We believe that this is a sensible approach to solving the problems that plague other seduction forums. Also, we are against rampant commercialism, which means that we will not use advertising on this forum, apart from links in signatures. However, everybody is welcome to join us, no matter for whom you work for or associate yourself with. It may be LoveSystems, Real Social Dynamics, PUA Training, BradP, or any other outlet. But be aware that this place is run by some very experienced people, and our bullshit detector works very well.

Lastly, the aim of our site is not to become the biggest seduction-related forum on the Internet, but the best. We invite everyone to join us, no matter at which level he may be. Together, we will achieve what has been sorely missing on the large commercially driven forums on the Internet: to become a true community that will allow people to improve and learn from each other.


  1. Why can i not register, even if i put Nineteen Eighty-Four into the blank?

  2. jcz, will still exist. However, we will freeze the old forum, and if we can, transfer the posts to TheSeductionCommunity.

    you have to put "1984" into the blank. That's why it says, "Your answer should consist of four digits". Just try it again.

  3. complete buzzkill when i clicked it and saw the crap layout, lol. at least use some attractive looking drupal forum with a nice homepage or something, damn... its 2012 around the corner fellas, not 2002

  4. Dizzy,

    what a pleasant fellow you are.

    You may disagree with our design philosophy, but view it from this point:

    1) What good is eye candy once you've gotten used to it?

    2) What is the point of a homepage that only refers to a forum?

    Further, the forum software we use is very easy to administer, something you couldn't necessarily say about Drupal. If you've got any further questions, then feel free to ask, lol :P

  5. Lol -- I stand by my assessment.

    Also, the name sucks :P. I understand and appreciate the redefining of the phrase "the seduction community", but honestly... the moniker is tarnished past repair by past stigma.
    (I mean... it has a wiki. full of mentions of "pua" and "ioi" and "mysteries" and ross jeffrieses and neil strausses.)

    Why not go with something fresh, like... The Seduction Movement? (the .com of which is currently available I might add.)

    I never cared much for the "community" aspect to begin with. The new incarnation should stress less on community (aka nerds pedantically theorizing on the internet), and more on actual seducing. I do like the separation of beginners and "proven" posters ...just don't be too liberal with the passes. No marketing/advertising is a big perk. The forum should probably be private too; keep it underground. At least the Seducers board.

    ..And there's my 6 cents -_-
    Let's be real: The "community" is a phlegm-filled cough away from deceased, and rightfully so. Don't try to revive it... start anew.

  6. Dizzy,

    I appreciate your comments. However, once you start any project yourself, you will realize that there is no shortage of people interested in telling you how to do it, no matter how much or little experience they themselves have. So, you can either listen to them, and never get done, or you do what you think is right.

    "Movement" sounds way too political to me, by the way.

    Your later criticism don't seem to really apply. A community is what you make of it, and it doesn't have to entail pedantic theorizing. Don't worry, we'll make sure this doesn't happen.

    We'll think about making the Seducers' section private. That's actually an interesting idea. Thanks you!


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