Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank You Letter from a Reader

Here's another letter sent from one of my followers. It's Johnny whom you might know from his blog, which is full of gems such as his recent "Women are just as clueless as guys".

He sent me a thank you letter recently, and since the other longer emails I have reposted (always with permission) on my blog turned out to be quite motivational for some of you guys, I'll share this one with you as well:

Hey Sleazy,

I wanted to send you this long due thank you email. The full impact of following the advice on your blog and forum is something which I felt a great deal of earlier but it was more in a prevention of negative aspect kind of way wherein you ended up saving a lot of my time. 

I knew I would begin to see serious positives soon and there have been a few instances lately which have been nothing short of spectacular for me. So nowadays, I just go about doing my own thing and if I sense that a girl likes me, I attempt to move it forward. 

Yesterday, I fucked this girl who I met at a dance workshop. Honestly, in this case I am not even sure what gave me the feeling that she likes me. Nothing makes any logical sense. Maybe she was standing a little closer than most girls would, but hey, this was Argentine tango where we dance chest to chest, so that can't be it. Maybe she was talking with a lot of emotion, who knows. I can't put a finger on it. But it's like the moment I spoke to her, I knew she likes me. We went to a Milonga and took her for drinks after and then back to her place. 

I also went out on a date with my tango instructor! As you might know, dance instructors are usually ridiculously hot and literally get hit on by just too many guys. If I was still in my PUA days, I would probably make a complete fool of myself, or most likely, would never bother hitting on such an "impossible set". Once again, I am not even sure what gave me the impression that she likes me. Maybe she was holding me way too close while dancing, but then you dance chest to chest with every girl so clearly, that can't be it. I honestly don't know what was it, but I just knew. Lets see if I can close the deal with her, but still man, it's amazing how much my intuition has developed with recognizing which women like me. 

My escalation intuition is still not so good yet, but I have a strong feeling that will get really good too. But seriously man, all this is such a far cry from my PUA days where I was blindly hitting on women. Looking back, there were so many days and nights where after hitting on 10 chicks, I couldn't even remember their faces/names 20 mins later. If that is how little I felt about these women, I don't know what were they feeling. 

Recently I got a male friend of mine a date with this waitress. He was literally shocked at my intuition. In this case, she just normally came to collect our drinks order, and asked my friend what he would like to drink, made a couple of suggestions and that's it. I told her dude, she likes you. When he asked me, I tried to give him reasons and his response was like that is just what every waitress does. When I told him go for it, he asked her, can i buy you a drink? She started giggling and the rest as they say, is history. 

Thank you so much man for all your advice. I don't know how much people seriously follow your advice, but it seriously works. 

Thanks again,

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  1. Intuition is a great thing. I started developing it before I heard of Sleazy et al by making deliberate eyecontact with EVERY girl/woman that walked by me on the street, bus etc. I recommend this to anyone who is extremely shy, it will help you.

    For example, a girl that I had just met through a friend's social circle, leaned against me for just a second on the bus home. It was nothing special, it could have been the way the bus jolted her, but my instincts immediately started screaming: She's likes you!
    A month later with no prior contact I meet her again accidentally through another social circle and my instincts were confirmed...


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