Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovely Chick-Logic

One of my recent encounters involved a tall and beautiful French girl. The interaction did progress nicely, until she asked me from where I was. The conversation unfolded as follows:

"Wait, did you move to Berlin from abroad or are you from Germany?"
"I'm German."

Suddenly her lustful smile disappeared from her face and instead of intensely hugging me and caressing my back, she stepped back and frowned. She also started to sound rather aggressive:

"My ex-boyfriend was German, and he was such a.... such a... I don't know the male word, I mean he was, like, such a slut -- but the male version. Do you understand?"

I understood the words, but was unable to follow her reasoning at all.

Then I shrugged, but she looked at me really angrily and simply walked off.

Of course, there is no male version of "slut" or even "bitch", and not just for cultural reasons, even though the dried-up femi-nazis would disagree, but let's look at this girl's utterly absurd logic:

(1) My ex-boyfriend was German and an "asshole"
(2) You are German.

(3) You are an asshole.

(The hidden premise is "All Germans are assholes", by the way.)

It was so absurd that I found myself laughing out loud in the club.

Of course it's questionable to make a generalization based on single observations, but having encountered plenty of encounters of absurdly twisted logic, I'm not surprised that mathematics is one of the very few academic subjects that are not dominated by women.


  1. You would appreciate this then, and that she'd never grasp this concept.

  2. (A) Random girl makes gross generalization

    (B) "Chick logic", all girls are bad are match.

    Sounds like you're guilty as well!

  3. Anon,

    how lovely that you don't even dare to use a pseudonym but instead have to hide behind a randomly generated string. On the other hand, given that you don't seem to understand what a syllogism is and failed to grasp that I was obviously just speaking of an exampe, you've made a wise choice.

    Try harder next time!

  4. In schools at least, girls these days outperform boys on maths tests.

  5. Karlos,

    girls may be slightly better on average (!), but when it comes to the high (and low) end of the Gauss curve, men reign supreme. Frankly, I give a flying fuck about Jane Peabrain scoring 2% higher than Joe Sixpack on some standardized mathematics test. Those women won't add anything to the collective knowledge of humanity, but the people in the high-IQ region will, and women are only very rarely found there, and that is despite an education system that has been favouring women to the extreme for at least three decades now.

  6. Laughingdog,

    that's a really smart comic strip. Thanks for sharing it!

    Of course, the somewhat tragic aspect of that girl's existence is that as long as she's young and beautiful it won't matter that she's a bit thick, but extrapolate this into the future and you'll end up with a bitter girl that ends up complaining how unjust the world is since eventually the men will move on to younger girls whose intellectual faults they'll generously overlook until they hit their expiration date.


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