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Joint Seminar with Illuminatus & Aaron Sleazy / Nottingham, England / 27th August 2011


it is my great pleasure to announce my upcoming seminar with Illuminatus aka. Corvette. If you have first come across my articles when I was still actively posting on seduction forums, you have surely read some of his writings as well, and if not, I urge you to check out his homepage as he has written a great number of interesting articles, and recently he has released his first book, too. Please note that this will be my only seminar in 2011.

Illuminatus will speak on overcoming social anxieties, a topic most relevant for seduction. My talk will be based on my upcoming third book, in which I will outline the by far clearest, simplest, and easiest to implement "method" of seduction. It will blow your socks off!

The full announcement is attached.

Best regards,
Aaron Sleazy

Joint Seminar with Illuminatus & Aaron Sleazy / Nottingham, England / 27th August 2011


Illuminatus ( and Aaron Sleazy ( team up for a seminar for anyone interested in fixing fundamental issues about social anxieties. While Illuminatus will talk about the topic of social anxiety in general, Aaron Sleazy will tell you how to put this knowledge to good use when it comes to bedding women.

The seminar will take place on 27th August 2011 in Nottingham, England (*), in a central, easy-to-access location.
Start: 4.00pm
End: 8.00pm

(*) Nottingham can easily be reached via Birmingham Airport or East Midlands Airport. Also, there are very frequent train and bus rides to and from London.

The Speakers

Illuminatus is a leading authority on meditation and personal development. He has enjoyed a cult following on the seduction forum mASF as "Corvette", and has gained widespread attention due to his ability to analyse social interactions and emotional states at a level deeper than anybody else. Due to the dogmatic and restrictive nature of seduction-related forums, he searched for other venues to discuss his insights, but being discontented, he founded Personal Power Meditation in 2009. He has recently released his first book, "The End of Social Anxiety", which establishes a comprehensive model of the formation and experience of social anxiety and provides straightforward and easy-to-understand practical exercises to facilitate a total recovery from the condition.

Aaron Sleazy first gained notoriety on mASF also. He is mostly known for a very quick style of sexual escalation and seduction that is completely opposed to the mainstream dogmas advocating processes which, in his view, are countereffective in most cases. Due to his outstanding success and rapidly growing popularity, the owners of mASF saw their financial success threatened and consequently banned him and anyone associated with him. Since then, Aaron Sleazy has built his own presence on the Internet and released two books. His first book, "Sleazy Stories", is an illustration of his extremely powerful style of seduction. In his second book, "Debunking the Seduction Community", he attacked the seduction industry for teaching ineffective methods and financially exploiting desperate men. He is currently working on a third book, which will reveal the basics of seduction. This work is influenced by his experience as a seducer and coach, and thus focuses on relatively simple steps which anybody can do to improve their level of success.


1) Illuminatus on Overcoming Social Anxiety (90 min)
- What social anxiety is and its negative behavioural effects
- Your reality model: Beliefs at the core of social anxiety, how those beliefs were formed, and how they manifest to affect your behaviour today
- Why drugs (including alcohol) aren't a long-term solution
- How to experience your anxiety intentionally and think about it more like a scientist
- Seeing how your brain edits your reality via 'overlays', and training yourself to detach from those overlays
- Understanding equanimity and training yourself to stop labelling emotions "good" and "bad" in order to reduce resistance and suffering
- The biological basis of the stress response: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and how to manipulate them intentionally
- Cultivating unconditional happiness by changing your perspectives, plus exercises for feeling good on purpose
- How to deal with trauma and other "bad things" when they arise

2) Break: 15 min

3) Aaron Sleazy on Foundations of Success with Women (90 min)
- Figuring out what you want and whether you can get it
- Why some men are successful, but most are not
- What women want, and what you can do if you can't quite deliver
- Some easy fixes, some hard ones, and some impossible ones
- Various roadblocks and how to overcome them
- Realistic expectations, a.k.a. becoming the "Guy Next Door"
- Meeting girls in different scenarios (work, nightclubs, and everywhere in between except online)
- Minimal investment, maximal outcome
- Starting and ending relationships

4) Break: 15 min

5) Joint Q&A Session: 45 min

Registration details

1) Send an email to
2) Either pay 69.00 pounds (GBP) via PayPal (offer valid until: 12th August 2011)
or pay 89.00 pounds at the door (cash only)
3) You will receive a confirmation of your registration and, if applicable, of your PayPal payment as well, within 24 hours
4) You will be informed about the exact location of the seminar in due time

See you soon in Nottingham!

Best regards,
Illuminatus & Aaron Sleazy

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