Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Someone's Got Justin Wayne by the Ballz (Video!)

This just came in:

It seems like you are right about Justin, there is at least one girl who he lied to pick up and it actually never happened. If you read his last article there were some chick he called Peagent Girl.

Anyways, somebody forwarded his blog with her pic on it, and she is thinking of suing him.

Watch broadcast for September 3, 2012. She talks about Justin from 01:51

Also watch broadcast for September 4, 2012 from the beginning, in the last one she actually begs her over phone to not sue him and she recorded and posted it online and broadcasted it while he is begging her.

Watch her conversation with Justin Wayne here:
The comments are quite amusing as well. Also, the MTV issue plays a prominent role. The girl seems very smart, too. Nice one!

So, dear Justin Wayne shills, how do you like them apples now?

EDIT: In the comments someone mentions that Justin Wayne was basically trying to run a prostitution ring. It seems exaggerated, but I can certainly see how you could view it that way. After all, the guys paid him money with the expectation to get laid.


  1. This one can make him big problems, she has some reach friends, studies law, and works in same place as Justin, she can really mess it up for him big time.

    But it is his fault, he just took random girl with whom he working in same place and posted it on his blog like some chick he seduced while nothing like that even happened.

    Too stupid.

    1. Justin Wayne's entire scheme is moronic. I mean, how incredibly stupid do you have to be to fake an association with MTV, bullshit some innocent girls, take advantage of desperate guys, post incriminating evidence on his blog --- and expect to get away with it. Just doing ONE of those things is bad enough, but he was literally asking for trouble.

      This is nothing but his fault, and he deserves the consequences.

    2. It's even stupider he tried to call her. You risk getting your call recorded and risk saying something incriminating. I sure wonder if the idiot even hired a lawyer yet.

  2. http://veetle.com/index.php/profile/index/1563408730#501889e8b94b5/f5cf88b8b46848ee9b8cb77af931b628
    At around 7:47 I think she's referring to your site, Aaron?

    I hope the girl goes to the authorities over this. Even better if she has money and decides to bring a civil lawsuit. Not too familiar with the law but the video could be possibly brought in as evidence. I'd like to see Mr. Pua got game wiggle out of this. Let's all pray to our gods that this dents the pua companies as a whole. Black sheep my ass. Nice!

    1. Both are a bit vague at this point. The girl just wants to tease something out of Justin, and Justin doesn't want to be too explicit because he's too afraid he'd give something away. When Justin Wayne say, "those people know not what they are talking about", he's quite certainly referring to this blog, and April's reply, "it's actually posted" arguably to refer to the flyer he used.

      I love how she replies to Justin Wayne's "I don't know what you are talking about." (Yeah, right.), with, "That's good." She's a smart girl.

  3. hahaaha sleazy for the win

  4. This is stupidity on an epic scale! I didn't see much of the videos but the girl seemed smart. I hope she screws the hell out of him.

    This whole Justin Wayne fiasco reminds me of an interesting thing. Back when I was in NY and had slowly started withdrawing away from PUA, I remember Justin Wayne had started developing a bit of a cult following. A few guys I had met through the lair events were like, I know everyone is a scam, but dude really, Justin Wayne is the real deal!

    One of those guys - Craig Miller - the person who runs http://www.gothamclubnyc.com/ (NYC Lair in 2011), I actually have an email of him saying that he believes so much in BradP and Justin Wayne that if he ever turned out to be crap, he will personally pay back any guy who attended his conference! That guy himself paid Justin Wayne for 1-on-1s multiple times! Irony here is that he is way more good looking, well dressed and sophisticated than Justin Wayne and also that he has himself turned into a scammer dating coach now!

    What you are doing Sleazy is a fantastic service to a lot of people in this world. PUAHate is another great initiative but that tends to get extremely trolly and full of bullshitry.

  5. Did he actually sleep with this pageant girl?

    1. No, he didn't. He just took pictures of her during the fake MTV event and made up some stuff.

  6. I don't think she actually realizes the show is fake...maybe she should realize its not being casted at an MTV studio? I shall tell her via FB :D

  7. The truth is all PUAs are scammers,its either a woman likes u or dosent like you period. It is in a quest to prove there is something more sophisticated than they either like u or dont that Justin Wayne ended up doing these scams.unfortunate for him he got singled out but many PUAs do the same minus the videos and pictures etc.Even the ugliest man in the world has a girlfriend , whats complicated about that. Its a disgrace that a man pays a few thousands just to be a man he already is.. Wow.

  8. I'm confused, do you guys hate all pickup artists? Or do you just think that they don't work?
    I'll admit, I got kinda burnt doing the initial game crap, but I've now learnt that as long as you don't pay for anything, and just use what info you get from online for free (ones who can prove they actually go out), and then apply it, it is not only super fun, but it works.

    Just my two cents

    1. Read my free ebook "Debunking the Seduction Community" for my view on this scene. In short, "game" doesn't work. A detailed explanation is in that book. Additional issues are discussed on this blog as well.


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