Monday, June 7, 2010

PUA "re-framing"

Recently I was pointed towards a thread on RSD Nation with the title "i was fired today" (original spelling kept intact).

The original post was from a guy who told that he got fired as a bank teller. Nothing overly exciting about that, even though the last line made me smile due to its deprecating humour:

how wil this effect my game? well i guess im going to find out. but i havent gotten laid since 2008, so i guess it cant get much worse :p

In my opinion, the reply by "subx" stood out:

Your game should be go through the roof now that you have all this free time.


Can you spell "re-frame"?

However, the user CamTron took home the prize for "most ridiculous post this week":

I got fired from my summer camp job for my PUA tendencies... I was too upsetting to the AMOGs at camp and my partying lifestyle was too intimidating for the company as a liability. One night i missed a curfew and i got fired.

It sounds funny now... and it really IS funny... but back then, when i was separated from friends and my kids who were very much attached to me as their role model...

It was really tough dude. but I laugh back at it now because I now that it really helped me grow in the long run.

I wonder when students will begin to challenge their teachers for flunking them. "No, I only got an F because you are too stuck in your own reality, bro. In mine this shit doesn't even register." :D


  1. Wait, what?!? The guy hasn't gotten laid in two years? Then what did he write about in all those 865 posts?

    I mean, I'm still very much an RAFC and not having much success yet, but every now and then even I encounter girls with which I have a 'click', game or not. I know plenty of non-PUA's who, well, have relationships every now and then... 1,5 years without it while being subscribed to RSD Nation... well, you'd better have a very very busy life then...

  2. I bet they are busy writing posts on Internet forums. ;)


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