Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phone Numbers and Business Cards

It's been weeks since I've last checked comments on my blog or followed the seduction community because real life just keeps me too busy, but I've got some material for great posts lined up already. Now I only have to find the time to write them.

My post on Vince Kelvin turned out to draw a lot of attention. I also got the usual barrage of emails full of faulty logic and incoherent thoughts, such as that I was racist in my statements and that I was deliberately trying to piss off some people. Truth hurts, which means that if you are Vince Kelvin and can't stand the heat, then just don't enter the f*cking kitchen.

In the comment section, blog reader JCZ asked me:

I don't know why anyone with a bit of experience would still go for phone numbers (50 to 70??? Is this guy nuts?) when you know you should be able to seal the deal that moment - well, at least I am getting tired of gathering them already.

Enlighten me about the business card though. One with a private number written on the back isn't bad, right? Or am I missing something?

Earth to Vince Kelvin: You're wasting your time with that one!

Of course, you can always construct a scenario in which a business card doesn't meant that she is not interested. Eg. she's in a real hurry and her phone just died. But in usual settings, there is not that much time pressure, and it doesn't take that long for her to key her number into your phone.

She could thus opt for the business card to give you a clear hint. In an office setting, you can easily decline calls ("I'm busy right now"), and to her it probably feels less "bad" than if she had to do this when she's at home cuddling up with a huge box of ice cream in front of her TV, watching Sex and the City for the umpteenth time. In the latter case, she'd probably even talk to you if she was just very remotely interested. But since she isn't...

However, I had a couple of encounters with women in official settings like career fairs where it would have been highly inappropriate for her to key in her number into my phone. Thus, her writing down her private number on the back of her business card is an easy way out, and something that wouldn't even rouse suspicion if one of her superiors would observe such an exchange from afar.


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