Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming: Illuminatus interviews Aaron Sleazy

My little piece on Vin DiCarlo and loneliness wasn't the surprise I had hinted at in my little teaser on the upcoming German translation of Sleazy Stories. No, it's something even better: while I have been incredibly busy the last 10 months or so, I'm now in the fortunate position to finally see some of my projects come to fruition. I've previously mentioned another book I'm working on already, but there is much more going on behind the scenes, such as an interview with Illuminatus. You may know him as Corvette from mASF, but like pretty much every other big name, he doesn't post there anymore.

I've been in email conversation with Illuminatus for about three years now. At first, he took an intense interest in what I called "God Mode", a state of mind in which picking up girls is about as challenging as picking your nose. There was some confusion about the concept. For instance, people often mixed it up with the nonsense concept of "state" (acting as if you are drunk and pretend to be a rude a**hole) or "Social God Mode" (a phrase my buddy Sixty coined, which refers to a person who is naturally outgoing and nonchalantly talking to everyone in the bar). While I have been exchanging many thoughts with him, about a year ago he approached me with the idea of doing an interview for his forum, Personal Power Meditation, to explore some issues relevant to personal development as well as seduction in a broader context, and to the benefit of all.

The end result was a long dialogue in which Illuminatus picked my brain on mental states, meditation, perception of reality, philosophy of life, women, and everything in between. Currently, the text is undergoing its final editing phase, but it will be posted very soon. Once the text has been green-lighted, Illuminatus will release it, and I'll let you know about it immediately afterwards.

Look forward to it!

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