Sunday, August 7, 2011

BradP, I'm onto you!

During the last year or so, BradP managed to rise to the position of one of my favourite bullshitters in the pickup industry. This guy loves to spout out how "authentic" he is, and how much "street cred" he has. Hell, he is as authentic as a fake leather jacket.

I'll reserve some longer future posts on his nonsensical back story and his shady marketing practices, but for today, a nice short post shall suffice. While I am not a big fan of anybody in the industry, I considered BradP to be comparatively "solid", which was why I didn't bother posting anything about him. In comparison to guys like Vin DiCarlo he is, after all, just a choirboy. But he certainly ventured off into the shady side of the Internet.

Recently, I got contacted by a guy who sent me some info on BradP's most recent marketing stunt. I'll let the guy speak for himself:

I hope you post this on your blog. I can't believe how shitty this seduction industry is. In an effort to continue to expose their fraud, this time, lets talk about BradP.

Recently he posted on his website, a product called Secrets of Inner Game. In that he says he started coaching 2 guys with IT jobs, one of whom remained there, one of whom went on to start his own company and become a millionaire. The millionaire guy is dating hot chicks and magically this is because of his "rock-solid inner game" and not because he is a millionaire. And somehow, all of this is because of him and his "secrets of inner game".

But hey, if this wasn't bad enough, he has the posted a screenshot of this guy emailing him a picture of this girl. I have attached a screenshot of his webpage. I have also attached the screenshot of a picture from another webpage. Somehow the two girls look suspiciously similar

Literally, this BradP guy is supposed to be THE best in the community. I don't even want to think what others are like.

Well, we all know how the others are like.

Also, it's obvious that if you roll in dough, you'll have plenty of girls. So, I won't bother to discuss this one issue. I've done so many times, especially in my free ebook "Debunking the Seduction Community".

But before I'll show you the incriminating evidence, let's talk about BradP's bullshit marketing for a second. In fact, it is probably a sign of his delusions of grandeur to actually mock his already paying customers. He must think that those guys are utter morons.

For one, even if it was true that there were two guys, and one became a millionaire (over night or what?), and the other didn't, it's not as if this was in any way scientific because there is too little that is known about the guys, besides the fact that they both "work in IT". For all we know, one could have been the CTO of Hewlett-Packard, and the other a data-entry clerk at RadioShack.

In either case, the "successful" guy just sounds like an insecure buffoon with a constant need to brag. Just have a look at his alleged email:

Frankly, can you even imagine anyone sending something like this? Well, I could, if my task was to come up with a text that appeals to the basic human emotion of "greed".

Also, IF the whole story is actually true, which I doubt it is, then the additional problem is that picking your evidence after the fact is nothing but misleading. This is actually a much bigger problem that is not so uncommon in the world of Big Pharma, and usually the source of much controversy, and sometimes it leads to settlements that are worth billions of dollars.

Just compare those two scenarios:

1) "I coach 100 guys and if just one of them reaches any kind of success, for whichever reason, I'll feature him prominently in my marketing materials".

2) "I have this new drug here and administer it to 100 people. Of course, in the study I have to publish, I'll only discuss the group of the people in which there was a positive effect."

This phenomenon is broadly called Selection Bias, but if you read the Wikipedia article, also check out the "related issues" section as it is relevant, too.

However, BradP's oh-so superior intellect apparently didn't make him realize that his marketing copy really bites him in the ass. After all, he claims to have worked with the same two guys --- and one succeeded while the other didn't. Yet, he claims responsibility only for the allegedly great success of one guy, but not for the failure of the other. Isn't this just a little bit odd?

Here's a quote from his website:

Now let me tell you about the second guy...

This story isn't as pretty.

The second guy is working at the exact same entry-level job he was five years ago. He's still bitter about women. He can't really get girls attracted to him, and if he gets lucky... she never sticks around. He rarely gets a date. He wouldn't even tell me how long it had been since he last had sex... probably because he was embarassed it had been so long. He still goes out to bars and clubs trying to meet women, but he always goes home alone. He feels like a total loser.

Do you know what the difference is between these two guys?

The Successful Guy Has ROCK-SOLID Inner Game


For the logically inclined among my readers: there are only two plausible options in this fantasy setting BradP describes:

1) Either he has coached both of them
2) Or he has coached none of them

...because why else would you even bother to compare them if your business is selling bullshit, err, pickup coaching.

In the first scenario, Brad did coach those two guys, if they even exist, and even though one may have reached great financial (and thus romantic) success, the other, the unsuccessful one, has also spent tons of cash on BradP's teaching. Yet, he still gets nowhere. If you ask me, that's a fairly moronic way of admitting that your coaching, or pickup coaching in general, doesn't really work. Nice one, BradP!

Besides, if the unsuccessful guy really exists, how classy must it be to be made fun of in an advertisement page? Classy, BradP, really classy!

Now let's consider the second scenario, that is, if BradP didn't coach any of those guys. If this was the case, then the other one "automatically" got good without (!) BradP's help, meaning that he has had "rock solid inner game" already. Only in this scenario would BradP have an excuse for the failure of the other guy because, hey, he hasn't worked with him. So, once again, logic comes to bite lil' BradP in the ass. Hard.

So, which scenario would you rather pick, dear BradP? Frankly, it doesn't even matter because if you try to defend either scenario, you show that you can't think logically. However, BradP's marketing copy clearly states in the beginning, "Let me tell you a story about two of my students." That's a pretty sobering though, huh, BradP? Surely your assistant "Drew" agrees too. Maybe tell him to rewrite the copy. Or maybe he'll send me another lame email in which he's asking to remove something from my website. So, hello "Drew"! I hope you're doing fine, and I can't wait to hear from you again.

As a last remark, I'll let you furthermore know that the whole "inner game" spiel is nonsense. The only true path to "inner game" I know is based on spiritualism, and I'm not talking about Tolle's "Power of Now" here. However, if you really devote yourself to this path and succeed, you won't bother about girls and material possessions anymore because you'll be beyond that. Or can you imagine the Dalai Lama chasing after some blonde bimbo in some LA club, and later on telling his friends that he's bought a condo for 2 million dollars? Frankly, that dude in the email has zero inner game and strikes me as having the ego of a five-year old who has to tell the other kids at kindergarden how much larger his collection of toys is.

Also, someone with sound "inner game" would think twice before sending out an email with an image of a girl that also shows up elsewhere on the Internet:

I'll be back with more laughs on BradP. Stay tuned!


  1. Here's a fun thing I did: I took the pic of the girl from the mail screenshot and cut it out. Then did a pic search on Google: She's quite a popular girlfriend, LOL!!!

  2. I was unaware of Google Image Search, but, frankly, the results are amazing. The earliest entries of this image date back to 2007...

    Thanks a lot, man!

  3. It's too bad we can't zoom in more into both pictures to see if there are any marks to be found from the obvious Photoshop operation on her boobs that must have taken place. Also, she's pretty, has D+, and is a doctor. That's almost too much! The ideal life partner indeed.

    Where can I sign up.

    No seriously, contrary to some years back, I'm quite able to filter out BS like that marketing mail nowadays. I trust my hypothalamus: if I don't fall asleep, it might contain something of value.

    By the way, I kind of didn't expect a 'Big Pharma' statement from you, Sleazy. If this wasn't a blog about seduction, I would have asked you if you're seriously sceptical towards that industry.

  4. LOL. Pua gurus at it again with their bullshit marketing, that they don't even research themselves.

    If someone selling you something has to resort to posting fake pictures, do you really think you should buy what they are selling, no matter what it is?

  5. If only the pictures were the only thing that's fake... Frankly, BradP has hit a new low with this kind of marketing. While previously it was all about highly exaggerated claims and (presumably) fake testimonials, nowadays they all try to sound legit, and look what those guys come up with! ;)

  6. JCZ,

    if this wasn't a blog of seduction, I would reply that I am indeed rather critical of "Big Pharma" and the health care industry in general. You don't have to do a lot of research (=poking around on the Internet here and there) to realize that they are just as much about maximizing their profits at all costs as any other industry. Yet, they love to spout nonsense like, "Ohhh, we try to find a cure for cancer! For realz!" Sure. That's also why those people bribe doctors to prescribe unnecessary medications and refuse to establish a registry for studies, so that the practice of cherry-picking their evidence will continue. There are so many scandals that you really wonder why there isn't one crackdown after another. Maybe buying off politicians has something to do with it... (Heck, in Germany, "Big Pharma" nowadays writes its own laws, and the puppets in the ministry just sign them off.)

  7. then make a great product about inner game ,yourself, instead of moaning and bitching about how bad everyone else's product is. I have read your book Minimal Game and am reading Sleazy Stories. The former is a good book, nothing more. I am still reading Sleazy Stories, but I think I see where you are coming from. 'Minimal' works for you because you were good looking and met with fast success, which inspired you to push it further and meet with even more success. Big fucking deal. What about average looking guys who didn't have a clue and met with epic failure and soon gave up? Ah, I guess that's because they are all 'pussies', but you are not. I was going to sign up in your forum, but man you are an headache....just read the post of a 18 yo who didn't agree about you and wanted to try Pandora's Box and you replied 'if you want help, don't piss off the host. Now out of my forum'. Wow, it seems that you take things rather personally. You are just too judgemental. There isn't one answer, and what works for someone might not works for everybody. I agree that the 'pickup industry' is hyped and heavily marketed, but not all products are shit. Some of them are really good, and even if they didn't get me laid in a week, I certainly am now a way more improved version of myself and at least women respond to me very differently and respect me WAY more. I was also surprised that you posted on, which I think it is the stupidest forum on the planet. At least you wrote a couple of books about your view and experiences, these guys are just stupid people who have nothing better to do than complaining like stupid bitches about this or that guy. They even bashed on you.
    But really, say what you want: even if the picture on BradP is fake, I have downloaded part of the workbook: to me it seems something very interesting. There's challenges on it that ask introvert guys doing things like going to a group of strangers and butting in the conversation. Do you think that an introvert guy doing this would be more useful than knowing about whether the fucking picture is true or not? I myself have done some of these exercises from a similar product, and it was one of the best things I have done for my shyness. The problem is that you see sex and women as something completely separated from these things, because you never put yourself in shoes that aren't yours. I am not saying that what you posted about the fake picture, is a bad thing. I just am saying...I don't much give a shit about it. I would commend you if you made a review of the product. Who cares about the fucking fake picture. Even better, make a product about inner game yourself, that is action oriented, complete with missions such as 'this week you will escalate with at least 1 girl', etc. People need help, what's very obvious to you is very obscure to others.

    1. Hey man,

      thanks for making the effort of writing such a lengthy comment. I'm a bit pressed for time right now, but this should do nonetheless:

      1) Minimal Game does contain some parts on inner game, and tells you how to gain confidence naturally.

      2) Average guys can read my advice and maximize their success, too.

      3) You'll find amazing content in my forum. However, unlike some professional scammers, I don't try to live off this, but am a "guru" merely in my spare time. Thus, if someone shows up, attacks me, and displays an unjustified sense of entitlement, I take the liberty of putting them in their place.

      4) That there isn't "one answer" is a message I have spread in "Debunking" two years ago already.

      5) If shady marketing (in this case: downright lies) doesn't make you question someone, then probably nothing will.

      6) I have received great feedback from "shy" men, and I have also worked with a few. They seem to be doing better now, and part of it was telling them what I cover in the chapter "Honest Truths" in Minimal Game.

  8. BradP aka Casey Mahoney aka Casey DC on Facebook

    1. He does not have game. Relies on rockstar game to pull groupies. Does not have cold approach skill. Only teaches students pickup routines as a tempary fix. Does not teach self development of improving yourself. Sells students on what they what to hear.

  9. Brad P is 100% a fake click bate website. The guy that does all the post and articles is named Daniel. He writes them all for BradP or shall I say Casey Mahoney. Casey does not write his own products he hires internet marketers so he can "market to old guys that want to bang young girls". We will "sell them what they want to hear" is caseys philosophy on business and game. Note he doesn't go out and hasn't gone out in a long time. He doesn't teach his own workshops and has other people teach them for him. His workshops are horrible and over priced. I think I would rather go with Owen from RSD because they are way more honest then Casey would ever be. I mean he's afraid to show his own face and hides his real name from the public. That is sham artist behavior.

    1. When you say posts are you referinng to the forum as well?

      Brad P definitely engages in fraudulent behavior.

      The newsletters are being written by someone else, but signed Brad P - fraudulent (source: one of the coaches). After knowing this is Brad Ps character, who knows if it's even Brad P that has been posting on the fourm?

      After being named the worlds #1 PUA by some organization back in 2007 - 9 years ago ! - he still uses it in marketing - perhaps not directly fraudulent but shady. Definitely creepy and self-boosting. The danger is a lot of people on the forum actually think brad p is the #1 PUA in the world. I did too. But the only source I've heard this from is himself.

      Posts weren't replied to and when they were it was very few times useful advice. And this for a very high USD price/month! The marketing was misleding, for that high amount I expect good coaching, that's the reason I'm paying. Marketing made it out that I would get coaching - fraudulent.

      There was one good coach who actually had a conversation and took the time to help me out. But he just disappeared one day. I wonder why, the coaches probably don't have good enough incentive. Maybe they live under the delusion that they will get better at picking up women if the coach online themselves. This is one of the first things that is mentioned in the workbook, that you too can become a coach! So the circle continues, a cult is always looking to recruit.

      Yes, a cult. I feel like I've been indoctrinated into a cult for years with the subscription based forum. I'm obsessed with the forum. The first thing I start thinking about on in the morning is the forum and tbe brad p logo. Not how to talk to girls, not concrete things I'm going to do to better my life. Trying to break free now. I've become more weird socially over the years of listening to PU, totally fucked me up.

    2. I can't speak with any authority of his forum as I only have second-hand experience to work with. Even years ago I heard that he is barely involved and that it's basically a prime example of the blind leading the blind.

  10. Hey guys it's you're man Brad P.

    I don't know why all yall are hating on me. I know that the pictures are fake but I'm trying to prove a point with my email blast.

    Look please take this article down because it's really making me look bad for business. I'm not going out much I admit it. It's because I'm spending more time with my rock band now a days.

    But please take the article down because I don't want to look like a fool in front of my future potential clients $$$$

    Thanks Aaron Sleazy.

    Please don't bash me any more. I don't know what I ever did to you and this is really hurting my feelings.

    Brad Mahoney P

  11. Guys leave BradP alone. Us under paid workers deserve to be paid more but it's okay because we worship our man Brad P. Now leave him alone we don't need this nonsense. He is rated #1 Pua since 2007 come on now guys Give the man a breaks already

  12. Damn anonymous that's cold


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