Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Forum Highlights

There have been a lot of great posts on my forum recently, and in this post I'll highlight a few of them. All of them are worth reading as they cover typical issues in the "community" and give great advice. The excerpts are just teasers, and if any of them catches your interest, then check out the corresponding thread.

Assanova: "Beating The Numbers Game"

 I've noticed that the biggest complaint in the seduction community, is the flakey women. However, what most guys don't realize, is that when a woman gives you her phone number, and she really did seem like she was into you, chances are, she really is interested in seeing you again. 
So what is the problem then? There is almost no legit information about what to do with phone numbers, outside of playing a huge numbers game. Well, I have some pretty legit advice; field tested and approved.

Scandinavian: "Short guy, huge reality check/rude awakening"

TL;DR version: Short guy realizes he's way below average height and how that might severely limit dating options previously thought to be average. Disillusioned, depressed, needs advice on how to cope with that realization in relation to general confidence and the way forward.

Laymansterm: "List of Warm and DTF Signals"

- Her hips were slightly turned away from the people standing near her
- Taking up a lot of space on the dance floor
- Speaking loudly so that you can overhear her conversation
- Taking group pictures
- Dancing in a very erotic way, ideally on her own
- Raising her hands in the air
(many more in the post!) 

Tryhard: "Cold approach is weird, 'Approach Anxiety' normal"

People do not approach strangers without good reason. Consider the following example -
You are walking down the street and notice someone drop their wallet. You rush to grab the wallet and shout at them to stop. They don't hear you, so you have to tap them on the shoulder. They turn around, alarmed, aiming a quizzical look at you while their eyes take in the wallet and it quickly dawns on them what is occurring. Their face changes instantly and they warmly thank you.
This demonstrates how hostile people are to being approached by a stranger. It is only when you can demonstrate you have the best intentions that people's guard will drop. Most of the time people go into 'what does this person want from me and how can I get rid of them' mode. Is it any wonder cold-approach is mostly useless (with possible exception when a girl is very attracted to you and will forgive your clumsy approach)?

Stelar: "Unmentioned things..."
1. You don't need friends to meet women.
2. Money alone won't make women sleep with you.
3. During the day you can be mommy's little loser , but when the night comes there is nothing stopping you from fucking horny college girls.
4. All of you will slowly start to realize that the opinions of those who do not actively participate in your life do not matter.

Neparlepas: "Back into North America after 2 years travel"

Coming from Eastern Europe, im shocked how different the game in the west is in comparison. 
Cannot have a normal conversation with a woman if you first don't 1.ignore her 2.make her jealous with another girl 3.Show status (bouncer,promoter). They cannot connect to anything real like life experiences or goals. They exponentially get interest the more u don't care about them (the more u treat them bad). 
At the same time, I never rejected so many girls. They are dressed like shit, short, and chubby but they expect you to talk to them or even kiss their hand (one girl literally asked me that when I wanted to leave her). I had another girl start crying because I didnt want to answer her. 
For those who didnt see my earlier posts, I was able to pull pretty much when I wanted before leaving to travel.


  1. Seems like you need to stir up some more controversy. Your blog comments and book sales are taking a hit.

    1. Thanks for your concerns. The reason blog comments are seemingly down is because I don't approve trollish one-liners and obvious PUA shills anymore. It just took too much of my time, and we've been through the circle a couple of times on this blog already. It would just be the same debate over and over, and eventually, the PUA trolls leave.

      I haven't checked book sales in a while. Last time, they seemed stable. But don't worry, there are some more controversial posts coming up. I'm just too busy with my life, so it'll take me a while.

    2. This is really excellent. Especially the ones critiquing American women. The ones around my age (19) can be really frustrating.

    3. I'm happy you like those posts!

  2. Hey Aaron, nice content as usual, I just have some suggestions of "material" you can check.
    I'm that kind of guy that loves stand up comedy and I found about some comedians that usually give advice in general on their podcasts, namely Bill Burr and Patrice O'Neal (RIP). Their view on life is awesome, and even though you have to take their ranting about women with a grain of salt (they're comedians after all) the advice they give are really good in my opinion.
    I'll link some clips here: - Patrice - Bill Burr

    Nonetheless, enjoy!


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