Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exclusive Pictures of Mystery

I'm currently going through a backlog of emails, and I'm surprised what some people have dug up. For instance, one guy who requested to remain completely anonymous sent me some nice pictures of Mystery. Well, I'll just repost them and you can form your own opinions of it. I think he looks a bit goofy, though. On the other hand, if I accidentally end up in a mainstream club with one of my "obscene" T shirts and skinny jeans, I'll probably look just as out of place.


  1. The nicest thing I think these pictures show is that Mystery is a man after all, with all the awkward moments I think we all know too well. Contrasted to the magical mystical mystery this guy purports himself to be.

    I'd hit the 'Like' button, Sleazy (but I don't want the world to link my FB persona to this stuff, alas). Anyway, keep the good stuff coming!

  2. To be honest, even though he looks goofy in those pictures, I find him much more likeable than with his other outfit/persona.


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