Sunday, August 26, 2012

Justin Wayne's Disinformation Campaign: No, he is NOT Brandon Rice.

This will hopefully be the last post on Justin Wayne aka Marcus Nero. I've written far too much about this scammer already. However, one thing has come up that should be documented. While I was busy exposing Justin Wayne, I was contacted by a guy who claimed that Justin Wayne wasn't Marcus Nero either but "Brandon Rice." That guy has started to post this disinformation on other places on the Internet as well. But let's see what kind of evidence he presented.

The first red flag was that he was trying to usher me literally from the get-go to post on my blog that Justin Wayne was "Brandon Rice". When I didn't he made up one thing after another. Let's just go through it one by one.

First Email:
Marcus is not his real name. It is a fake name and profile that he uses for women that he 'games'. His real name is Brandon Rice. I know people who KNOW him. First of all, He did not go to the college that he mentioned. He went to Queens College. He got kicked out for selling drugs on campus. A girl had a panic attack and ratted on him. I think this was in 2006. He has an brother named Benjamin Rice. They both were known to be in shady shit that I will get more information on. Here is Justin Wayne's real Facebook account and his brother Benjamin Rice

This is definitely his real account with 1138 friends on his list and pictures galore. I attached some in this email.
However, the "pictures" he attached turned out to be one random shot with Justin Wayne. I asked him for more pictures, but he couldn't get any, despite claiming that he was "saving pictures NOW". I laughed when hours later he wrote:
I just want to make things easier. He uses Marcus as a fake name to give the girls so no one would find his real identity. 

Everyone in my town knows him as Brandon. Brandon Rice is his government name.
So far, I had seen nothing but claims and no compelling evidence. I was asking for "proof", but since that guy was unable to provide any, he just kept making stuff up, merely alluding that there was "a lot of dirt." More red flags were showing, like that guy claiming he would send me "proof" and "more information" after (!) I had posted that Justin Wayne was Brandon Rice (instead of Marcus Nero). Apparently in an eager mood, that Justin Wayne's sockpuppet then demanded I tell him the email addresses of the girls that had contacted me because he "maybe wants to work with them."

The hilarity continued when I received images from random black guys who were claimed to have been accomplices of "Brandon Rice". Apparently it was too much to ask for a picture showing both the accomplice and Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero.

The whole "selling weed" story didn't impress me either. At this point I wasn't even responding to those emails anymore, but still received five within a couple of hours. Apparently someone got really desperate. Suddenly, the "selling weed" story got dropped in favor of this one:
He is originally Jamaican. He MAY be an illegal Immigrant! I think they have overstayed their Visa. 

I hope he gets DEPORTED..
So now Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero is an illegal immigrant. I wasn't reacting to this either, but little later I was presented with another story, even lamer, and of course once again without any evidence at all:
Ok so this is what I found out. Brandon is engaged to this bimbo, he is trying to get married for his papers so he can be an American Citizen. Here name is Sarah. I will try and get her facebook info. From what I know she knows NOTHING of "Justin Wayne". 
Oh, what a sudden twist of fate! However, the guy knows who she is, but for some strange reason can't even send me the link to the facebook page of the "bimbo" Justin Wayne is claimed to be engaged to. It must really suck to be so stupid.

As unbelievable as it may sound, this wasn't even the end of it. That sockpuppet claimed that I now had "enough info" to post something on my blog, but of course this was all just stuff someone pulled out of his ass. You wouldn't guess the next move, though.

In a last desperate attempt, I was sent "ultimate proof" that was supposed to validate all the nonsense I had mentioned above. Have a look at this:

Here is the ultimate proof....

That same email in leads you to his Facebook profile. He forgot to make that profile private. The others are private however.

Now, let the girls know who he Really is.
 Oh, a whois entry! I had checked the whois entries of Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero's websites just some hours ago, so I was quite eager to learn what's to be seen there. When I had a look, all the contact entries were anonymized.

For some strange reason, though, now it suddenly looked like this:

This was a bit odd, so I checked the whois myself, and look what I found:

Do you want to know when I received the email, relative to the time the screenshot was taken? Five minutes ago! So, immediately after changing the whois entry, I happen to receive an email telling me about this discovery. Isn't this an incredible coincidence?

The lesson of all of this is that Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero is a bit thick and not afraid of lies and deception. But that's not news, or is it?


  1. NICE, your post on marcus nero comes up on the first page of google now. I can't wait until the first link says MARCUS NERO RAPIST.

    Is it bad that I love that Marcus Nero is scared shitless that he's a rapist, liar, con, and probably the only black guy with a small dick or at least acts like he has a 2 inch penis?

  2. Quick question, how does taking about Justin Wayne help? Why are pick up guys so creepy trying to run around learning about picking up girls? i have come to know about this from a psychology research dissertation i am doing. Capitalism is bad indeed, cashing in on naive man who are not in touch with their masculinity.

    Anyhow u pick up gurus are making a living from this niche market u created for urselves.

    THE BIBLE SAYS BEWARE OF DECEPTION, seems the internet is the deceiver's perfect environment.

    1. I'm not religious but yes the internet is a perfect hunting ground for puas to scam naive men. There's more time to think of answers to tough questions, can't detect vocal inflections, usually can't look up a guy's criminal background.

    2. This has nothing to do with capitalism. Scamming naive people has been done for ages (you'll find plenty of examples in the Bible, which certainly wasn't written in a capitalist era).

      IMHO, this is how things work (I'd be interested in how you look at this from a psychologist point of view):

      - guy is not successful with women
      - guy sees other men in action and wonders at the miracles these men seem to perform
      - guy finds some examples of men seemingly extremely confident around women

      The solution:

      - answers are simple and easy to be found (learn about some ground principles: confidence, looks, a good lifestyle) - oh yes, and this info is of course free
      - some advanced 'training' might be acquired for a modest fee (after all, one-on-one coaching can hardly be free)

      The scam starts when:

      - extreme greatness is promised ("you can seduce every woman" and more such nonsense)
      - this can only be acquired by unlocking a large amount of "secret formulas" and other blabla (secrets to body language, 10 things you're doing wrong, the secret to successful online dating, etc. etc.)
      - this can only be done at too high a price

      For example, the only pick-up product I ever bought was a $15 guide by Carlos Xuma, and the $10 e-book of David D. By the time I bought the latter, I had already found a lot of answers online - and by talking to more successful friends.

      Paid more than $30? You're spending too much.

  3. The "updated 6 minutes ago" is written by You can hit the refresh button right next to it and it will turn into "updated 1 second ago." It doesn't actually help you pinpoint the time the whois was last changed, just the last time has checked the information.

    1. I think you are right. However, it doesn't change anything in the end because one day before the whois info had anonymized content. This entry has been doctored with.

  4. I'm going to adopt Brandon Rice as my alias. Fat bitches love rice...

  5. It seems like you are right about Justin, there is at least one girl who he lied to pick up and it actually never happened. If you read his last article there were some chick he called Peagent Girl.

    Anyways, somebody forwarded his blog with her pic on it, and she is thinking of suing him.

    Watch broadcast for September 3, 2012. She talks about Justin from 01:51

    Also watch broadcast for September 4, 2012 from the beginning, in the last one she actually begs her over phone to not sue him and she recorded and posted it online and broadcasted it while he is begging her.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I've just re-posted this on my front page. The video is well worth watching, and it seems to be the final nail in Justin Wayne's coffin.

  6. They should post this video on you tube so they put a nail to the coffin of this no good looser justin wayne for good.

    1. Yep I saw the video and you're right they should post this vid out on you tube.

  7. And plus i got a feeling he's already back on the scene creeping in little by little

  8. This Bastard Justin Wayne the Prodigal Scammer has returned.


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