Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Example of a PUA Scammer in Action

I think we could all need a little break from reading about Justin Wayne. There are more scammers out there, though. The following is an email I was sent some time ago, and hadn't it been for the Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero exposure, I would have posted it much sooner.

In a nutshell, the following is a testimony of a guy from California who had a run-in with a PUA called "Arash Dibazar", and he tells us how that PUA tried to make him part with some money. The guy who sent me this said that I could even publicly use his name if I wanted, but I'll refrain from it as only PUA shills would claim that I make this stuff up anyway.

It's an interesting story as it also illustrates the thought process that makes men buy into the empty promises of pickup coaches. Luckily, the guy who emailed me was smart enough to get out before losing a lot of money.

Here is his email:

So after failed attempts with women, which I now realize was because they were never interested, I decided to research online like most guys do and hopefully figure some things out. Of course I got sucked into the PUA world and soon enough found myself reading The Game by Neil Strauss (dick head). In his book he mentions boot camps where guys can actually train under masters to become pick up artists themselves.

I figured since I had never had much luck with the techniques I was probably doing something wrong, and could use some coaching. Out of curiosity I went on Google and searched for some local pick up places. I came across the Celcius Lounge located in Campbell, California. The self-proclaimed guru is named Arash Dibazar, and he had about 5 henchmen under him who I originally thought were just regular guys like me who had learned from him, but I later realized were part of the same organization trying to lure insecure guys with hopes of becoming ladies men.

They offered free meet ups every Tuesday and Thursday where Arash himself would often come in and give an hour or two lecture on picking up girls. He claimed to have trained under Matador from the VHI show with Mystery. They told us that we were a tribe, and that if you signed up to make the monthly payment you had full access to the video and you were an official tribe member. They also offered to teach you "genuine Brazilian Jui Jitsu" for another fee, as Arash was forced to learn martial arts when he was young because he was beat up all through school, so he claimed.

It all sounded promising so I went for a few weeks. Soon enough they were pressuring me to start taking their camps. I told them that I'd love to but I only make like $18,000 a year and I pay for my living expenses and college tuition, so there was no way I could do it. One of the henchmen, Eugene, told me how he used to suck with women in college but when he graduated he took out loans for a boot camp and it changed his life. I told him that I was not sure that was a great idea for me at the time.

After we had this talk they started mentioning at meet ups that they decided to offer more flexible payment plans for people with less steady income. Ultimately the price was the same ($1000 up to $5000 for a week/weekend and makeover), but they were offering to allow people to make payments rather than do the full amount at once. They were also strongly encouraging people to take out loans because this was an investment in your future happiness and money did not matter nearly as much as that. 

I also went in to see their professional stylist Hennassy Bear, a super hot girl, and she was sooooo forceful in trying to get me to sign up for her style makeover. Once again prices were ranging from $1000 for a simple one day makeover up to like $10,000 to shut down an entire store and have it to ourselves. I told her I could not afford that, but maybe in a few months when my income is more stable. She kept insisting she only had two spots left that month and that if I gave her my number she would talk to Arash and see if he would allow her to workout a payment plan. I kept shutting her down softly by saying no I just can't afford it. She insisted on taking my number and said she'd call me back, but thankfully she never did. After realizing these people were con artists who are full of shit I stopped going to the meetings. Too bad dozens of other guys are still lured in there every week and drop big bills for nothing. Even with their $5000 makeovers they look fake and uncomfortable. 

Hope that wasn't too long. Good luck with what you're doing it's a great thing.



  1. the guy arash wears make up and looks like vince kelvin's indian cousin. a joke. tell him to come to santana row any day of the week and do this sagging, id love to see him get rejected.

    1. It seems making joke about Indians is in blood of westerners. When their religion is based on hating others & racism in them form their birth, what can one expect from such low life scums.

  2. hahah this guy...maybe he should read some of your old LRs.
    dancing is for losers. going to the bathroom and getting off is for winners.

  3. There I was thinking you couldn't get any gayer than Mehow. Either that or he is a serious Mystery fanboy.

  4. Arash Dibazar and his cronies pressure people big time. Arash no doubt has some charisma. Plus he is forceful and brash. If you are weak-minded, he will eat your lunch while you go without food for the rest of your life. He is definitely surrounded by hot women. But people don't get that all of them are girls that are part of his entourage by virtue of his dance/modeling production company. So it's a classic case of game doesn't matter.

    The one time, I went for a "lecture", they pressured me a lot. First, at the end of the lecture, Arash said, "The least you can do for having listened to this lecture is to fill out the feedback form". When I filled out the feedback form, his cronie started interviewing me about my suitability to join. He said I need to be firm in my commitment, because Arash will come and test me big time. I said that I need to think about it. This cronie then said, "Do you want to succeed or not? Looks like you are not serious about this. Are you or aren't you?".

    Luckily, even though I wasn't good with women, I was internally strong. I said, "Whatever dude. If you say I don't want it bad enough, I probably don't then" and smiled. That's it, the guy lost his temper and said "Whatever man. You don't have it in you". I smiled and left never to go back again.

    1. This seems to be rather common behavior. Funnily enough, there were a few (unapproved) comments where people tried to pull the same nonsense, i.e. you are a "hater", Arash is a "good guy", and if you don't see the "good" in him then you are just "not ready" or his services would be "wasted".

      I imagine cults to operate quite similarly.

    2. Aaron Sleazy: You're wrong about cults operating quite similarly. IMC Nation IS a cult.

      A so-called friend of mine asked me why I left, I told him. The sheep immediately told Arash and got me kicked out and Arash did the little thing he could to try to ruin me and lost his temper when it failed.

      He is losing every one of his girls one by one. There are only 3 left. One left last Friday, and another one is afraid to leave because "he does magic and is crazy."

      You see how insane that is? Women afraid to leave because he will do black magic on them. LOL It sounds ridiculous but shows the level of brainwashing going on here. This guy needs to be stopped. He is worse than any other PUA that has ever come before.

  5. I saw the guy that is the "CEO" of Arash's pick up company. By the looks of it, a total geek that probably doesn't get laid. His co-organizer for events, also probably doesn't get laid.

    Its sad how I saw people who signed up for his meetup lectures are loser asians, a guy that just got divorced, and a bunch of other geeks that are looking for the magic pill. Its too bad they don't realize the guys they are getting advice from are a bunch of geeks too.

    When will people learn almost all of these guys are clowns? Would you want a clown managing your money? Would you want a clown fixing your teeth or being your doctor? Why do you want a clown handling your love life?

    It's funny and sad that the pick up gurus are guys that wear make up, platform shoes, dress like they are 12, and say stupid lines that give girls creepy chills, yet nerds eat it all up like its their first meet in 5 years.

  6. I do believe the worst are the female pick up instructors.

  7. Oh .. god. You have no idea what you are all talking about. Arash might be not good at running business, but he is good at picking up girls. And he is a genuinely good person, which means a lot in this society. You are just not ready to learn from him

    1. It seems we have completely opposite definitions of what it means to be a "good person."

    2. You never learn anything from Arash. It's mostly mental masturbation. His $600 a month Roundtable lectures are sometimes ten times worse than the free ones.

      Lately they are about how he can't trust his girlfriends and thinks they're plotting behind his back to leave him, and how much that sucks.

  8. do a storie on kesia not-so-nobile

    1. I might have something for you in a couple of weeks. :)

  9. One thing to keep in mind is that a small number of guys who are "pros" have actually put in a ton of time and effort to be good to the point where they can teach. Most of these "gurus" are frauds, but some are legit, and this is how they make at least part of their income.

    A lot of what's entailed is marketing - long hours on the computer trying to promote yourself, buy and test ads, and doing free seminars and meet ups. I know because I am one.

    However, the cultish pressure, and BS "you're just not ready" is bad business. You drive away potential clients. This type of pressure is super common among "gurus." These guys may have some tricks and theory for women, but they have no clue how to run a legit business that provides value, and focuses on longevity through relationships.

    And as you can imagine, it's the same in their personal lives. PUAs that can't keep girlfriends, and are extremely lonely because their social MO is basically pathological.

  10. I'm so completely lost.

    The guy's like 4'11.

    Is he a...martial artist? Read his yelp reviews for IMC...
    Is he a scientologist? Hmmm...
    Is he a ...buddhist monk? He claims to have met the gods and stolen their secrets.

    Is he...a trainer? He's never competed or trialed a dog in his life and couldn't train to save his life..

    Is he a dance company manager??

    I'm so confused.

    How does anyone keep up with such a slimy pogue?

    In the military, impersonating a service member and his accomplishments is called "stolen valor." What would it be to impersonate a "pickup artist"???


    1. Wow! I guess Arash Dibazar is trying hard to make a dishonest living.

  11. I don't know why people trying to get advice from a guy who is insecure him self and seeking attention. This guy Arash is begging to be noticed. Look how he has made his appearance. He has gone to the extreme to be noticed. He is a former geek. He has a lot of issues. Remember strong secure people don't beg for attention. He is indirectly begging for attention by his style. Too many piercings, eye liner, excessive tattoos, pentagram necklace around his neck, painting his nails. He is a joke, crying and begging to be noticed. Why are you guys so dumb and trying to get advice from him. He has a lot of anger because he looked like a geek when he was young. He had thick glasses. It seems people are gullible and desperate enough by trying to get advice from him. And why he has never participated in real fighting matches. He has never been to octagon. Who has he really fought? Real fighters fight and compete in mixed martial art tournaments. All you guys are bunch of idiots trying to get advice from a clown.

  12. seriously this guys a fraud i took a bootcamp from him and learned nothing i was under the intention that he was going to help us out and show how its done but he had his little coaches do all the work and when it was time to put what i didnt really learn in the field they just said go go open that girl.. no help whatsoever they just sit back and watch its all b.s if i could turn back the times i would of never dropped the $ i did for this crap they say we teach u how to get 10s in your life its just a suckers game and i fell for it but i wont ever again and i encourage people who are thinking of signing up not to! save your $ theres alot of free material out there..they are very good at brainwashing people for their stupid crap


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