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The Open Thread: January 2016

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation to the monthly 'Open Thread'.

In short, if you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

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  1. The media is reporting on 60+ sexual assaults in Cologne. How's the migrant situation working out for the German people? Women are getting the drama they want.

    I wonder how much the tendency to not want to fight for the homeland comes from white women's behavior in recent years. Once you get jerked around many times while watching what they do and who they fuck it's nearly impossible to do anything for them.

    1. Was getting all this gimmegrants part of the plan?

    2. The question is whose plan we are talking about. Angela Merkel certainly thinks the more the merrier. The situation in Cologne on New Year's Eve was quite telling. There are reports that between 1.000 and 2.000 (!) African and Middle Eastern looking men were on the loose. It took the mainstream newspapers four days to report this. Today, the mayor of Cologne figured out how to solve those problems and make sure the never happen again. She stated that women should keep their distance. What a stroke of genius.

    3. Well congratulations, you got yourselves flooded by rapists. Now what's the next step of the EU master plan?


      Userbeitrag in der Kommentarsektion dieses Artikels:

      "warum nur unter REGIONALES? Also, die WELT bekleckert sich bei diesem Thema nicht mit Ruhm. Man berichtete - genau wie ARD und ZDF - über die massenhaften Übergriffe gegen Bürger erst, als man den Deckel nicht mehr drauf halten konnte. Dieses Mal kam es raus, was passiert ist, trotz unserer so genannten Medeinelite--- beschämend der Zustand dieser einst so demokratischen Republik."

    5. This is crazy, I'm reading all those articles about what happened (Welt, SPON, Breitbart, reddit). Media comes forward with this story only days after the incidents. Reddit deletes well over 500 comments on this topic. People beeing called racists for stating their opinion on this.

      It is unbelievable for me what happened on new years eve. Here in Germany. One of the safest countries in the world. I'm very worried about the whole thing and in what it will advance. Mood will suddenly change very soon. I commented on an other post regarding this topic. The question is still where in the world will it be safe the next decades. I want to raise kids, I want western lifestyle, and I don't want to be worried about this shit every day I or one of my family leaves the house.

    6. It was somewhat inevitable, but in "diverse" Canada, you have some backlash.

      The PM says "this isn't who [Canadians] are..." Of course if women get raped/attacked like in Germany, curious if the sentiment will change about pepper sprays.

      After all one victim group (women) supersedes the, ahem, "rights" of another victim group (refugees who aren't citizens).

    7. Anonymous, stop using Reddit now. They're a bunch of SJWhores.

    8. 200 in riot to protest Cologne attacks, it said in the news. Do you know a good site in English for getting all the latest on the situation in Germany?

      Are things pretty normal in day to day life or do you actually feel a big change since NYE?

    9. Yes, change can be felt. For instance, in several cities there are now vigilante groups that aim to minimize the risks of attacks of illegal migrants on women. It is fair to say that in many areas people do not trust the police to protect them anymore. Considering that the police in Cologne and many other cities didn't do much at all, this is not surprising. Then there are demonstrations of tens of thousands of people every week, which are not reported in mainstream media (google 'PEGIDA').

      People are stocking up on pepper spray and the few weapons you are allowed to legally own. I read reports of self defense courses experiencing great demand.

      I would certainly say that things are getting pretty fucked up. More and more people no longer trust the government. The lower classes have always been disillusioned, but now the middle class is being hit hard.

      As far as I know, there is no English site that covers the situation in Germany. You will of course find the occasional article on Russia Today or, if you want more of an alarmist tone, on Zero Hedge. Otherwise, pick a German newspaper and run stuff through Google Translate. The mainstream newspapers are quite horrible, with their constant politically correct agenda, though, even though this has been changing after the various "taharrush gamea" incidents, which have only been widely reported once social media was no longer possible to ignore.

    10. Oh, here's a source in English:

    11. Anonymous (January 7, 2016 at 8:41 AM):
      Safety will be a thing of the past for large parts of Europe. In a few years you will need to be well-off enough to be able to afford living in a gated community even in a country like Germany if you want some peace and quiet. Considering how things are and where they are going, a reasonably good bet would be to move to Eastern Europe, take a hit in living standards, but don't deal with all the crap Germany and other Western countries have to deal with due to their slow breakdown.

      I recently spent some time reading up how other countries are doing. Well, basically all wealthy countries are affected. Austria is struggling, the problems France has been experiencing, even before the recent terrorist attacks, are well known. Heck, even Switzerland is moving towards destabilization. There are currently 500 to 1000 people a week who cross the border illegally, and just like Merkel announced that Syrians can all come, no question asked, so does the Swiss PM Sommmaruga let people from Eritrea in. Even worse, Switzerland has a direct democracy, meaning that the people are supposed to hold great power and directly influence legislature. Yet, the government has started ignoring legally binding decisions, like a recent one on kicking out criminal foreigners.

      Now you can rightfully ask that when even places like Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany face those apparently insurmountable problems and politicians are seemingly unwilling to change things for the better --- where on Earth would you want to go? Of course, if you're a 1%er, you'll have a great life basically anywhere, and this won't change anytime soon, but a safe and secure middle class existence may become a thing of the past within the next 10 years.

    12. It's frustrating for me to watch Western Europe destroy itself in the craziest virtue signalling event in human history. I can't even imagine how this must make actual Europeans feel. Their politicians are basically importing ghettos. I almost can't even imagine the insanity of allowing these people to vote. What an insult to the German/Swiss/Swedish/Finish/French/.../Norwegian people.

      Nevertheless we should be aware of what we can and can't control in life. Depressing as it is, we honestly don't have almost any power over politicians, let alone national beaureacracies. So with that in mind, my country, Canada, has a politically correct but mostly sane approach to immigration. Trudeau needed to signal his virtue by taking in 25,000(!) refugees, but at least they were actual families, with actual women and children. Still irritating, but regular Canadian immigration is geared towards "high-skill" labour, which basically translates into not abysmal average IQ of immigrants. Unfortunately we do import a bunch of muslims, and we do have our own covered up "jihads", and muslim retards going off to ISIS, but for the most part even the muslims are a much higher quality than the outright trash Europe has imported.

      So the question is, depressing as it may be, which countries are going to be nice places to live 30 years from now? Second question: which countries can I actually get citizenship to? Japan will probably be a wonderful place, but I have no Japanese ancestry. So my short list for best places to live 30 years from now, that we can reasonably emigrate to, are:

      (no particular order)
      -Eastern Europe
      -Hong Kong

      I don't know much about Asia, but I don't see China, Taiwan, Japan, or Korea murdering their civilizations. Anyway, this cheers me up a bit. Focusing on the death of Western Europe is depressing, but I don't share Sleazy's pessimism that there will be no wonderful places to live.

      Idle thinking on my part, but it really is amazing how strong the grip social liberals have on education, and how strongly and nakedly they advance their racial egalitarian nonsense. I don't think there is a single western democracy that teaches Psychometry, and the imbalance of IQ in respective races. It's borderline necessary for a functioning society, but it's suppressed by the left-wing answer to Young Earth Creationism.

    13. AnonymousForNow, I don't believe it's a racial thing. It's more of a cultural thing. People of many races who are raised without all this PC bullshit and islamic insanity are perfectly fine. Blacks in the USA were victims of all this PC/white guilt bullshit, and now some of them are exploiting this. I, as a mexican, don't approve the illegal immigration of my countrymen into the USA, because it's a crime, and we should fix our country, rather than forcing the USA to change their laws to our benefit. But politicians always look for an easy way to solve everything. The ironic thing is that, here there's an strong anti-american/left leaning sentiment (that I don't share) and people keeps complaining about how "submissive and dependant" is our goverment with the USA, but at the same time, people encourage illegal immigration, contradicting all the above statements. The only good thing about my country is that political correctness isn't too rooted in our media, but unfortunately, Mexico City is becoming the spearhead of this kind of shit.

  2. Hey sleazy I'm new to the forum and here to learn. This is related to cold approach which I read you find useless. With your foundamentals in order (looks, style, social freedom, vibe) how many girls could q guy who is starting out lay per let's say 100 approaches. Also how can I find a warm environment in a small town?

    1. Buy Minimal Game and/or read through the forum. You certainly can't expect me to spoon-feed you, considering that the information is readily available.

  3. Hey Aaron...
    I'm so fucking happy right now. Just got home from a night club. I made out heavily with a nice girl there, which almost put an end to a 4-month-long dry-spell since my last relationship.
    I really owe this one to your teachings.
    I'm not gay by any means, but I'd motherfucking kiss you if I saw you down the street!
    Thank you!

  4. Check out this "Dear Abby" type letter complaining how hard it is to find a "good man". The last line is priceless: "And men? Do better. Seriously." Same ending - it's the man to blame. Sheesh.

    1. Article is completely ridiculous. One of my least favourite things about feminism is how they socially castrate men, and then complain that they don't have any manly men lusting after them.

      "Most guys I meet seem to either want me to take the lead (no thank you, please) or don’t seem to have any direction or goals to have a direction (they don’t need a plan just like, parts of a plan is fine)."

      Oh dear, this poor feminine soul is having trouble finding men to conform to traditional gender roles (male leading). God I have NO idea why that might be.

      Then the article takes a 180 and talks about how "Not enough men are putting in enough effort to be the kind of people that smart funny femmes want to date." To be fair, I basically agree with that statement. There really are tons of men who just don't put in anything approximating effort. Of course, the same is also true for women. I just think it's odd, because it doesn't take any effort to take the lead on a date. All it takes is to rid yourself of feminist conditioning that you're not supposed to take the lead. I wonder why they didn't put that in the article.

      I can't believe you missed the best part of that whole article, her extension on her OK Cupid profile. Jesus Christ, you're not supposed to advertise to the world what an antagonizing social justice nutcase you are. You are most definitely not supposed to do so on OK Cupid.

      The amount of whining she does is really beautiful. Definitely an endearing women. I hope her and skull-tat work out in that non-monogamous relationship of theirs.

  5. It only took the first few paragraphs for me to decide that this article is trash. Then again, maybe I get "triggered" too easily.

  6. I can't believe David Bowie is dead.

  7. Apparently prostitution is a 186 billion industry in 2016.

    Funny that men are spending 186 billion, when all they have to do (according to feminist trolls) is just drop the ego, hug a tree and just pick one of the many women staring them down lustily.

    Oh, and then there's the "pua" option, where apparently you can make women attracted by just changing how you walk/stand and what you say.

    Gosh, look at the 200 billion humanity will be able to save if they just turn to feminism/pua cults.



  9. I have an afternoon to waste... so I went watching new RSD videos...

    I'm like, are their fanbois so freaking blind? Like these guys are outright putting videos of themselves going up to, and making out with (or getting a number) from a seven who can barely talk in a slurred fashion.

    How can you even see that as requiring any special magical skill. They're freaking sevens who can barely form sentences due to how drunk they are. They do have the occasional sober girl, but its pretty rare. Never seen a girl that's hotter than a seven in a single RSD video.

    I still can't imagine who their fans/audience are. Are they all zero-experience guys who've never left the house, like how can you find this impressive, at all?

  10. Have a lookout for the movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi". You will be both shocked by the stupidity of the armerican government, especially Hillary Clinton, and the courage the soldiers showed in disobeying their command to stand down. You will also wonder how on earth the "critics" gave this movie an average of 50%/100% while viewers score it repeatedly near 90%/100%.

  11. Saw this hilarious stand-up few days ago and after laughing my ass off, I thought I'll share it here - some common thoughts with this blog. Got to be one of the most bluntly talking comedians out there.

  12. Totally off topic question for Aaron:

    I watched "The Big Short" yesterday and I have to admit I'm still a bit confused. I know you were interested and involved academically in Economics, so please correct my interpretation of events. I'm sure it's faulty in some way.

    1) Lots of sub-prime mortgages were made. This worked out fine provided that the housing market always went up, since even if the debtor could not pay, the bank would be fine since the house it now owned would be worth more.

    2) To protect themselves from bad loans, local banks sold all these mortgages to investment bankers who packaged them all up into sub-prime mortgage bonds. The idea being, same as a casino with many tables, large amounts of mortgages protect against the individual risk of a failure/foreclosure. Unfortunately, the loans were mostly crap, so these bonds ended up being reduced to small percentages of what they were valued at.

    3) The most obviously bad mortgage bonds were aggregated into enourmous CDO's which were then considered good due to their "diversification". Also, ratings agencies may have been outright fraudulent in their ratings of these things.

    4) Then they had CDO's squared, where a giant fund(?) would have parts of a whole bunch of CDO's stuck inside it.

    5) Since subprime loans failed, subprime loan mortgage bonds also failed. Since subprime LMB's failed, the CDO's that aggregated them failed. Since the CDO's that aggregated them failed, the CDO's that aggregated CDO's also failed.

    However, while I'm sure I have made some basic mistakes here, I'm not understanding how this becomes a global financial problem. The movie implies that there's 20-1 times the amount of money in these CDO's as in the actual mortgage bonds. How exactly does this work? That would certainly explain an enourmous problem for the gigantic investment banks at the top, but I don't understand this almost at all. The amount of return on these investments can, in aggregate, not exceed the amount of return that the debtors in aggregate give, minus defaults. So if the aggregate return on the subprime mortgage bonds is 2% (they were eventually negative, but even in the good times), then how do people make money off of this in addition to 2%? You either own the return or you don't.

    As for the movie itself, it was quite good and entertaining. I'd highly recommend it, especially for someone who already understands the economics. It's one major flaw, is that it made me believe I understood the financial crisis much better than I actually did.

    One scene in particular stands out, where they explain the derivatives market using poker (and Selena Gomez). They show Selena betting, and then tons of people betting on the result of her bet, and then more people betting on the result of their bets, and so on. Something felt wrong, and I don't think this explains the derivative market at all. The problem is that all the people are not invested in her winning. If she wins, some people make money, if she loses, the other people make money. If this was how derivatives worked, then the housing bubble would have been pretty inconsequential. That was definitely not the case, so what am I missing?

    BTW I apologize for this rambling chain of questions, but I am quite confused.

    1. Just briefly: keep in mind that banks are leveraged to the hilt. What happened in the subprime crisis was that banks were peddling crap, which was possible due to the support from the rating agencies. To make this more graspable: let's say I take 50 grams of gold, and now I decide to be a bit more creative by taking one gram of gold each, adding 49 grams of dirt, package it up nicely, with a letter of some authority confirming that this stuff is basically as valuable as gold. The buyer trust this authority, so he buys. Do you see the problem? (The assigned value is essentially arbitrary. Once it turns out that you can't trust the valuations, it's a problem for the word economy. Note that you also got dubious valuations with regards to both the mortgage and the real estate.)

      So if the aggregate return on the subprime mortgage bonds is 2% (they were eventually negative, but even in the good times), then how do people make money off of this in addition to 2%?

      Banks make money on commission, i.e. by selling. Also, there is the issue with book value. What if on day X the market value of your CDO's is a few trillion, and the next day it's 2/3 of that? If you're a big bank, it means that you are in the red and need to close down, or get bailed out.

  13. Why do some women feel the need to crucify men who unsuccessfully pick them up? I see this often on social media, dating sites, and in public. Is there a psychological reason for berating men who dare to approach them?

    1. Feminism/narcissism.

      This kind of things doesn't happen in non-feminist countries. I promise.

      Frustrated females hating on men/"patriarchy". Defense mechanism. It seems that in the western world, 99.9% of females are narcissist and have a problem with their ego. So looking down on men make them feel good. I shit you not.

      About feminism ; guys do you think there will be some reaction someday ? Like maybe one day, there will be some "male mobs/strikes" that will put pressure on the government to put a stop to this bullshit ? Or even going back to the "ancient times" with traditional gender roles ? Will this shit stop one day ?

      If we continue like this, we will have too many old people, not enough children and every year population of each (feminist) country will decrease. This is not sustainable in the long-term, right ?

      Related : I'm a big fan of dystopian science-fiction and it seems every author was wrong ; they always depicted a future where females would be treated like slaves or furniture (e.g. Soylent Green), but it seems like the opposite is true : we are going to a future where males will be treated like slaves/furniture.

    2. I wish I had time to comment on this in greater depth. In short, history and evolution aren't one-way streets. We are witnessing the degeneration if not impending collapse of the West. Germany will most likely implode within the next five years, and the damage of the brain-dead immigration policy of the current government will be next to impossible to rectify. This is all a consequence of feminism ("immigration instead of children"). Just like the Germans managed to dismantle the Roman Empire, so will the invading Muslim hordes successively take over Germany. Then Europe will enter another dark age.

    3. That's depressing.

      World War III ?

  14. Manosphere is quickly degenerating into an ugly "1488" Hitler worshiping alternate right cult. Mike Cernovich from Danger and Play, a guy who seemed the more sensible type of the movement, has pretty much blamed the Ukrainian holodomor genocide on JEWS. When, I wonder, will they start to deny the Holocaust?


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