Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Industry further degrades

I consider the websites in the pickup/seduction industry to be on the same level as the oh-so-renowned business men trying to sell you techniques that make your cock grow, last longer, cure hair loss, or get you abs within days with zero work at all. This has been mocked by me to some extent already, but the Industry is not sleeping. Quite the contrary, it seems to be a on a roll.

Read on for what I recently got via "Formhandle", the guy running, home of mASF. The following advert was included in a newsletter and it shows in what a sad state the "community" is. Sure, after tricking people of IQs at borderline-retardation levels into taking bootcamps, you might just sell them some other crap as well as long as they have their wallet open.


Oh, yeah, and a reminder about that thing I'm NOT recommending...

It's called Superman Stamina, I've not actually got my hands on it
so I can't really review it, so for all I know it's a total turd
of a product.  Still, since you're probably hearing about it from
other places, I've got to point you to it:

Get the freebies they'll be emailing.  I think there's an article
behind the page that link leads to, I don't actually remember.

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