Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Breakthrough Story

Last week I received a thank you email from "UCB" who has been following my advice and has, as a consequence, found great success with women. It was a great pleasure reading his email. However, I was not only feeling flattered, I  also thought that his story might motivate a few of the guys who feel they are a bit stuck, or who haven't done any active steps yet.


I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for putting this site together. Like many guys in my generation, I spent years bouncing in and out of the seduction "community." I'm sure you've heard the story hundreds of times by now, so I won't bore you with the particular details of mine. To be honest, I've always felt that there was something a little bit off about the community. I always felt a lot of shame whenever it came out that I was in any way involved in it, and I stopped going to lair meetings after a couple of months because many of the guys in it were just plain weird, and not all the type of guys I'd want to emulate. But I stuck with it because there just wasn't anything better out there as far as I could see.
I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your blog (I think you were on Assanova's blog roll when was active, and I trusted his opinion enough to head on over), but I'm glad I did. Everything you wrote about in "Debunking the Seduction Community" resonated deeply with me. By that point I couldn't even be mad at the community any more. More than anything I was just disappointed that I had wasted so much time in it, and that the guys who were supposed to be doing the most to help men get better with women were often doing the exact opposite. Eventually I picked up Minimal Game, and it was the first pickup book I read that actually mirrored my real life experience. When I thought about the guys I knew personally who were the most successful with women, they all did certain things that are glossed over in traditional pickup material. The things they had in common were that they were all good-looking (though not necessarily traditionally so - the less attractive guys got by by dressing well and focusing on a niche, something you address specifically in your book), they all approached a large number of women, and they were all extremely sexually aggressive -- just as you had stated in your book.

I still wasn't able to figure out how to put it all into practice for myself until I ran across your guest post by Anthony Myers. I've always been into sports and have had a sporty, athletic build, but I don't I ever realized the effect having a great body could have on my attractiveness. Six months on, and I'm stronger, leaner, and more muscular than I've ever been. I've been approached by so many girls in the past month that I now joke that having a nice body is the ultimate peacocking accessory. And following your advice, I've made my niche in places where being strong and athletic is a natural fit. I've joined a couple of team sports leagues and am scheduled for yoga teacher training later this year. I've developed my own personal style: a mix of clean-cut preppy type (think Diesel, J. Crew, Asos, and Express) with a heavy dose of douchebag accessories to add some sexual stereotyping to the mix. I never cold approach anymore - the girls who are interested give far more obvious signs these days. I've had more sexcess (I meant to type that up as success, but I guess it came out as a Freudian slip - sexual success to excess?) this year than I'd had in multiple years combined prior (7 total girls this year, 4 new, with three of those coming in the last month), and I've got a cute girl who's ten years my junior coming over to spend the night with me later -- this one the result of my first ever "daygame" pickup. I wish I could say that pickup was the result of having spent years approaching hundreds of girls and mastering my in-set routine, but the truth is that I'd just hit a couple of personal records in the gym and my confidence level was through the roof. By the time we met eyes in the cafe an hour later, approaching a cute girl was barely an afterthought. It turns out that squatting over two times your bodyweight at 10% body fat is the ultimate affirmation.

Seriously though, I know this is long, but I really can't thank you enough for what you've done here. I fully recognize that I'm the one who had to the do the hard work of getting to the gym every day, but it was your work here that helped open my eyes up to how going to the gym could drastically improve my sex life. I used to loathe going to the gym, now I can't imagine where I'd be without it. If you decide to post this article to your site, please give a very public shout out to Assanova (and ask him to bring his site back!) and the guys over at goodlookingloser as well. I wish this stuff had been around when I was first coming up in the game, as it's the only material that has led to clear, demonstrable results in the dating game for me. The guys coming up and reading your site these days don't realize how good they have it. Thanks again.



  1. 2xBW Squat is seriously impressive!

  2. Dear UCB & Aaron,

    Thanks for posting this message. Although the information on this site is very good, another part is implementing the info.

    I feel inspired by reading this post and I want to become more active again in this ''dating'' area of my life. I have succes in my education, friends, sports and so on. But this one area is still underdeveloped : I want more bootie, but don't put in the effort.

    So many thanks for sharing this post, I will use it as a paper to keep myself motivated ;)

  3. I miss Assanova as well, he was always honest, these other mansophere bloggers are to negative or swing of Roissy's nuts to hard for e-props


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