Sunday, August 7, 2011

Student of BradP dates widespread bikini girl image!

Whenever you think that the people in the seduction industry have hit a new low, such as BradP with his "two IT guys", it doesn't take much until you realize that this was just the beginning. So, to use one of RSD's Tyler Durden's favourite metaphors, "Let's venture deeper down the rabbit hole."

While it was fishy enough that BradP used an image that was spread on other websites, as my first source pointed out, another reader was quick to direct me to Google Images, a picture search engine. He was kind enough to create a permanent link as well. Now, please take some minutes and click on that link. The results will really blow your mind!

Hold your breath --- because we get 720 results for that image!

For a nice visual representation of it, please check this gallery. It's so absurd, I had to take a screen shot of it:

But don't worry, you have seen nothing yet. You can in fact scroll through pages full of the exact same image (apart from differences in resolution). As that reader pointed out, "She's quite a popular girlfriend!" Yes, indeed.

The very first entries Google records date back to 2007. Here's, for instance, a thread on the Rotten Tomatoes forum from August 2007, where a guy claims that the image was "Some random girl someone randomly posted on eBaums." And in 2011 some random PUA who claims to be the "#1 rated PUA in the world" pulls some shady marketing out of his a** and uses that very same picture! Someone clearly thinks his potential customers are utter morons.

Lastly, for the mathematically challenged among the PUAs, I want to point out that 2011 minus 2007 equals f*cking four years, and now tell me who in their right mind would send you a four year old picture of their girl?

The only question I have for BradP, though, is whether the girl was a "surgeon" back then already, or whether she has finished her training after that picture was taken. :P


  1. This article is relevant to my interests.

  2. I've cross-posted it on already, but feel free to link to the post from your Facebook page, too.

  3. Wow, she's hot. That IT guy must be really happy. :(

  4. Oh, I bet that "IT guy" is the happiest man in the world.


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