Sunday, August 14, 2011

OGFurious is Back

I have mentioned "OGFurious" and his hilarious take on the seduction community a couple of times on my blog (such as here, and here). But recently, a reader of my blog (Thanks, M.!) has made me aware of the fact that the creator of the OGFurious persona, Dean Leysen, has returned with a more serious message.

In his YouTube channel he is addressing a view common criticisms, and he also adds some pretty good explanations, too, like in the following video, where he explains what mirror neurons are and why overanalyzing what the other person's reaction towards your behavior might be will only bite you in the a**:

Here's an interesting take on how to deal with break-ups:

Love at first sight explained:

I especially liked his "I won the Lottery!" video:

Anyway, spend half an hour going through his videos if you feel like it. In my opinion, Dean Leysen is a very intelligent person well worth listening to.

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  1. I remember watching his 'pickup' vids years ago. Though, I can't remember if I though he was joking since I advocated PUA back then.

    I especially liked his take on mirror neurons and seduction. Makes a ton of sense, like how trying to micro manage everything turns you into a train wreck.

    Btw, there are newer dating coaches who are taking this path with mirror neurons. Which I guess is fine except some still rely on the same old shady marketing to convert sales.

    They'll say, 'learn this one* thing, and you'll be smashing 9's no matter what!' Then, I'm sure, they ramp it down on the actual product and try to suck you in to a 10 month (or more) investment learning their system.

    Check out David Tian if your curious. Again, much saner and reasonable in some respects but lies to get clients and tries to hook them for years.


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