Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Honest Bootcamp Review

There are some big issues with reviews of boot camps online. They are either written by the instructors or people they are hired. This is most obvious when the guy has a post count of just one and then disappears. Further, some companies use high-pressure tactics, literally forcing you to write a positive review in exchange for some intangible benefits, like access to a private PUA lounge, in which instructors allegedly hang out.

Lastly, there is the phenomenon some call "post-bootcamp high". Directly afterwards, some people are very happy about themselves because they managed to talk to some women. This is a huge step up for them. Yet, only in hindsight does it sink in that they actually haven't achieved much, and the gimmicks they have been taught amount for very little.

What I present you here is a very rare kind or review. It was written by XXX, a guy who took a bootcamp with BradP's "Underground Dating Seminar (USD)", and it was originally posted on my form.
I’m fairly new to this forum and my motive is to hopefully persuade people not to take bootcamps (especially not Bradps). I’ve also blocked his website and coach blogs from my computer and I believe that by keeping my negative experience with him in my head, I can avoid paying him any more of my money. I also do not respond to trolls, which Bradp has been doing over in PUAhate to try to lure people into his stupid 3030 forum. 

This account is purposely ambiguous and I wont be naming any names. In advance, I have been spoiled with receiving 1 on 1 attention in other areas of my life, so you will see why I don’t like group instruction. I also prefer infield instruction over asking questions/receiving advice (I can always ask questions on the 30/30 club). But without further ado, here’s my criticism of my bootcamp experience. 

1) Let’s say the student instructor ratio was 3:1. Throughout the weekend, when the instructors weren’t with the other students, some of those students were just standing around. With the money you’re paying (it was about $1200-1300), you ought to receive better infield instruction than that. Like I previously said, I have received 1 on 1 attention in other areas of my life at much cheaper prices than $1300. I could have improved those areas of my life at a faster rate than that of taking a bootcamp. 

2) To continue with point 1, if you have some kind of social anxiety (I’m talking about anxieties such as agoraphobia), you might be better off spending your money on seeing a shrink, because standing around in a bootcamp is an inefficient way of spending your money. 

3) Even when I received 1 on 1 attention, I was constantly told, and I quote, “I’m among the best in the world at this” and “my hourly rate for 1 on 1s is [some price I don’t remember].” This BS irritated me since the former is subjective and the latter should be a lot less. I know of teachers who teach other subjects privately that charge much less and teach more effectively. 

4) The 3rd day review was a waste. The other students and I didn’t do any other approaches. We did receive a Q and A session (which we could have easily done in the 30/30 forum by asking the coach questions there). We were told to write down our goals (we could have googled “how to write effective goals”). We were told to imagine our ideal day (I suspect this is a tactic to make us feel good so we don’t ask for a refund). 

5) The advice I received was generic. I wont say what I received, but I will say the advice you receive (if you take a BC) is only based on what the coach has seen you do during the 3 days. There could be other things in your life that a coach may not know about that could be messing up your sex life. For example, if you still have stuffed animals in your room that might explain why girls don’t mind coming home with you (your front game is good) but when they see your stuffed animals they think you’re a little boy. In hindsight, I know I had other factors that were holding me back yet the coach made it seem like the advice he was giving was the key to my problems. 

6) Bootcamp high: All those “life changing experience” reviews are BS. I bet they were written right after the bootcamp ended just when they felt the rush. But believe me, that high will wear off several months later. But where will your coach who cared about your success be?

There were other minute details but I won’t get into them. I’ve only taken one bootcamp, and if this is how it’s like in the industry, bootcamps should be abolished. They won’t help you get laid, but they’ll help your instructors get paid. People, be reasonable. In the past it was love potions, now its bootcamps. All the seduction industry is doing is attacking your insecurities. Bradp can call it “dating education” if he wants, but to me it sure isn’t. 

“Bradp” has said that he cares about his students getting laid, but his actions show otherwise. Bootcamps aren’t effective and they cost too much. If you care so much why not charge lower for bootcamps? I think it will be even better to just take 1 on 1 instruction. 

I think they key to becoming good at this is consistency and effective instruction. If bootcamps cost less, guys can take them more often. Even if coaches can’t always be with the students, at least the students aren’t spending too much of their money idly. Even better would be when there’s 1 on 1 instruction. All the attention is on you and if the instruction is cheaper, you can take them often.


  1. Speaking as a person who is a general dating industry skeptic (owing a lot of it to Aaron and his highlights) and as someone who has coached in the past, reviews like this rub me off in a bad way.

    Whenever we did an all out, experienced vs. the greens night in some club, there would be inevitably one aspiring PUA who had a really skewed view of how much work he needs to put in, how big of a help can I be, and more on one occasion had I faced unbelievable neediness (which, as I pointed out to these people, is the same reason they do not have success with women. People generally do not want to deal with someone who behaves like an entitled, spoiled brat).

    Granted, we were really aggressive and results over anything else in our approach with the students, meaning that if we could not ease them up in any way, we had a shot with them, but what we promised (and delivered) was a destruction of fear when interacting with strangers, understanding the dynamics of the club environment, push through / don't worry / handle logistics & never be afraid to call a set dead. What these sort of pupils expected, despite our pretty clear communication regarding what is about to go down, was point blank on us to get them laid the same night, whilst making them feel good at the same time.

    That's a whole different set of skills. But even though I could probably do it, I do not want to.

    It's simply degrading to the woman, and the student will not learn anything.

    So the same vibe strikes me with this review. I understand (or am supposed to understand) that BradP is a snake oil salesman because his product is streamlined with marketing tactics. Which is a valid critique.

    BUT... the review itself has said nothing about what actually went down. Standing around alone? That's it? With the free students, we did not hesitate to yell them or physically push them if we seen a lack of effort on their part. With a paying customer who can initiate a chargeback, it might be a different story. Or the student had the expectations of going on a discount hooker romp instead of something which requires active participation.

    Either way, this review is a critique of BradP only on the surface level, for someone who has been on the ins and out of the whole mess it tells a different story.


    1. One big reason why people have a skewed view is surely due to the typical PUA marketing, isn't it? Remember, you guys popularized phrases like "pull models no matter how (insert random undesirable trait) you are". To turn around and then blame the student for inflated expectations is laughable. BTW, this wasn't even part of the critique.

      Second, this post isn't necessarily anti-BradP but highlights more general issues like "post bootcamp high".

      Third, did you just admit that you couldn't promise actual results (as in getting laid) and instead settled on "destruction of fear" and other aspects? If so, then why not market your offerings accordingly, like: "We can't promise you that you'll get laid, but you'll maybe learn to be less afraid of strangers. All for a couple of grand."

      Fourth, what PUAs are doing is degrading to women, and at the same time they degrade themselves because they talk to women they have often not even a superficial interest in.

      Fifth, yelling at people and pushing them, seriously?

    2. I apologize if my post was misunderstanding. I am in no way affiliated with any PUA coaching companies. I am simply a guy who once googled this subject, got reasonably successful and after numerous forum contributions was asked to help the community out. After managing to teach a few of my friends the principles and workings of this admittedly odd hobby, I said why the fuck not?

      What I meant to say that by this review I had the eerie image of the untrainable newbie in my head, who refuses to put in work of any kind and is ready to blame anyone and anything but himself at his failures, when in fact this very mentality lies at the core of it.

      It might not be true for the OP. I certainly hope so.

      PUA marketing is no worse than simple marketing. Take a simple desire present on the market, extrapolate it and promise to deliver that, while making sure your product will be presented in a way that manages to rationalize failure of delivery. That being said, anyone who makes such atrocious claims should go fuck himself.

      This is why, even though we COULD probably (with a stroke of luck, not more difficult then winging your buddy in to bed w/ a girl really) help the student get laid on his first night, we wanted to see long term progress with these guys, that's why we promised different things. First steps on a longer road on their own, so to speak. Heck, I'm not superman either, but I still managed to learn this shit, but it took work. This is unfortunately a hard idea to convey for those who want the fast&easy solution.

      I'll just skip your fourth point because I do not see how this is relevant now?

      And yeah. Yelling and pushing. Doesn't work for everyone obviously, but when the guy on training (who's a fucking athletic & good looking cop btw) is mortified of dancing, damn right I'm going to drag his ass to the dance floor to break his limiting bullshit. :)

    3. I am sorry, but PUA marketing is a lot worse than anything else out there. If the industry was bigger, the FCC would put them into check, but because they fly under the radar, they think they get away with everything. Comparing PUA claims with what you find in normal businesses is laughable. It's as if your bank would tell you, "Invest with us, and you'll make 400% p.a., no risk, no question asked", and one you want to get your money back, they'd say, "Oh, that, we weren't really serious about it. It was all just entertainment anyway."

    4. It seems to be in line with everything in the self-help/self-improvement business. And I wouldn't be surprised if they did use the entertainment line to protect themselves against refunds.

      But that really is interesting, either they have really good post-product bullshitting or despite everything shady it does help people enough that the customers have yet to drive the industry in to the ground via chargebacks. So FCC or not, Visa and Mastercard don't fuck around much...

      But see, this is how the scene works. When we do our free trainings the tagline is always "It's going to be hard and you need to put in work and you will not having threesomes with strippers any time soon." BUT there is another guru in the country who has a private forum, looks like a hilarious gorilla sporting ed hardy and fake bling, claims that he has slept with a thousand women, and the local PUA wannabes flock to him.

      Because his lie is simple and people want to believe, and they don't want to work. That's it. Human nature. Damnable. Occasionally you have a rude awakening akin to XXX's original post, but it is not the norm for some reason.

      But changing the attitude of the masses seems like a near impossible task. People tell themselves they hate bullshit and at the same time they buy into it willingly. Same thing happens in the weightlifting world, and that has been going strong for half a century already.

      Btw, is it clear now that we're sort of on the same page here?

    5. Here's an analogy in investment :

      If people WANT the girls, or the money, or whatever else DESPERATELY enough, and are convinced they DESERVE it, the critical mind gets shut off.

      "want" and unsubstanciated entitelment are a bad guides in human endeavours. They blur ones view of what's real & what's not.

  2. Demo, you can say whatever you want. Sure I believe you are some dating industry skeptic, who once was a dating coach.

    I have never said anything about Bradp’s marketing tactics in this post. So don’t put words into my mouth. As for your comment about easy refunds, I’ll be fair, I did not ask for a refund (although I wish I did). I honestly don’t know about Bradp’s refund policy. But I have heard that certain companies in the industry do not grant refunds unless the claimant jumps hoops (i.e. write a letter to the CEO to ask for a refund). Given the fact that there aren’t too many companies in the industry and given your claim that you are a dating industry skeptic as well as a former dating coach, I call BS on your claims. If I did ask for a refund, would Bradp make me jump hoops? I don’t care to know if he would anymore. I’m not going to do another training with him again.

    I still want to let everyone know that bootcamps are not the answer as they are ineffective.

    1. As a remark, XXX has confirmed that this is really him on my forum. (In case anyone thinks someone else posted as "XXX" for giggles.)

    2. Regarding my affiliation with the industry, please see my response to Aaron.

      I don't know how they operate regarding refunds, but knowing the nature of the coaching/self-help industry, you probably have to complain in person and during or shortly after the boot camp. This is a smart and dickish merchant protection tactic (where the post bootcamp high is relevant as well). As for your rights as a consumer, you might be able to argue the transaction with your bank claiming that the service was not delivered. You could look into that, but my guess is that if these sorts of requests where honored or the customer satisfaction is really as abysmal, then these guys would not be able to accept card payments due to the high amount of chargebacks that hit them.

      I have never taken a boot camp myself (and have a fair share of negative experiences with the professional coaches in my area), but if someone is so lost that he cannot even start the necessary changes to improve with women, it might be a more reasonable thing to do than spinning wheels for six months for more frustration.

      That being said... most of the guys in the community are so zeroed down in terms of life skills, social skills and general ability to stand up for themselves that at the end of the day, when we started getting more serious about this & contemplated going pro, we were raised with the following dilemma:
      1) Should we help needy idiots who will bug the fuck out of us on questions that they should be able to figure out themselves?
      2) Is it really the fact that the customer market for this is filled with people who are A) Okay enough that they will get good enough without our help B) Belong to the first group whom we really, really do not want to spend the least amount of time with.

      So yeah. Reading reviews where jlaix spent the better part of the BC drunk or like this and knowing my local 'gurus' makes it easy to call anyone a moron who expects actual results from a bootcamp. But knowing the community and the people who fill it up... man, no wonder they charge so fucking much, for every normal person you have three or four people who need their hands held taking the bus downtown.

      So if possible, you could write a detailed review of what happened on the BC. It is possible that they did not consider the amount of social phobia present in the students, which I don't think is best treated in a bootcamp environment because three days is nut fucking zero (it took mine to diminish 6 months!). I can imagine a couple of ways they screwed up. But without exact situations, I cannot make an accurate call on whether their intentions was just to scrape the money and fuck the rest, or were more on the side of genuine human error.

      Either way, I'm sorry for your negative experience. Again, not because I'm affiliated, but because it rustles my jimmies that people are willing to rip off other, more insecure people.

    3. I am amazed at how you talk about people who paid you to actually help them. Sorry, what about blaming yourself for once? Some honesty at the beginning of the (business) relationships would have gone a long way. But PUAs don't really get this since they think you could start personal relationships on nothing but lies as well.

    4. Wow, the Demo guy really really shocks me. No wonder PUA industry is so royally fucked up. When you have a guy who is on this forum talking like this, no wonder other people just truly don't give a fuck.

      "Should we help needy idiots who will bug the fuck out of us on questions that they should be able to figure out themselves?"

      "Reading reviews where jlaix spent the better part of the BC drunk or like this and knowing my local 'gurus' makes it easy to call anyone a moron who expects actual results from a bootcamp. But knowing the community and the people who fill it up... man, no wonder they charge so fucking much, for every normal person you have three or four people who need their hands held taking the bus downtown."

      "PUA marketing is no worse than simple marketing"

      Just an innocent side question Demo - have you ever taken coaching in some area of your life? Not PUA, but say, some arts. If you would have, you would probably never have made this comment. I have taken plenty of personalized coaching in various artistic areas where I was completely shit and I can tell you for sure, none of my teachers were ever ever like what you just described.

    5. Yeah, well, I'm a bit jaded. On the lighter side, I have met some truly awesome people who were willing to put in the work & effort and it was a genuinely awesome experience picking their heads and watching them improve.

      Fact of the matter is that these people are by far the minority.

      And I did not get paid for any of my help, because I did it for free. Which makes the needy dick attitudes encountered even creepier.

      To be honest these are the things that have crossed my mind and makes me hesitate about going professional. The fellows I could help and enjoyed helping ended up as friends, and I got more out of these relationships than any money in the world. But I can't see the same happening when money is involved, and it would only help -i think- that when the student has actual monetary stake in it he will be more willing to make it work.

      So yeah. The industry is royally fucked up, but I think the fucked upness of it derives from the roots & very nature of it. Add that up with the lack of regulations and no wonder it ain't improving.

      I'm just saying that there are usually two scenarios that can happen when we are approached by someone who wants to learn the craft.

      We tell them depending on what level they are how long will it take approx. to get this handled, fix their issues per priority and give them plenty of thoughts to chew on. Then we tell them to do X and expect Y result.

      If the student does X and doesn't get Y result we go over what could have gone wrong and have him repeat it until he gets it, and then we can move on, etc.

      This is good.

      HOWEVER there will be the student who says he did X, but when he ask him about the details it turns out he did something completely different and has excuses for it, but slowly now we'll be the ones faulted for his lack of result.

      Yeah. Those people. I believe they are the backbone of the self-help industry, because they keep going back and paying for seminars and bootcamps and products instead of actually committing and accomplishing what has been laid down.

      So at the end of the day, only the person himself can make the change, and that requires no payment to no internet famous jackasses.

      The most I've been compensated was in beer, and I'm okay with that.

    6. My point is just this - if you take money from a guy, that too lots of it, you better be willing to work through shit with the neediest guy on the planet. If you are not sure that a guy fits what you are trying to do - don't accept him. Plain and simple. Also, don't blindly offer people "bootcamps". How about a more longer term reasonably priced coaching program where you meet for a coffee/drinks. Be more stringent on who you let in to your "coaching program" in any kind. Don't do reviews right after the bootcamp but after a few months. Make expectations very clear right from the off. Make sure there is a fit with the person before anything.

      Tell me honestly Demo, among the people that you helped out (even for free), with how many of them did you sit down and discuss his background in detail for half an hour? Tried to understand in detail about his lifestyle, what he wants, etc. Most coaches I have seen and heard about from others, just do a standard what are your goals, what have you done so far in a quick 5 minutes.

      The point I made about instructors in the space of arts. Take the example of dancing. $1000 (which would probably be a very cheap bootcamp) can get you something like 10 one-on-one hours with an instructor who's probably won like 10 international titles (Google Karina Smirnoff. I know till 3 years ago, you could take a one on one with her for something like $100). Do you know how these guys go about their lessons? They have an introductory session, meet to see how well can you dance, tell them exactly what they are good at or not, what are their expectations and if students don't meet them, they tell them to find another instructor.

    7. I'm a 100% behind you on what you said about pricing and accountability. I have met a handful of guys who clearly should not be around the pua community, but should be seeking professional help.

      (And even though I have been straw-maned here into being the typical evil PUA coach, let me clarify again: I am not a pua coach. But I'm a reasonably good PUA who is thinking of going pro because apparently I have a knack for teaching.)

      The students that I have seen making the biggest breakthroughs have made it in months. The actual coaching did not begin with them until we have hung around for a couple of weeks. In this time span I got to know them personally on what moves and drives them (which was important when I needed to seriously piss them off so they could make the next leap), and they had accepted and seen that I know the shit I'm talking about.

      This is the only way I would be willing to do this professionally, to have a product which is a 3 month transformation program with a results or your money back guarantee. The problem is that I have yet to devise a system where the "hopelessly needy" and the "needy but workable" people are sorted/flagged out at the start.

      I think the PUA industry as a whole is still too young. It is too dependent on new customers and is infused with the bullshit of Tim Ferris like "easy money" mentality. This is why it does not hold up to the standard of how playing guitar or arts are taught.

      This is why I follow Aaron and the other 'new age' PUA-s. They have demonstrated that picking up women is not the difficult part of the question, and that if the industry wants to take itself seriously it should behave like the present mainstream ones. Accountability and transparency.

      But raising criticism in itself will not lead to a solution, and the working alternatives have not yet risen I think. Even the people who are distancing themselves from the community seem to be offering the same sort of coaching deals, which makes me raise the question if it is not just another marketing ruse rather than a living up to integrity.

      But that's a different subject.

      Again, your first paragraph should be fucking SIGNED by anyone who claims they can teach the craft. But it must also be understood by the students as well. Free information does not mean my time is also infinitely free.

    8. "The point I made about instructors in the space of arts. Take the example of dancing. $1000 (which would probably be a very cheap bootcamp) can get you something like 10 one-on-one hours with an instructor who's probably won like 10 international titles (Google Karina Smirnoff. I know till 3 years ago, you could take a one on one with her for something like $100). Do you know how these guys go about their lessons? They have an introductory session, meet to see how well can you dance, tell them exactly what they are good at or not, what are their expectations and if students don't meet them, they tell them to find another instructor."

      See this paragraph nailed it right on the head. Like I previously stated, with the money you put into a 3 day warrior workshop bootcamp, you can better spend your money on something else that is more effective. Furthermore, I doubt someone like Smirnoff will constantly brag "Oh I am the best in the world at this (she has her titles that can do the talking. Whereas for pickup you have biased "world's greatest player" awards)" or "you know my hourly rate for 1 on 1s are $100" (if she was in a group workshop for dancing, which is arrogant and irrelevant to the task on hand) I truly think that if you want to get good at something very fast (whether its dancing or seduction), get a good coach (someone who is an expert, knows how to teach, and is patient) and make sure it is a long term commitment. Do NOT do something for three days and only to end up back to square one several months down the road without your coach.

  3. Listen,listen listen,I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but dudes need to stop fucking whining about bootcamp experiences.

    I feel that dudes who take bootcamps and don't have any or much success afterwards should point the finger at themselves.Don't blame the fucking instructors!

    Just as some students in academia leanr more,catch on faster,while other students just won't learn.Not that the quality of the teacher's content is bad or fraudulent.

    1. Kenny,

      analogies are a notoriously questionable rhetorical means. So, what about this analogy: X promises to teach you how to be 6'3" or taller. Some dude who is 5'4" signs up and then realizes that he's been duped. All the guys who came out of X's seminar being 6'3" or taller had been that tall before.

      Blaming the student is just ludicrous. Its the PUAs who have to prove that their stuff actually works! So far no one has done so. If you think otherwise, then please show me pictures of ugly, fat guys who have nothing going on in their lives, yet pull supermodel-caliber chicks.

      Also, had you actually attended university, you would know that there are good and bad teachers, which greatly affects how well the average student does. However, your analogy implies that pickup can actually be taught and that your average Joe can indeed learn to pull "10s" (ie. get an A if he tries hard enough). This is definitely not the case.

    2. Sleazy, thundercat and Johnny soporno pull models. (I'm joking)

    3. And you need to stop acting like some tough guy behind a computer screen. I'm not whining.

      If you want to bring up the topic about school, at least here in the States, you have to undergo years of school (undergrad and grad) to become a high school teacher or a professor. I'm pretty sure there are pickup teachers (I'm not pointing at anyone in particular in UDS) that show up from nowhere and make outrageous promises. Not that it will ever happen, but I think PUA will be more beneficial to men if the government had regulations on it (ex: license to teach so random people cannot show up from nowhere; specific laws that prohibit outrageous claims (men are dumb enough to believe BS like get your dream girl in one week); laws that facilitate a smooth process for getting a refund.

    4. Socialkenny, instructors freely chose to take responsability of saying they can help. So yeah, you have to deliver what you pronise, or shut up. Or how about your doctor tells you he can cure you, gives you shit, and then says it was your fault?

      That's called voodoo, my friend. But maybe that's the degree of excellence you want for yourself?

      The best I have seen, here in France, is Baptiste Legrand, webmaster of frenchtouchseduction, telling me that he knows the product he sells are shit, but he needs the money to keep going and blames the people who buy it for not being smart enough to know the products he pitches as miracles are shitty.

      This whole industry is one giant fucked up mess.

    5. Hi, I really like your blog but I have never participated in debates. But I have to replicated because of this sentence: average Joe can indeed learn to pull "10s" (ie. get an A if he tries hard enough). This is definitely not the case.
      I don’t know what is situation in UK, but in my country I have some friends who are consistently pulling 9,s and 10,s and they are average Joes ( unemployed, living by their parents ... ). And I don’t see a reason why you should not do this if you have strong will, but not in one bootcamp but in a year or two of experience and learning.

    6. Anonymous,

      you are not automatically a loser just because you are unemployed our live with your parents. Post-college un- and underemployment are common phenomena these days.

      Well, feel free to post some pictures of your "loser" friends and their hot girls, and you'll get your explanation for their success. They are probably a lot better looking than you think, or the girls not as hot as they claim.

  4. I was asked to write a review after attending a one on one with hyper for an astronomical rate of 1000 for about 8 hours, which equates to over a hundred and hour. He couldn't wait to leave either. I got laid, but only cause I was on this whole escalate kick and didn't go home when she gave me slight resistance.

    A couple of months following the review, for which I was promised a compensatory free phone consolidation, I realized that he was full of shit and wished I could revoke my review. But it doesn't even matter now. I never took his stupid phone consultation because why would I from a short ugly guy who dresses like a wanna be rockstar (but is not one) and posts about how he got a blowjob from some fat chick outside the bathroom one night but couldn't even go all the way.

    Brad P is in the top 10 most fraudulent in the business. I mean common, if they really cared about my success don't you think they would have called me a few months later and asked me how my success was? Better! Since I no longer read that pickup shit anymore.

    1. Intersting. I understand you want to be anonymous but perhaps you can vaguely describe how hyper couldn't wait to leave? Maybe he was always looking at his watch? Or perhaps you can vaguely describe why you think he is full of shit (which is why you didn't want to follow up on the consult and why you want to revoke your review)?

      Just to remind everyone I can't access any bradp coach blogs since I blocked them, but if I recall correctly, I think there was one review where hyper just kept plowing through a cold set just to get a number (which probably flaked).

      I have tried plowing through sets before, and it doesn't work with girls who just aren't into you. I'm pretty sure it was Aaron (or it might have been one of my natural friends) who said that if a girl doesnt like you it doesnt matter what you say or do, she isnt going to like you. At best she will give you a fake number so you and the girl can save face. It will only work on a chick who likes you and is giving you some resistance, but not in hyper's case. Just goes to show you not all the "pros" know what they're doing.

    2. Well he mentioned that are time was drawing to a close around 2 or 3, which is before the bars close in NYC. As I was talking to the girl I was going to go home with he was nowhere to be seen. We went outside for a cigarette and then he was watching me creepily from across the street and sending me text message advice such as "less touching dude, amplify the sexual tension" and "pull, pull!". Then he disappeared into the night.

      I think he was full of shit for a multitude of reasons. Where I begin? Ok how about this, which will sum it up. We approached a couple of girls on the bench in a park and both were talking to them. They were obviously attracted to me by both their body language and what they were saying (asking me questions and complimenting me). When he left to take a phone call they said "why are you friends with him? He is so weird and you are so normal." albeit shy, but ultimately not a creeper. After we left he told me that they were into "US" and that it was because he was introducing sexual talk which was probably making them wet. He said that we could have eventually gone where they were going or to a party and had sex with them. A pretty bold statement indeed.

  5. Hey Aaron, when are you going to publish that epic Roosh take-down post? Roosh just wrote a post in which he called out haters - I think he's referring to you!

    1. I am not trying to insult you, but a serious feedback - you have serious reading comprehension problems. Either that or you get off on drama for no reason. I just saw Roosh's website and in none of the last 3-4 posts has he "called out haters".


    3. CDG,

      I don't think he was referring to me in particular. Speaking about your request for that article: I am very busy these days and thus I can't make any promises.

    4. CDG, I saw that article. It is a completely different kind of "haters" he is talking about in that article. Not the kind of "hate" (not the appropriate word here) some people here have against Roosh


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