Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Peak into Justin Wayne's Music Production History

It seems that "Justin Wayne" is very fond of aliases. He has apparently used "Subliminal" as an alias for his fake MTV group, while his limited professional activity as a music producer went on under the name Justin Wayne as well! As one commenter on my blog pointed out, there is one documented use of both aliases, Justin Wayne and Marcus Nero, on some dubious page on the Internet:

This corroborates the story:

Looks like Marcus produced music through (now defunct)

"Justin Wayne" produced music for some little known rapper named Dagah. Here's an excerpt from the article at
Dagah wrote this song when he was in New York and felt like it was necessary for him to represent the country of his birth. The beat is done by Marcus Nero (nerobeats) aka Justin Wayne. Dagah and Marcus have been collaborating for years in creating a style for him. He does not see himself as a just a rapper but as an artist.

However, none of this justifies any claims (as have appeared by some of Justin Wayne's shills on PUAHate) that he was a "music producer" and "quite good at it." It seems he has done a very brief stint, and after this went nowhere, looked for some other occupation. Let's just be honest here: Had Justin Wayne really been a successful music producer, he wouldn't have to scam desperate men out of their money. Music production is a typical "winner takes all" market, meaning that if you are successful, you are part of a tiny minority, and your compensation will be quite remarkable. On the other hand, if you don't make it, you'll make a pittance.


  1. Like Paul said his real name's probably not even Marcus Nemo. You'll just agree with any claim to get this guy locked up. You're a worthless hypocrite

    1. lolz. do you think the cops come to Marcus Nero/Justin Wayne because Sleazy writes something on his blog? First Justin Wayne royally fucked something up and now he's hopefully paying the price for his really really shitty behavior. it was about time someone went after that clown!!

  2. Vince Kelvin can finally relax it seems :D

    Damm these people are really unbelieviable. I really don't know how rotten you have to be on the inside to pull this off.

    1. i bet vince kelvin is taking notes already and wondering what kind of fake group he could start. :P :P

  3. i love vince kelvin!!! don't be mean!!!August 24, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    vince kelvin doesn't create fake groups. his groups are "project fuck fat girls and impress losers that think fat girls are hot because vince says they are hot" and "group dress like a clown with platform boots to look 5 feet tall"

  4. i love vince kelvin!!! don't be mean!!!August 24, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    hahaha vince is probably making up a fake group and going to say its sleaze's. that will teach you a lesson, sleazy!


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