Friday, July 29, 2011

Frying Little Brains

I certainly can't say that I have been partying with future female nobel laureates recently, but I don't really mind that. Nonetheless, I do enjoy a minimum of intellectual rigour. What sounds like a rather dry affair did start rather juicy, after all:

I was bumping into a group of girls at a club and we were soon sipping champagne. One of them puts her arm around me shoulder and looks into my eyes. She says,

"You are gay, right?"

As I have said so many times, this translates to something like, "OMG!!1! I, like, think you are, like, so totally hot."

Thus I put my hand on her firm ass and teasingly say with a sleazy smile that I wasn't quite sure about my sexual orientation, to be honest. (No, I am not gay.)

She then waves her friend over and says, "This is my girlfriend!"

Then she makes out with her while still having her arm around me. It was certainly an arousing sight, and after it was over, she turned to me again and said with a horny smile, "We've just done what you'd like to do with me. Am I right?"

Unfortunately, I have recently occupied myself a bit too much with mathematics and logic because, when I'm not Sleazy Rockstar, I'm actually a fucking nerd. Thus, my preference for precise use of language made me say:

"You don't know what I want. Instead, you made an assumption."

Now she stood there, looking completely baffled. Apparently she was thinking. After five seconds or so, she said,

"No, I meant that you wanted to kiss me."

"I got that, but there is no way for you to know what I want. You can only assume something."

This was too much for her. She still stood there, trying to figure out what I had said. Again, she was completely without any motion or emotion. Since she wasn't quite able to process it, she walked off with a rather blank stare on her face.

Probably something like this was going on then:

(Picture from


  1. Knowing full well what it's like to be a nerd myself, I'm tempted to wonder exactly which temperature this lob of brains should be boiling at, given the thermometers.

    Also, do you now pursue a different type of game? I can't recall you being the conversationalist type of guy. (I also can recall you stating your current (or past?) relationship status didn't leave much room for 'gaming', but saying this has more to do with my curiosity really)

  2. Hi, Sleazy
    Gimme some ideas here.
    I am a complete newb. and I appreciate that you speak up to uncover lot of guru rubbish.
    tell me
    in your opinion, as a newbie what are the main steps that I can take to improve myself to become a ladies man.

  3. LOL. Try to be intellectual and trying to hold a remotely intelligent conversation at a club. In Clubs in most cases are just a collection of retarded women.

  4. Edward,
    that club was actually a very exclusive spot, and if I revealed its name and location to you, you would not believe it. Incidentally, the very next day I found myself discussing Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations" with a 25 y/o blonde bombshell. So, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have standards.

    check my forum on There is a post with the title, "Help! There is so much information out there..." This should get you started.

    the picture is not an actual brain but some kind of cake. It does look rather convincing, though. :)
    I have ended my last relationship some months ago for a variety of reasons, but wanting to go out more often was none of them. These days, physical dance floor game is just part of the methods I use. Heck, sometimes, I do almost completely verbal pick-ups. Who would have thought that?

  5. hey i can find that post "Help! There is so much information out there..."

    can u post a link to it here

  6. Dan,

    you'll find an updated version of that post here:


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