Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Detailed Breakdown of Justin Wayne's "Social Circle Game"

Thanks to an anonymous commenter, we now know how elaborate Justin Wayne's scam was. It turned out that he not only played the girls, telling them they could get on TV. He actually pitched his little fake MTV group to some desperate guys in the pickup community who paid a lot of money to have access to this "social circle."

You have to marvel at this: on the one hand Justin Wayne promises girls that he'll make them famous. You know, all they have to do is cooperate a little bit here and there. This gets him laid, he puts some videos on his website, and at the same time, he turns around, and tells some guys that if they only pay him enough money, he'll teach them about social circle game.

In one corner we've got gullible girls, in the other desperate guys, and in the middle is Justin Wayne trying his best to profit from both. He took the cash from the guys, and sex from the girls. The setup was even more treacherous, as the following message shows:


I have the ULTIMATE BREAK-DOWN of Justin Wayne and his “social circle” game.

I know a guy who was apart of the whole social circle game. He told me shocking things that even ‘Natascha’ did not know.
First of all, his main girlfriend ‘Elaine’ actually helped Justin Wayne and his ‘fellow wingmen’ to create the social circle for ‘MTV’. ‘Elaine’s’ main job was to pretend to be one of the girls to give JW and the crew insider information about the ‘targets’. I know this for a fact. She was the main ingredient for the creation of it because 5 PUA’s with 20 girls would be difficult to control. JW was actually charging a few PUA’s to build a social circle with him in early summer. I know this because he was at the Dating Conference in NY 2012 and in the end he advertised his “Social Circle Creation” where you pay him thousands to make a social circle and game girls.

One of my acquaintances signed up like a fool expecting to get laid. In the end, he didn’t. I was tempted to join but I did not have the money, which I probably would of, wasted. I heard that NONE of the other PUA’s got anything out of it but JW, which was of course with Natascha. Natashca obviously felt that Elaine was apart of them, but she was wrong. Elaine was the informer and her job was to ‘DHV’ for the PUA’s who participated. I saw Elaine with JW before the ‘social cirlce’ service he’s peddling. In terms of how he met Elaine, who knows. She said the same story she said online about meeting him in the subway.

In all fairness, I have heard Justin Wayne say that he does produce music. It’s evident in his videos that he has musical equipment. I do not know to the extent to which he is.

However, this is what REALLY happened.

Thank me later;)

 There was another very fitting comment on my blog:

This is real.

JW had been planning this since the winter.

Offer some girls a CHANCE at stardom, give them some COKE, and they'll fuck you.

How these girls couldn't figure out that those auditions were bogus and that all they really did was go to clubs once in awhile and had weird guys hit on them is beyond me.

So while I don't particularly feel sorry for the girls, fuck Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero for being such a piece of shit. 

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  1. I'm not sticking up for Justin Wayne at all, he's a scumbag, but let's be honest, any girls dumb enough to fall for this scam probably get tricked into sex at least once a month by scumbags anyway in their day to day life. If it wasn't him pounding them, it would have been some scumbag promoter or bottom feeding trust fund drug dealer or the designated weed carrier from a rapper's entourage.

    Not defending Wayne and he should be busted, but these women would have been scammed out of poon by somebody that month regardless.


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